Report: Do Kwon Successfully Formed a Company in Serbia Weeks After Interpol Issued Red Notice

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According to a report, the precocious arrested Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon was capable to registry a institution successful Serbia conscionable a fewer weeks aft Interpol issued a Red Notice for him. Lawyers that helped Kwon signifier a institution successful Serbia reportedly said they were not alert of Interpol’s Red Notice against their client.

Do Kwon Uses Korean Passport to Register Company

Just a fewer weeks aft an Interpol Red Notice for apprehension was issued, the erstwhile Terraform Labs CEO Kwon was inactive capable to signifier and registry a institution successful Serbia, a section work has said. Known arsenic Codokoj22 d.o.o. Beograd, the institution which was registered connected Oct. 12, 2022, lists Kwon arsenic the owner. The erstwhile CEO on with his countryman Han Chang-Joon from Chai Corporation are besides named arsenic directors of the company.

According to a report successful DL News, the duo’s Serbian institution was established with superior equivalent to conscionable nether $1 (100 din). The study added that Kwon and Chang-Joon utilized their Korean passports to registry the caller institution with Serbian Business Registry.

As antecedently reported by News successful precocious Sept. 2022, the planetary instrumentality enforcement bureau Interpol kickstarted an planetary manhunt for Kwon aft it issued a Red Notice for the Terraform Labs co-founder. Before the announcement was issued, Kwon insisted that helium was not connected the tally and that helium was successful information cooperating with “any authorities bureau that has shown involvement to communicate.”

However, News reported connected March 23, 2023, that Montenegro’s interior curate said Kwon was arrested astatine Podgorica airport. He had a forged Costa Rican passport connected him erstwhile helium was apprehended. Chang-Joon has present also been reported arsenic being arrested.

Lawyers Unaware of Interpol’s Red Notice

Meanwhile, unnamed officials from the Serbian Business Registry and lawyers astatine Gecic Law Firm are quoted successful the study professing their ignorance astir the beingness of an Interpol Red Notice. Ognjen Colic, a spouse astatine Kwon’s ineligible representatives successful Serbia, claimed that his steadfast took each the indispensable steps earlier electing to correspond him.

“I cannot remark connected my lawsuit owed to confidentiality agreements, but I tin accidental that this lawsuit went done each the regular information checks that we behaviour for each client, including the Interpol website and helium is not connected determination – you tin cheque it yourself now,” Colic reportedly said.

Milos Petakovic, a lawyer from the aforesaid instrumentality firm, is quoted successful the study stating that helium needed to consult his colleagues earlier commenting connected Gecic Law Firm’s determination to enactment for Kwon.

In summation to South Korea, which issued a warrant for his arrest successful Sept. 2022, Kwon was besides wanted by authorities successful Singapore and successful the United States.

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