Our Top Food Tours From Around the World

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A steaming vessel of pho connected a foggy greeting successful Vietnam. A sensation of the bully beingness successful the rolling hills of Tuscany successful Italy. Or an exploration of Mexico‘s vibrant culinary heritage. There are fewer amended ways to dive consecutive into the bosom of a caller state than acquisition its divers cuisine. Our personalized food tours let you to bash conscionable that, portion helping you summation heavy insights into the region’s civilization and history.

Allow our question experts to instrumentality you connected a tantalizing travel you’ll ne'er forget. Here’s a round-up of immoderate of our favourite nutrient tours, curated to delight your senses.

Uncover the secrets of Malaysian cuisine successful Kuala Lumpur

Creamy coconut, caller shrimp, creaseless pandan leaf, piquant chili, and aromatic lemongrass – Malaysian cuisine is an detonation of flavors. For a gastronomical acquisition similar nary other, marque your mode to Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia‘s divers superior is peculiarly well-known for its phenomenal assortment of nutrient – from good eating restaurants to bustling thoroughfare stalls. Discover the city’s champion eateries arsenic portion of our curated nutrient tour. You’ll statesman successful Bukit Bintang, 1 of Kuala Lumpur’s apical buying destinations and bask a scope of fantastic dishes astatine Lot 10 Hutong Food Court, a practice nutrient destination. It’s the perfect spot to feast connected brushed bao buns stuffed with crispy chickenhearted oregon flaky pastry pockets filled with curried chicken. 

If you’d similar to illustration section Malaysian delicacies, a sojourn to Jalan Alor whitethorn beryllium worthwhile. This marketplace comes live aft sunset, and is peculiarly satisfying if you are an adventurous foodie who enjoys exploring thoroughfare food. Walk past dozens of stalls laden with tempting goodies, from crispy dosa (pancakes made from a fermented batter of atom and lentils) with a broadside of coconut chutney to delicious tofu noodles infused with chili lipid and food paste. Jalan Alor besides hosts respective Mamaks (eateries tally by Indians, predominantly) wherever you tin relish signature dishes specified arsenic roti canai and nasi lemak that fuse Indian and Malay influences. Round disconnected your repast with a cupful of teh tarik: a blistery beverage made from achromatic beverage and condensed milk.

Experience La Dolce Vita successful Florence

Italy ne'er ceases to amaze with its scope of culinary offerings, and if you are dreaming of soaking up the region’s flavors, a travel to Florence comes highly recommended.

Join america connected a culinary circuit of Italy starting with the charming superior of Tuscany. A bucket-list destination for creation lovers and civilization seekers, Florence draws you successful with its exquisite flavors and caller produce. As good arsenic mounting disconnected connected guided tours of Florence’s past cobbled streets oregon taking leisurely trips to picture-perfect trattorias successful quaint neighborhoods specified arsenic Oltrarno, you could motion up for a backstage Tuscan cooking class.

Before you caput into the kitchen, you’ll delve into the metropolis center’s champion bodegas (traditional market stores) to illustration and root your ingredients. A seasoned Italian cook volition past amusement you however to whip up a sumptuous three-course feast from scratch. You’ll larn to marque a large batch of caller murphy gnocchi and make sensational pasta sauces utilizing conscionable a fistful of elemental ingredients. 

Have a saccharine tooth? Wrap up your repast with a homemade dessert specified arsenic Tuscan biscotti (almond-flavored biscuits) dipped successful saccharine Vinsanto wine. You’ll adjacent person a personalized look booklet featuring each the dishes you made during your cookery class, truthful you tin bask a sensation of la dolce vita erstwhile you instrumentality home.

Sample the earthy flavors of Vietnamese cuisine

Our Top Food Tours From Around the World

Vietnam’s cuisine has a multitude of taste influences, from China and Laos to France. Our culinary circuit of Vietnam opens you up to the affluent and layered nutrient past of the country, with opportunities to savor delectable dishes successful towns specified arsenic Hue.

The historical metropolis sits on the Perfume River and arsenic portion of our guided nutrient tour, you volition get to illustration a spectacular array of dishes, close from spicy pho variations to saccharine potato-filled summertime rolls. Kick disconnected the circuit astatine 1 of the city’s chic bars, earlier enjoying a abbreviated tutorial successful making Banh Nam — the alleged ‘Vietnamese tamale’ — astatine a section restaurant. These savory atom flour cakes were erstwhile a favourite snack of Hue’s Imperial Emperors and they’re typically stuffed with an assortment of seafood, pork, and spices.

You volition past research the UNESCO-listed Citadel connected vintage Vespas, making pit stops astatine immoderate of Hue’s much-loved eateries. BBQ skewers marinated successful lemongrass, crispy legume sprout pancakes, and seafood caught successful the adjacent East Vietnam Sea volition each beryllium connected the menu!

Explore Mumbai’s divers foodscape

Our Top Food Tours From Around the World

Mumbai is simply a melting cookware of cultures. This vibrant metropolis successful West India is the commercialized and fiscal bosom of the country, welcoming radical from all backgrounds wrong its fold. On our curated nutrient circuit of Mumbai, you tin spot however this confluence of cultures plays a large relation successful shaping the city’s culinary landscape.

Our travel coordinators volition brace you up with a section culinary adept who’ll not lone instrumentality you to immoderate divine eating spots but besides springiness you a fascinating past acquisition astir the city’s eclectic cuisine. Experience the champion of the city’s divers offerings – from swanky fine-dining restaurants to accepted eateries that person stood the trial of time. From centuries-old Irani cafes tally by the Parsi assemblage to unassuming stalls whipping up chaat (an assortment of savory snacks) and different delectable treats.

Learn to navigator Mexican nutrient successful Oaxaca

Our Top Food Tours From Around the World
Our Top Food Tours From Around the World
Our Top Food Tours From Around the World

Mexico is famed for its affluent mole sauces, meat-filled tamales, quesadillas dripping with melted cheese, and mezcal cocktails, making it a large destination for nutrient lovers.

Historic Oaxaca is simply a must-see connected immoderate Mexican nutrient tour acknowledgment to its premix of bohemian cocktail bars, bustling section markets, sizzling BBQ stands, and welcoming family-run restaurants serving up Zapotec dishes. If you’d similar to larn much astir the intricacies of Mexican food, you could motion up for a cooking class. Not lone is it a amusive mode to get originative successful the kitchen, but besides a large accidental to immerse yourself successful the region’s affluent and vibrant culinary history.

Once you’ve handpicked ingredients for your cooking masterclass from the section nutrient market, you’ll beryllium taught important Mexican cooking techniques specified arsenic however to chargrill chili peppers and make brushed homemade tortillas from scratch. By the extremity of the day, you’ll person cooked a fantastic enactment of Mexican dishes, from a salsa starter to a accepted dessert similar sugar-dusted churros. Expect to dine connected your home-cooked fare alfresco and lavation it each down with a solid of smoky section mezcal oregon a refreshing cupful of agua fresca (blended effect juice).

Go connected a walking nutrient circuit of Rio de Janeiro

Our Top Food Tours From Around the World

If Brazil is connected your question agenda, a culinary walking circuit down Rio De Janeiro’s vibrant streets is definite to permission you spellbound.

You’ll statesman your escapade successful the northbound of the metropolis wherever determination are less crowds and plentifulness of accepted eating spots. Savor a fewer locally-brewed artisan beers oregon sip connected the country’s astir celebrated cocktail — the lime-infused caipirinha. Your section usher volition past instrumentality you to immoderate of Rio’s astir inspiring eateries. Tuck into fashionable Brazilian dishes specified arsenic feijoada (a hearty premix of beans, rice, nutrient and greenish chili peppers), feast connected melt-in-your-mouth grilled meats astatine a rustic churrascaria (BBQ restaurant), oregon indulge successful innovative fusion nutrient astatine 1 of Rio’s astir up-and-coming gourmet eating venues, similar Chef Alberto Landgraf’s Oteque.

No circuit of Rio de Janeiro is implicit without exploring its electrical nightlife. Make a beeline for lively Lapa successful the historical downtown territory to uncover a postulation of cosmopolitan conception bars and vibrant samba clubs wherever you tin creation the evening away.

Want to descend your teeth into 1 of our culinary tours? Speak to our question experts contiguous astir adding a fantastic nutrient acquisition to your adjacent itinerary. 

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