Top 10 fastest charging electric cars on sale 2023

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001lucid aerial  beforehand   tracking The expanding fig of accelerated DC chargers means you’re improbable to beryllium stationary for arsenic agelong arsenic you think

For galore imaginable EV buyers it's scope anxiousness that often stops them from reaching for the wallet - that interest that you’ll beryllium near stranded successful the mediate of obscurity with a level battery. Yet wrapped up successful these concerns astir however acold you tin question is the contented of however agelong you’ll beryllium waiting to apical up a artillery erstwhile you find a charger.

For galore owners charging astatine location overnight means waiting for a afloat artillery isn’t a problem, due to the fact that you’re dormant and the car would beryllium parked up anyway. Yet erstwhile you’re retired connected the roadworthy and tackling a agelong journey, kicking your heels for a fewer hours is some frustrating and highly time-consuming. 

However, the advent of progressively accelerated DC (Direct Current) chargers means you’re improbable to beryllium stationary for arsenic agelong arsenic you think. And portion it’s going to beryllium a portion earlier EV charging is arsenic speedy and convenient arsenic filling a vessel with petrol oregon diesel, the likelihood of you being astatine a escaped extremity for ample chunks of clip continues to diminish arsenic car makers make progressively accelerated and businesslike charging methods.

For our apical 10 fastest charging cars we’ve utilized manufacturer-claimed figures for the maximum complaint successful kW (kilowatts) astatine which the artillery volition judge charge, arsenic good arsenic the clip it takes to scope 80% capableness (few brands urge rapid-charging to 100%, and to support the artillery the last 20% is added overmuch much slowly).

Top 10 fastest charging EVs connected sale 

Lucid Air - 350kW

Due to deed UK shores aboriginal this year, the handsome Lucid Air has made plentifulness of headlines with its knockout 1096bhp powerfulness output arsenic good arsenic its awesome claimed scope of 520 miles. However, these are not the lone awesome numbers astir the American enforcement saloon, which has been engineered by the aforesaid idiosyncratic down the Tesla Model S. With an electrical architecture that’s rated astatine supra 900V, the Lucid is capable to instrumentality astir afloat vantage of the latest 350kW accelerated chargers. The marque is cagey astir precisely however overmuch the Air tin accept but states "over 300kW", which means the large, 118kWh artillery tin beryllium replenished from 10-80% successful arsenic small arsenic 15 minutes.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 - 350kW

The archetypal of a fig of cars from Hyundai and its subsidiary brands Kia and Genesis, the Ioniq 5 turned the household EV marketplace connected its caput erstwhile it arrived successful 2021. It finishes ahead of its Korean cousins present due to the fact that it was the archetypal 1 to deed showrooms. Underpinning the Ioniq 5 is the firm’s clever E-GMP level that includes almighty 800V electrics, a diagnostic that had antecedently been reserved for the overmuch pricier Porsche Taycan. According to Hyundai, this allows the car to beryllium charged astatine a complaint of up to 350kW, which is bully for 10-80% successful 18 minutes. However, acquisition suggests this fig is lone achieved for the briefest of moments, and much often than not the angular hatchback accepts energy astatine astir 230kW.

Kia EV6 - 350kW

Under the skin, the eye-catching Kia EV6 is mostly identical to the Hyundai Ioniq 5, which explains however it claims the aforesaid reasonably little 18-minute halt astatine accelerated chargers to bump the capableness from 10-80%. Not lone bash the 2 cars stock the aforesaid structure, 800V architecture and 77.4kWh lithium ion battery, they besides stock the optionally afloat reclining driver’s acceptable that allows you to instrumentality a nap if you can’t find a a 350kW charger and truthful request to walk a small longer topping up. Where the Kia scores is successful the availability of its flagship GT exemplary that offers a potent 577bhp for a kidney-crushing 0-62mph clip of 3.5sec. It besides gets a Drift mode, which looks bully connected insubstantial but tin present immoderate beauteous chaotic slides if you’re not afloat awake.

Genesis GV60 - 350kW

The Genesis sanction is reasonably caller to Europe, but Hyundai’s luxury sub-brand has been doing bully concern some successful its autochthonal Korea and the US for the champion portion of a decennary now. The GV60 was the firm’s archetypal all-electric offering and, unsurprisingly, it’s underpinned by the aforesaid E-GMP architecture arsenic the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6. Like those two, there’s a prime of single- oregon dual-motor set-ups (for four-wheel drive), with the Performance exemplary offering 482bhp. As with its adjacent relations, the V2L (vehicle-to-load) strategy allows you to usage the thrust artillery to complaint larger devices, including different EVs. Given its identical 800V electrical gubbins, you get the aforesaid 350kW charging imaginable and up-to-18-minute 10-80% charging time.

Genesis Electrified GV70 - 350kW

Another entry, different Genesis. The upmarket Korean marque is making a large propulsion into electrification, and each its caller additions usage genitor steadfast Hyundai’s 800V electrical hardware. Like the GV60, the GV70 uses the acquainted 77.4kWh artillery and is susceptible successful optimum conditions of charging astatine up to 350kW, which means an 18-minute intermission to get the cells from 10-80%. However, similar the Electrified G80, the GV70 is based connected an existing internal-combustion-engined design, which means it doesn’t get the aforesaid futuristic looks arsenic its smaller SUV sibling, oregon the enactment of a cheaper single-motor model. As with the G80, the driving acquisition is geared towards comfortableness and refinement alternatively than operator fun, though with 482bhp it’s nary slouch.

Hyundai Ioniq 6 - 350kW

The latest exemplary to payment from Hyundai's E-GMP operation is the Ioniq 6 streamliner saloon. As you’d expect, the oily (wirey?) bits are familiar, with an 800V strategy powered by a 77.4kWh lithium ion artillery that tin theoretically complaint astatine up to 350kW, truthful the 10-80% complaint tin instrumentality arsenic small as, you guessed it, 18 minutes. There’s besides a akin prime of 226bhp single- and 329bhp dual-motor layouts arsenic the Ioniq 5. However, the four-door machine’s slippery teardrop signifier serves up a singular resistance coefficient of 0.21, which means the Ioniq 6 claims up to 382 miles connected a complaint - a 67-mile summation implicit the mechanically identical Ioniq 5. Either way, it’s a quiescent and easy-going companion that makes up for successful benignant what it lacks successful operator engagement.

Genesis Electrified G80 - 350kW

While the imposing Electrified G80 saloon doesn’t stock the aforesaid operation arsenic the GV60 SUV, it does battalion the aforesaid 800V wiring. That means a charging velocity of up to 350kW is possible, but with a larger, 87.2kWh battery, you’ll person to twiddle your thumbs for 22 minutes portion you hold for the lithium ion cells to beryllium taken from 10-80%. On the positive side, that larger artillery means a longer scope of 323 miles, truthful you’re little apt to request to halt connected the roadworthy anyway. The G80 besides features the neat enactment of a star extortion sheet that tin efficaciously trickle complaint the artillery utilizing the sun’s rays. Genesis claims this diagnostic tin adhd up to 700 miles of other scope implicit the people of a twelvemonth – upwind permitting, of course.

Maserati Granturismo Folgore - 270kW

After years successful the doldrums moving with hand-me-down platforms and parts, Maserati has been fixed a caller lease of beingness nether caller genitor institution Stellantis. The marvellous MC20 signalled the Italians’ intent, but it’s the caller Granturismo that truly showcases the sports car firm’s ambition. All-new from the crushed up, the head-turning high-performance four-seat coupé has been designed from the outset with EV and ICE powertrains. Not lone that, the all-electric mentation (called the Folgore) gets a almighty 800V architecture. That means DC charging astatine up to 270kW, with 20-80% artillery capableness imaginable successful arsenic small arsenic 18 minutes. More importantly, the Maserati gets a 751bhp tri-motor layout that delivers stunning show (0-62mph successful 2.7sec) and handling agility enhanced by genuine torque vectoring from the duplicate rear motors.

Porsche Taycan - 270kW

While Hyundai has flooded the EV marketplace with precocious 800V electrics, it was Porsche that bushed it to the punch. The Taycan was the archetypal battery-powered lad of Zuffenhausen, and arsenic you’d expect it acceptable caller standards erstwhile it archetypal deed the roadworthy successful 2020. Despite a kerb value the incorrect broadside of 2 tonnes, the fleet-footed four-door handles with each the poise, polish and panache you’d expect from Porsche, portion show is beardown whether it's the 397bhp entry-level exemplary oregon the monstrously almighty 751bhp Turbo S. Crucially, each get the aforesaid high-voltage electrical system, which Porsche claims tin complaint astatine speeds of up to 270kW and tin replenish some the 79.2kWh and 93.4kWh artillery options from 5-80% successful 21-and-a-half minutes.

Audi E-tron GT - 270kW

Much similar the Hyundai, Kia and Genesis models, the Audi shares its DNA with different car - successful this lawsuit the Porsche Taycan. As we’ve seen, these aren’t atrocious genes to person for an EV, with the E-tron GT benefiting from the aforesaid 800V underpinnings that let 270kW accelerated charging wherever disposable - though curiously Audi claims 23 minutes to zap the battery, and its fig is from 10-80% alternatively than 5-80%. Unlike the Porsche, the E-tron is lone disposable with the larger, 93kWh battery, portion successful keeping with its all-wheel-drive heritage, there’s nary single-motor option. At the apical of the GT histrion is the RS exemplary that pumps retired a useful 637bhp, yet neither it nor the modular versions are arsenic crisp and involving to thrust arsenic the tauter Taycan.

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