Video of the Week: "The Car Sounds Like..."

2 months ago 19

video of the week the car   sounds like

This 1 spoke to my past, little beingness arsenic a work writer. For those who don't know, work writers often usage the word "customer states" followed by the customer's statement of the problem.

Like so: "Customer states determination is simply a creaking sound erstwhile turning near astatine nether 15 mph."

This video from YouTube relationship Just Rolled In is simply a compilation of noises made by vehicles successful for repair -- implicit with lawsuit descriptions and the sounds themselves. My favorite? "Customer states it sounds similar determination is simply a husky underhood." Darned if it doesn't really dependable similar that.

Happy Wednesday, the enactment week is connected the downslope. Kill a fewer minutes of institution clip by watching this.

[Image: BELL KA PANG/]

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