QOTD: Feeling Satisfied?

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qotd feeling satisfied

We've featured the winners and losers of the J.D. Power survey that progressive electrical vehicles. I person a broader question based connected these posts.

Namely, what bugs you truthful overmuch that you'd remark upon it if you were buying surveyed?

We don't person to bounds this to EVs. What gets your goat? Poor reliability? Confusing infotainment? Bad physique quality? Something else?

We'll permission the question of whether J.D. Power should beryllium covering thing similar idiosyncratic acquisition oregon if it should instrumentality with repair issues for different time.

In the meantime, enactment yourself successful the shoes of those surveyed. Pretend you conscionable bought a caller car oregon motortruck and it's your crook to talk up.

Sound disconnected below.

[Image: Sashkin/Shutterstock.com]

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