The Spectacular Bondi to Coogee Beach Coastal Walk, Sydney

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Sydney tin beryllium a glamorous place, but it’s besides beautiful, arsenic you observe connected the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk. This casual and family-friendly locomotion takes you on the stunning coastal headland and past immoderate of the champion beaches successful the region.

 girls walking connected  the Bondi to Bronte coastal locomotion  with views of the waterBondi to Coogee Coastal Walk views

I grew up lone astir an hr northbound of Sydney, but it took maine 35 years to bash The Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach walk, and I americium kicking myself for each those years I missed out!

I could person spent galore much days swimming successful the tropical coloured waters of the rocky headland beaches on this coastal walk.

Absolutely stunning is astir each I tin say.

But determination is nary clip to dwell, and to marque definite you don’t marque the aforesaid mistake arsenic maine and miss retired connected this unthinkable abbreviated walk, I’ve prepared this usher to assistance you recognize wherefore this locomotion is truthful special, and however you tin bash it for yourself.

About The Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach Walk

Aerial overlooking surfers catching waves astatine  Tamarama Beach, Credit: Adam Krowitz
  • Where is the Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach Walk?
  • Distance: The full locomotion is conscionable nether 7km determination and back
  • How agelong does it take? It takes astir 1 hr to 1.5 hours, depending connected your walking velocity and however galore photograph stops you take.
  • How hard is the Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach Walk? The locomotion is beauteous casual since determination are boardwalks for astir of the trail, but tin beryllium rather hilly successful parts with plentifulness of stairs. It was benignant of awkward with a pram, a large momma and a daddy with a atrocious back! But we made it and had a large day.
  • Where is the way head? The commencement of the way is astatine Bondi Beach. There is simply a signpost to the eastbound of the formation by Bondi’s Icebergs Club, conscionable disconnected the grassy country down the sand. Alternatively, you tin locomotion from Coogee Beach backmost the different way. There is simply a signpost indicating the way connected the westbound of Coogee Beach.
  • How to get to Bondi Beach? You tin instrumentality nationalist transport to Bondi Junction, and locomotion from there.
  • Is it wheelchair friendly? Sadly no, it’s not suitable for wheelchair users and strollers. We took a stroller and it was a spot of a situation connected the stairs!
  • When is the champion clip to bash the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk? The champion clip to bash the coastal locomotion is betwixt June and November erstwhile it’s whale season, arsenic you tin often spot migrating whales successful the waters successful the region (the champion spot to spot them is Mackenzie’s Point).

Map of the Bondi to Coogee Beach Walk

map of bondi to coogee coastal walk

The supra representation shows the way from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach. As you tin spot it beauteous overmuch hugs the coastline on the full way, but you tin halt disconnected for drinks and refreshments astatine cafes on the way.

And of people instrumentality a dip successful the water astatine immoderate of the beaches! Most beaches person picnic shelters and benches connected the main path, truthful you tin halt and instrumentality a interruption anytime.

Stops connected the Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach Walk

Here’s a small astir the stops on the way…

Stop 1: Bondi Beach

aerial presumption    of Visit Bondi BeachBondi Beach, Sydney’s astir celebrated beach. Image:

Probably 1 of the astir celebrated and astir fashionable beaches successful Australia, a rubric which has maine pleading with travelers visiting Australia,

“Please, immoderate you do, don’t conscionable bent retired successful Bondi and deliberation that is our lone and champion beach. There are truthful galore more beauteous beaches successful Australia worthy of your time.”

Having said that though, Bondi is simply a beauteous beach. The h2o is crystal clear; the surf is usually battering distant for immoderate bully assemblage surfing, the lifesavers are celebrated for being connected a world TV show, and determination are thousands of beauteous radical enjoying each it has to offer.

icebergs swimming pools connected  borderline   of ocean

On the country arsenic you caput northbound is the fashionable Icebergs, wherever you tin halt for a portion with beauteous views. We’ve seen whales breaching successful beforehand of america portion having luncheon before.

There are besides outdoor swimming pools present if you fancy a thigh oregon two. Best views for a swimming excavation ever!

It is worthy having a look-see but determination connected rapidly further southbound connected your walk. You are going to find quieter, little pretentious and acold prettier coves and rocky beaches.

Stop 2: Tamarama Beach

Sculpture by the Sea connected  Tamarama Beach, Sydney.Credit: Destination NSW

Tamarama Beach is precise beauteous snowfall achromatic sandy and rocky cove.

For surfers, determination were immoderate truly small, yet cleanable breaks retired the back. There were obscurity adjacent arsenic galore surfers haggling for the question arsenic you would find astatine Bondi. It is known arsenic Sydney’s astir unsafe formation for its rips.

Overhanging rocks provided plentifulness of areas for shade, the turquoise h2o beckons you from the coastal way to sidetrack for a small portion for a chill dip and interruption from your lukewarm walk.

This would beryllium the cleanable spot for immoderate greeting beverage and a swim. If you person children determination is simply a tiny children’s parkland present arsenic well.

Stop 3: Bronte Beach

path beside the coastline astatine  Bronte Beach

“Do you privation to cognize wherefore this is the champion formation successful the Eastern Suburbs for families?”

The children’s bid operator asked america arsenic Kalyra and I alighted from the tiny kiddies bid other Bronte beach.

“The wide unfastened writer country for picnics and games of interaction footy and cricket?”


“There’s plentifulness of barbecues, covered picnic tables, and a large children’s playground?”

“It is good, but not the reason.”

“The Bronte Baths and earthy stone excavation which makes for safer swimming?”

“No. This is the lone country that does not person a pub. That means nary 1 drinking and swimming and getting retired of control. We ne'er person a occupation astatine Bronte Beach, everyone is good behaved.”

people swimming successful  bronte pools connected  borderline   of oceanBronte Beach pools

I walked astir the crook of the way to observe Bronte.

The caller salty air, invigorating breeze, crystal wide h2o and pounding surf made maine pining for my forgotten cozzies.

This was the spot for america to halt and person lunch–a delicious vegetarian hamburger for lone $8 from the surf nine kiosk and a $2.50 food sandwich for Kalyra nether the shadiness of the trees.

Kalyra had a play successful the parkland and past stripped down to her undies for a aquatics successful the stone excavation and Bronte Baths which beryllium connected the confederate extremity of the beach.

The surf astatine Bronte tin beryllium rather unsmooth and dangerous. If this is simply a spot daunting for you past caput astir a fewer bends, past the Waverley Cemetery, until you reach….

Stop 4: Clovelly Beach

Aerial of Clovelly headland including Clovelly surf lifesaving nine  and Bundock ParkClovelly headland Credit: Ethan Rohloff; Destination NSW

What a delightful astonishment this country was. The locomotion to get present takes you past the monolithic Waverly cemetery that takes up acres of premier headland existent estate. It was a existent bizarre show and I americium rather amazed that they person not yet moved each the bodies to physique mansions here.

If you fancy a spot of tract bowls, past – in what has to beryllium the champion tract bowls determination I person ever seen – connected apical of the headlands is Clovelly Lawn Bowls.

Clovelly formation is truly strange, but cleanable for swimming if you are acrophobic astir unsmooth water.

The formation sits astatine the extremity of a constrictive bay. Concrete and earthy stone retaining walls and sitting areas are connected the edges of h2o making it look similar a ample swimming pool.

Swimmers were happily snorkelling astir successful the calm waters exploring the rocky areas and their ain assemblage parts that were intelligibly disposable beneath them.

Stop 5: Gordon’s Bay

Aerial of Gordon's BayCredit: Destination NSW

Gordons Bay is the spot that astir resembled the Portuguese Algarve for me.

Again it is simply a truly constrictive rocky bay, with crystal wide cyan h2o conscionable cleanable for snorkelling.

The bay is protected by an offshore reef which makes it the cleanable spot to research the undersea world. It is known arsenic the champion country for diving successful Sydney and if you retrieve to bring your snorkel mask, you tin aquatics the Gordons Bay Underwater Nature Trail.

There are adjacent plaques that archer divers and snorkellers what they are looking at. Pretty cool, huh?

This secluded, tiny formation is taken mostly up by tiny dinghies and seaweed. Most radical look to dispersed themselves retired connected the adjacent rocks.

Stop 6: Coogee Beach

aerial presumption    of Coogee Beach  and coastline

Just a short, yet dilatory and hard locomotion up a steep elevation on the Dunningham Reserve sandstone cliffs, and you scope the headland of Coogee Beach and the extremity of the Coastal walk.

Before you caput down to the beach, beryllium definite to cheque retired the Bali Memorial on the way, which is dedicated to those mislaid successful the Bali Bombings.

There is besides a shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary connected the obstruction conscionable earlier the beach. Some radical judge they person seen an apparition of Jesus erstwhile passing this shrine, truthful don’t conscionable walk it by without a glance.

Coogee would beryllium the adjacent biggest and busiest formation aft Bondi, and I deliberation much funky and fresh.

Many Irish and backpackers tin beryllium recovered present arsenic is evident by the accents heard connected the formation volleyball courts, the Brazilian jujitsu demonstrations connected the unfastened parklands, and the plethora of places offering Irish breakfasts.

You tin unbend astatine the Coogee Pavilion and bask immoderate well-earned shade.

We urge an extremity to the locomotion with a precocious day brew successful the brew plot of the Coogee Bay Hotel, a legendary constitution successful Sydney. In my aboriginal twenties it was the spot to travel ticker and signifier dive to unrecorded bands.

Tips for Doing the Bondi to Coogee Walk

an experienced traveller

It was a past infinitesimal determination to bash this locomotion and we raced retired of our location for the bid wholly unprepared and a small precocious successful the morning.

That harried departure meant we near without a camera oregon swimming costumes. Go figure!

To assistance you marque the astir of your acquisition and not marque the aforesaid mistakes arsenic us, present are immoderate words of advice!

  • I would decidedly recommending planning the time successful advance and not rushing retired the door. This mode you won’t hide each the essentials, similar we did!
  • Get your butt retired of furniture aboriginal to commencement your locomotion and to marque a full time of it. You tin commencement the locomotion either from Coogee oregon Bondi Beach.
  • Pack swimming gear, a towel, and a snorkel mask.
  • Bring plentifulness of water.
  • Wear a sunhat arsenic determination is precise small shadiness cover.
  • Put connected sunscreen and bring immoderate with you, arsenic the prima tin get strong.

Don’t miss Sculpture by the Sea

sculpture of canine  and rabbit connected  a donkey connected  the cliff top

One of our favourite things to bash on the Bondi to Coogee locomotion is the yearly

It occurs on the Tamarama agelong of the coastal walk. (It besides happens successful Cottlesloe Perth)

The locomotion is lined with sculptures successful the sand, on the path, oregon connected the cliff tops. Each portion of enactment adds to the melodramatic earthy setting, and it’s imaginable to spot 108 works by artists from Australia and overseas exhibited.

It’s a truly large activity for kids successful Sydney.

The lawsuit is impermanent successful Bondi and Cottlesloe and the dates alteration each year. Currently, the 2023 dates for Bondi are yet to beryllium announced.

Final Thoughts connected The Bondi to Coogee Beach Coastal Walk

A antheral   lasting  connected  a formation  and smiling

There is nary uncertainty that Sydney is an costly spot to visit, truthful you should decidedly program for immoderate escaped activities portion you’re there.

The Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk is 1 of our favourites and was 1 of our highlights erstwhile visiting Sydney connected our 18-month roadworthy travel astir Australia.

Just being capable to locomotion on the cliffs and database to the sounds of the waves, was a enactment of caller aerial (literally) from the honking noises of Sydney CBD.

Why not trim your costs connected your travel to Sydney and walk a time oregon adjacent much exploring the Bondi Beach to Coogee Bay Coastal Walk and relaxing astatine its beauteous beaches?

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  • Have you done the Bondi to Coogee Beach Coastal locomotion successful Sydney? Which formation would you similar to walk the astir clip successful on the way? Let america cognize successful the comments.

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