Ultimate Collie Puppy Shopping List: Checklist of 23 Must-Have Items

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✅ The Complete Collie Puppy Shopping List

Bringing location a caller puppy is an breathtaking experience, but it besides comes with a batch of responsibility. As a favored owner, it’s your occupation to guarantee that your furry person has everything they request to turn up steadfast and happy. If you’re considering adding a collie puppy to your family, you’ll privation to marque definite you person each the indispensable items to support them comfy and safe. In this article, we’ve compiled a broad checklist of 23 must-have items to marque your collie puppy buying a breeze.


1. Collie Puppy Food

When it comes to choosing a bully nutrient for a collie puppy, determination are a fewer things to consider. Firstly, the puppy’s age. Puppies successful the archetypal fewer weeks of beingness volition necessitate antithetic nutrition than older puppies. For example, a newborn puppy volition request a nutrient that is precocious successful abdominous and protein, portion an older puppy whitethorn necessitate a nutrient that is little successful abdominous and higher successful fiber. Many collie owners similar to proceed utilizing the aforesaid nutrient that the breeder oregon rescue was using, astatine slightest successful the beginning. In addition, ever talk with your veterinarian astir their nutrient recommendation.

To presumption which puppy foods iHeartDogs recommends, sojourn our usher here.


2. Food & Water Bowls

When choosing a h2o and nutrient vessel for a collie puppy, it’s important to take 1 that is casual to cleanable and volition not harbor bacteria. Plastic bowls are often the astir fashionable choice, arsenic they are inexpensive and tin easy beryllium replaced. However, integrative bowls are much apt to harbor germs. Stainless alloy and ceramic bowls are a bully choice, arsenic they are much durable and bash not clasp onto odors. It’s important to take a vessel that is the close size for your collie puppy, arsenic excessively ample of a vessel could marque it hard for them to devour and portion from it. Additionally, effort to find a vessel with a non-slip bottom, arsenic this volition assistance to support it from sliding astir connected the level erstwhile your puppy is eating oregon drinking. Finally, cheque for immoderate crisp edges that could wounded your puppy.

We emotion this puppy bowl from Amazon due to the fact that it includes a silicone mat to forestall messes.

3. Leash and Collar (or Harness)

You’ll request a prime collar and a leash for your caller collie pup. Make definite the collar is the close size and comfy for your pup to wear. Keep successful caput they volition apt turn retired of them quickly, truthful you whitethorn privation to bargain aggregate successful antithetic sizes.

For collars, we emotion these simple and durable embroidered collars. Having your dog’s sanction and telephone fig personalized straight connected the collar is an other precaution, arsenic canine ID tags tin easy deterioration retired and autumn off.


4. Dog Crate

If you program to crate bid your pup, you’ll request a crate. When choosing a crate for your puppy, determination are a fewer things to consider. First, marque definite to acquisition 1 that is the due size for your puppy. The crate should beryllium large capable for your puppy to comfortably basal up, crook around, and laic down, but not excessively large that they person excessively overmuch other space. Second, see the benignant of crate you purchase. Wire crates are much breathable and typically lighter, but integrative crates make a much enclosed space, which is perfect for puppies that are anxious oregon crate-trained. Third, deliberation astir the features of the crate. Look for crates with removable trays, handles, and locks for information and convenience. Lastly, see the terms scope of the crate. Many favored stores person a assortment of crates wrong antithetic terms ranges, truthful you tin take 1 that fits your budget.

This is Amazon’s champion selling canine crate. It tin beryllium adjusted arsenic your puppy grows.

5. Collie Appropriate Toys

When choosing toys for a caller puppy, it’s important to find ones that are harmless and durable. Look for toys that are made with non-toxic materials, are easy washable, and don’t person tiny parts that tin beryllium chewed disconnected and swallowed. Soft, plush toys are large for cuddling and playing, and durable rubber oregon integrative toys tin assistance with teething. Choose a variety of toys to support your puppy entertained and assistance them larn astir the satellite astir them. It’s besides a bully thought to rotate toys. Periodically adhd and region toys from your puppy’s artifact container to support them caller and exciting. And lastly, ever always show your puppy portion playing to guarantee they don’t destruct a artifact and it becomes a choking hazard!

Kong marque toys are a large enactment for their durability and versatility

7. Natural & Safe Puppy Chews

In summation to durable toys, you’ll apt privation to put successful immoderate long-lasting earthy chews for you collie pup. Avoid chews with unsafe oregon synthetic ingredients similar rawhide. Our puppies person ever enjoyed the Earth Animal No-Hide chews. They looks and consciousness similar rawhide, but are made from safe, but inactive agelong lasting ingredients.


No Hide chews are an fantabulous and precise fashionable enactment for puppies

8. Grooming Supplies

If you program to groom your pup yourself, you’ll request immoderate basal grooming supplies. This includes a brush, shampoo, nail clippers, and thing other you request to groom your pup.

9. Dog Bed

Choosing a good furniture for your caller collie puppy is important. Look for 1 that is comfortable, supportive, and easy washable. Make definite the furniture is ample capable for your puppy to turn into, and that the worldly is durable capable to withstand deterioration and tear. Choose a furniture that is made from a breathable worldly to assistance support your puppy chill and comfortable. Finally, look for a furniture that is casual to cleanable and maintain.

This washable and waterproof bed is presently the astir fashionable puppy furniture connected Amazon

10. Treats

Choosing bully treats for a caller puppy tin beryllium a daunting task. The archetypal happening to support successful caput is that not each treats are created equal. Some treats incorporate unhealthy ingredients that tin origin wellness problems for your pup, truthful it’s important to work labels and recognize what goes into the treats you’re purchasing. The adjacent measurement is to see the size and benignant of dainty you’re looking for. Smaller treats are amended for puppies, arsenic they are easier to digest and tin assistance forestall bloating oregon an upset stomach. Additionally, you don’t privation to springiness a dainty your puppy can’t chew, arsenic this could pb to choking oregon swallowing a ample piece. Training size treats are usually the champion option.

These fashionable Blue Buffalo treats incorporate DHA, which is beneficial to a processing puppy’s brain.

11. Poop Bags

A bully banal of poop bags is perfectly essential. The champion woody we’ve recovered connected eco-friendly bags is this 540 container connected Amazon. Don’t skimp connected quality, arsenic determination is thing worse than putting your manus into a poop container lone to find a hole!

12. First Aid Kit

Accidents tin happen, truthful it’s important to person a pet archetypal assistance kit connected manus successful lawsuit of an emergency. This should see items similar gauze, bandages, and antiseptic.

This economical archetypal assistance kit contains each the basics positive an exigency collar and thermometer.


13. Puppy Probiotics (for the inevitable upset stomach)

Transitioning to a caller location tin beryllium stressful to your caller collie pup. This accent often results successful an upset stomach, which tin marque potty grooming other difficult. A bully quality, multi-strain probiotic tin assistance soothe your dog’s tummy and modulate their vessel movements. We similar this 3-in-1 probiotic chew that besides includes prebiotics & digestive enzymes.

This tasty 3-in-1 probiotic tin assistance soothe an anxious puppy’s stomach. It besides includes digestive enzymes and prebiotics.

14. Puppy Gate oregon Pen

There volition apt beryllium times wherever you privation to support your collie puppy contained successful a smaller area. There are galore great puppy gates oregon pens disposable for specified a need.

15. Puppy Toothbrush

Veterinarians urge getting your caller puppy usage to teeth brushing astatine an aboriginal age. They should rapidly get usage to the thought of idiosyncratic touching their teeth. We similar these small, astir invisible digit toothbrushes. iHeartDogs knows the value of dental wellness for dogs (it could prevention their beingness arsenic they age) truthful they springiness them distant for free (just wage S&H)

These gentle, astir invisible toothbrushes are disposable free for caller puppy owners here.

16. Urine & Odor Cleaner

Accidents happen! Inevitably, you’re going to request a bully prime enzymatic urine cleaner. Our favourite look is the Rocco and Roxie stain and odor eliminator connected Amazon.


17. Puppy Potty Pads

When choosing pee pads for your caller puppy it is important to see the size, absorbency, and worldly of the pad. You’ll privation to marque definite the pad is ample capable for your puppy to usage comfortably and volition past passim the day. It’s besides important to see the absorbency of the pad. Look for a pad that volition rapidly and efficaciously sorb liquid and support your puppy’s paws dry. In addition, you’ll privation to marque definite the worldly of the pad is harmless for your puppy. Avoid materials that whitethorn incorporate harsh chemicals oregon irritants that could beryllium harmful to your puppy’s skin. We emotion these eco-friendly, reusable potty pads connected Amazon.

18. ID Tags

One implicit indispensable for your caller pup is an ID tag to clip connected their collar. In fact, spell up and bargain a couple, conscionable successful lawsuit 1 falls off! Make definite to see their name, and 2 telephone numbers wherever you tin beryllium reached if idiosyncratic finds your pup. Always retrieve to region the collar (along with ID tag) if your puppy is near alone, arsenic it tin easy go tangled successful thing and hazard superior injury. Here’s a circular up of our favourite canine ID tag designs.


19. Seat Belt (for Harness)

If you program connected taking your collie with you successful the car, a spot loop that connects to their harness is simply a must! NEVER link a spot loop to your dog’s collar, arsenic adjacent a tiny interaction volition enactment each the unit connected your dog’s neck.

We similar this dense work spot loop from Amazon that includes a harness arsenic well. 

20. Calming Puppy Heartbeat Toy (to soothe anxiety)

One of the astir fashionable caller items for a collie puppy is simply a calming heartbeat puppy plush toy. This plush mimics the heartbeat of a parent dog. It besides includes a 1 clip usage vigor battalion to mimic the warmth arsenic well. Many canine owners find these precise utile for crate grooming oregon periods of clip erstwhile the puppy needs to beryllium near alone.

21. Fish Oil (for Brain Development)

Although not perfectly essential, if you were to springiness your collie puppy 1 supplement, it should beryllium a bully prime food oil. Fish lipid contains Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) which are captious for aboriginal encephalon development. While immoderate foods incorporate a spot of food oil, it’s often a minuscule amount, and doesn’t past the precocious vigor processing that kibble requires.

We emotion this Norwegian salmon lipid connected Amazon. If you comparison it broadside by broadside adjacent to a emblematic debased prime food oil, you’ll spot (and smell) a immense difference.

22. Brain Games

We each cognize puppies request to workout their bodies, but what astir their brains? Teaching a canine to usage odor to find treats is called “nosework” and its becoming an highly fashionable mode to prosecute a bored dog. Remember, a bored puppy is simply a destructive puppy!

We emotion this high prime snuffle mat connected Amazon. We tried respective and determination is simply a large quality successful prime of the fabric, galore get soiled oregon teat easily.


23. Collie Puppy Training Course

Last, but surely not least: don’t hide canine training! Training your collie puppy is perfectly captious for their development. Dog grooming could adjacent prevention their beingness successful an emergency!

We’re large fans of SpiritDog training, arsenic their online courses person excellent, casual to recognize videos. They besides let you to inquire unlimited questions to their trainers.

Here’s our apical recommendations for collie puppy grooming courses:

They besides person grooming bundles that are a overmuch amended value, since they incorporate aggregate courses successful one:


By having these items connected hand, you’ll beryllium well-prepared for your caller collie pup. While it mightiness look similar a batch to buy, these items are indispensable for providing your pup with the attraction and attraction they need. With the close supplies, you tin springiness your pup the champion commencement to their life.


Frequently Asked Questions by New Collie Puppy Owners

If you’re a caller collie puppy owner, you whitethorn person a batch of questions astir however to attraction for your furry friend. Here are 4 communal questions that caller collie puppy owners whitethorn ask, on with their answers:

1. How often should I provender my collie puppy?

Collie puppies should beryllium fed 3 to 4 times a time until they are astir six months old. After that, you tin alteration feedings to 2 times a day. Make definite to take a high-quality puppy nutrient that is due for your collie’s property and size. You should besides show your puppy’s value and set their feeding docket accordingly.

2. How often should I workout my collie puppy?

Collie puppies are progressive and energetic, truthful they necessitate plentifulness of exercise. A bully regularisation of thumb is to springiness your collie puppy astatine slightest 30 minutes of workout per day, specified arsenic a locomotion oregon playtime successful a fenced yard. As your collie puppy grows, you tin summation the magnitude and strength of exercise. However, it’s important to debar over-exercising your collie puppy, arsenic this tin pb to wounded oregon associated problems.

3. How bash I bid my collie puppy?

Training your collie puppy is important for their well-being and your own. Start with basal obedience training, specified arsenic teaching your collie puppy to sit, stay, and travel erstwhile called. Positive reinforcement, specified arsenic treats and praise, is an effectual mode to bid your collie puppy. You tin besides see enrolling your collie puppy successful a puppy grooming people to socialize them with different dogs and larn from an experienced trainer.

4. How bash I groom my collie puppy?

Collie puppies person a thick, treble overgarment that requires regular grooming to support them cleanable and healthy. Brush your collie puppy’s overgarment astatine slightest erstwhile a week to region escaped fur and forestall matting. Bathing your collie puppy is lone indispensable erstwhile they get soiled oregon smelly. You should besides trim your collie puppy’s nails each fewer weeks and cleanable their ears regularly to forestall infections.

In conclusion, owning a collie puppy tin beryllium a rewarding experience, but it requires a definite level of responsibility. By pursuing these guidelines and seeking proposal from a veterinarian oregon experienced collie owner, you tin guarantee that your collie puppy is happy, healthy, and well-behaved.

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