UPDATED RECALL: Prescription Dog Food May Have Elevated Vitamin D Levels

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Purina Pro Plan Recall

Update 3/13/2023 –

On March 10th, 2023, Purina expanded their callback related to their Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets EL Elemental adust canine food. They added 2 much merchandise tons that could person elevated levels of vitamin D. Both the 8-pound and 20-pound bags were affected.

The added merchandise codes are:

  • 2213 1082
  • 2214 1082

No different products person been added to this recall. If you person products with either of these codes, halt feeding them to your canine close distant and dispose of them. While vitamin D is portion of a steadfast diet, excessively overmuch tin origin wellness concerns.

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Original Post –

Even the astir fashionable canine nutrient brands tin look recalls astatine times. In a caller recall, a well-known marque of medicine canine nutrient was recalled due to the fact that astatine slightest 2 dogs showed signs of vitamin D toxicity erstwhile eating it. Those dogs had been steadfast earlier the astir caller container of canine food. Luckily, the dogs are steadfast again aft they stopped eating the food.

So, erstwhile the institution recovered retired astir this issue, they recalled the affected products. Anyone who has the recalled nutrient should halt serving it to their canine close away.

What was Recalled?

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The Nestlé Purina PetCare Company recalled a fewer bags of Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets EL Elemental (PPVD EL) connected February 8th, 2023. Certain 8-pound and 20-pound bags were progressive due to the fact that they had perchance elevated levels of vitamin D.

Here are the impacted Production Codes:

  • 2249 1082
  • 2250 1082
  • 2276 1082
  • 2277 1082
  • 2290 1082
  • 2360 1082
  • 2361 1082

No different Purina products were affected during this recall. This nutrient is simply a prescription-only formula, truthful it tin lone beryllium purchased from vets oregon retailers capable to validate a prescription.

“We apologize to favored owners and veterinarians for immoderate concerns oregon inconvenience this concern has caused. As favored experts and favored owners ourselves, the wellness and well-being of pets is our apical priority,” the institution wrote successful a callback announcement.

Signs of Vitamin D Toxicity

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This callback occurred due to the fact that 2 abstracted customers reported signs of vitamin D toxicity successful their dogs. Even though vitamin D is an indispensable constituent successful steadfast diets, excessively overmuch tin pb to wellness concerns. So, if your canine ate immoderate of the recalled food, support an oculus retired for antithetic symptoms.

Some signs of vitamin D toxicity see vomiting, nonaccomplishment of appetite, accrued thirst, accrued urination, and excessive drooling. In utmost cases, it could pb to kidney dysfunction. If your canine is experiencing immoderate of the supra symptoms, Purina urges you to interaction your veterinarian close away.

What to Do with the Recalled Food

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If you person the recalled food, halt feeding it to your canine instantly and dispose of it successful a mode that nary animals tin entree it. If you’re acrophobic astir your pet’s health, you should speech to your veterinarian.

Dog parents who person questions oregon privation a refund tin interaction Purina astatine 1-800-345-5678. You tin telephone Monday done Saturday from 8 americium to 5 p.m. CST. You tin besides interaction them immoderate clip via email by going to Purina’s interaction page.

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