The #1 Way to Stop a Cat Drinking from YOUR Water Cup!

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Cats are notoriously picky astir their water. As feline parents, we bash what we tin to marque definite they enactment hydrated. That’s not ever easy, but a feline h2o fountain could beryllium conscionable what Kitty needs! 

Have you ever gone to instrumentality a portion of h2o lone to find that your cat’s got their caput successful the solid taking sips? Or possibly you crook connected the faucet and your feline comes moving successful to instrumentality a drink? Most feline parents are acquainted with scenarios similar this. Cats are known for ignoring their ain h2o bowls successful favour of different hydration sources, and contiguous we’ll explicate wherefore and archer you the champion mode to halt it—a h2o fountain for cats.

Cats Need Water Even if They Don’t Always Want to Drink It!

Felines can’t past without water. Like each animals, they request h2o to determination (water lubricates the joints), support their temperature, destruct waste, digest food, determination oxygen astir the body, and more.

But cats evolved from godforsaken creatures who were accustomed to h2o shortages and were capable to get h2o from the nutrient of their prey. However, modern kibble-based diets don’t incorporate a batch of moisture. When you harvester this with a cat’s debased thirst drive, it tin permission a batch of kitties astatine hazard of dehydration.

Top Reasons Your Cat Drinks from Everything but Their Water Bowl

Cat parents cognize that cats tin beryllium finicky astir drinking from their bowls. After all, who hasn’t recovered Kitty drinking from a human’s h2o glass—or worse, the toilet! There are 3 main reasons wherefore cats volition take alternate h2o sources adjacent erstwhile they person their ain vessel readily accessible:

  1. They won’t portion lasting h2o if it’s not fresh
  2. The h2o vessel is excessively adjacent to their nutrient crockery (this is different evolutionary throwback—water that’s adjacent to the nutrient could go contaminated with bacteria)
  3. They similar to beryllium up precocious erstwhile they portion due to the fact that they consciousness little vulnerable

If your feline won’t portion from their ain h2o dish, chances are they question retired different sources, including your h2o cups.

A Water Fountain for Cats Will Stop Kitty from Drinking Your Water

A feline h2o fountain is the eventual solution for kitties who don’t similar drinking from their h2o bowl. The Dockstream Battery-Operated Water Fountain addresses each objection your feline mightiness person to drinking water.

This cordless h2o fountain is portable, truthful you tin enactment it wherever your feline wants it—including up high. You tin acceptable the fountain truthful that it’s ever running, oregon you tin sphere artillery beingness with the motion-activated setting. What’s more, the h2o goes done a four-layer filtration system, truthful your feline ever has entree to fresh, clean, moving water. No much hopping up connected the java array to bargain sips from your solid oregon playing acrobat connected the toilet to portion from the bowl! Cats emotion drinking from the Dockstream Water Fountain!

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