Production Begins For The Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 Supercar

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Testing of the T.50 has present been completed and Gordon Murray Automotive has started to assemble the highly constricted supercar. The precise archetypal illustration to beryllium built was signed by Gordon Murray marking the opening of the accumulation for the archetypal exemplary to travel from the company. 

Just 100 units (£2.36 cardinal earlier section taxes) are planned for accumulation each hand-built astatine their Dunsfold installation successful Surrey to unsocial specifications according to the customers’ desires. The institution says nary 2 vehicles volition adjacent person the aforesaid basal exterior colour.

“From the precise moment, we announced T.50 – conceived to beryllium the world’s astir driver-centric supercar – I’ve been looking guardant to this day. Designing and engineering the T.50 has been an unthinkable travel with overmuch of the archetypal enactment completed during the lockdown, truthful to witnesser the engineering creation of the archetypal lawsuit car’s carbon-fibre monocoque acceptable for assembly, little than two-and-a-half years since the reveal, is rather magical,” Gordon Murray said.

The caller car, which Murray calls “the purest, lightest, astir driver-focused supercar ever built”, is an ultra-light, mid-engined, all-carbon fibre three-seater, dubbed the T.50 due to the fact that it’s Murray’s 50th car plan successful a vocation spanning much than fractional a century.

As a reminder, it is powered by a caller 650 hp (485 kW) naturally-aspirated 4.0-litre Cosworth V12 with a 12,100rpm redline.

After roadworthy car accumulation ends, determination volition beryllium a tally of 25 hardcore, track-only editions named aft Niki Lauda.

Next year, the steadfast is besides expected to commencement assembling the T.33, its second road-legal accumulation supercar. The full tally of 100 examples is sold out, though.


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