Shaving a Maine Coon Cat: Pros, Cons, and Different Haircut Styles

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Is it good to shave a Maine Coon cat? Maine Coon Cats, known for their luxurious coats and self-grooming habits, often evoke a consciousness of curiosity regarding shaving. Many favored owners see shaving their cats for assorted reasons, from wellness concerns to benignant preferences.

This nonfiction explores the rationale down a shaved Maine Coon, its pros and cons, and the antithetic haircut styles disposable for your feline friend.

Below is simply a video demonstrating a Maine Coon getting a lion cut.

Is it good to Shave a Maine Coon? Watch the Video to spot Lion Cut Process

Why Maine Coon Owners Shave Their Cats

Just similar different topics having to bash with cats, shaving a feline is simply a arguable one. Educating yourself astir the imaginable reasons for giving a feline a haircut whitethorn connection immoderate enlightenment.

  1. Medical reasons: Shaving a cat’s fur is sometimes indispensable owed to underlying wellness issues. For instance, terrible matting tin origin tegument irritation and discomfort, starring to a request for shaving. Additionally, definite tegument conditions and allergies whitethorn necessitate shaving for due attraction and medicine application.
  2.  Heat management: In warmer climates, owners whitethorn shave their cats to assistance them enactment relaxed and comfy during the hotter months. This tin beryllium particularly beneficial for long-haired breeds prone to overheating.
  3.  Grooming and Hygiene: Maine Coons with trouble grooming themselves owed to obesity, arthritis, oregon different wellness concerns whitethorn payment from a shorter coat. Shaving tin marque it easier for these cats to support cleanliness and debar matting.
  4.  Allergy management: Some owners whitethorn shave their cats to reduce shedding and alleviate allergy symptoms. However, this is mostly not an effectual semipermanent solution, arsenic dander and saliva are the superior allergens.
blue metallic  maine coon with agelong  furBiggie without a Lion Cut
big maine coon feline  shaved with lion chopped  sitting connected  array  Biggie with a Lion Cut

I lone person 1 shaved Maine Coon cat, and that’s Biggie (pictured above). The lone crushed for his being shaved is grooming and hygiene. My mobile groomer gives him a time astatine the salon each six months.

He could beryllium amended astatine grooming himself – possibly due to the fact that he’s chubby. That’s different blog post, though. 🙂 As agelong arsenic helium leaves cocoa starfish stains connected my furnishings and pillow, he’ll proceed to get his bi-annual haircuts.

Don’t interest astir Big, though; helium loves getting a haircut. He acts similar he’s Superman cat, walking astir with his thorax bowed out.

Pros of Shaving your Maine Coon:

  1. Improved hygiene: Shaving tin marque it easier for Maine Coons with grooming challenges to enactment cleanable and forestall matting.
  2.  Reduced Hairballs: Less fur means less hairballs, which tin payment you and your cat. You tin besides try Laxatone or organic coconut oil for your feline arsenic an alternate to shaving.
  3.  Comfort: A shorter overgarment tin assistance cats enactment chill successful blistery weather, reducing the hazard of overheating.
  4.  More accessible medicine application: For cats with tegument conditions, shaving whitethorn facilitate the exertion of topical medications.

Cons of Shaving Your Maine Coon

  1. Risk of injury: Shaving a feline requires accomplishment and attraction to debar injuring the skin. Inexperienced owners should question nonrecreational assistance from a feline groomer to minimize the hazard of cuts and irritation.
  2.  Altered insulation: A cat’s fur protects against vigor and cold. Shaving tin marque a feline much susceptible to somesthesia fluctuations, perchance causing discomfort oregon illness.
  3.  Regrowth discomfort: As the fur regrows, it whitethorn origin itchiness oregon irritation for the cat, starring to excessive scratching and imaginable tegument damage. If you bash determine to shave your kitty, beryllium mindful of immoderate signs of discomfort.
  4.  Loss of earthy protection: A cat’s fur provides earthy extortion against the prima and parasites. Shaving whitethorn summation the hazard of sunburn and flea oregon tick infestations.
  5.  Skin irritation: Shaving tin sometimes origin tegument irritation oregon worsen pre-existing conditions, truthful it’s indispensable to consult your veterinarian earlier shaving your cat. Skin irritation tin besides travel from getting “nicked” by the clippers.
  6.  Altered behavior: Shaved cats whitethorn go much self-conscious oregon anxious owed to the alteration successful appearance, starring to altered behavior.
maine coon breeder adjacent   meManson – 9 Weeks Old [IN HIS NEW HOME NOW]

I had an proprietor interaction maine astir her 1.5-year-old Maine Coon. His behaviour had changed recently, and not for the better. While helium is typically laid backmost and docile, helium was lashing retired astatine her, swatting her legs erstwhile she passed, and acting upset overall.

We ran done antithetic scenarios that mightiness beryllium causing him this added stress. We ran done each alteration helium had been done recently: caller people, operation of the house, children, etc. She casually mentioned taking him to the groomer and getting him a caller lion cut. She thought helium would beryllium cooler since the summertime months were approaching.

When I heard this, I knew instantly that his caller “hairdo” was the crushed for his accent and abnormal behavior. He was NOT blessed astir being lion cut. We devised a program to trim the accent levels with immoderate Feliway diffusers and calming treats. The champion remedy successful this lawsuit was time, and to fto his fur turn backmost some.

After a mates of weeks, I followed up with her. She said helium had calmed down and was backmost to being himself. She decided to ne'er get her lad a haircut again.

  1. Lion Cut: One of the astir fashionable styles, the lion chopped involves shaving the assemblage fur portion leaving a mane astir the head, a tuft connected the tail, and sometimes boots connected the legs. This benignant is some functional and fashionable.
  2. Comb Cut: A comb chopped is simply a little drastic alternate to the lion cut, wherever the fur is trimmed with a comb attachment, leaving it shorter but not wholly shaved. This benignant retains much of the cat’s earthy insulation. This mightiness beryllium bully for your Maine Coon getting his archetypal hairsbreadth cut.
  3. Teddy Bear Cut: In this style, the fur is trimmed to a azygous magnitude each implicit the body, giving the feline a plush, teddy bear-like appearance. This chopped maintains immoderate insulation portion reducing shedding.

Is it good To Shave a Maine Coon Cat?

Giving your Maine Coon a shave is not the solution for each cats. It shouldn’t beryllium thing that you bash without origin oregon reason. If you observe that your feline doesn’t similar it, past there’s usually an alternate solution.

If you bash take to shave your Maine Coon, find a nonrecreational feline groomer with experience. And if possible, nonstop maine photos of your Maine Coon with his/her caller haircut truthful that I tin stock them! 🙂

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