New Shell station opens at PLUS from Bangi to Kajang

2 months ago 14

PLUS has announced the opening of a caller petrol presumption connected the North South Highway. It is simply a Shell station, located astatine KM297.2 connected the agelong from Bangi to Kajang, northbound.

Other than the accustomed Shell Select store, it appears from the representation that the caller petrol presumption doesn’t person an attached accelerated nutrient oregon beverage outlet, which is rather communal these days.

Anyhow, an other petrol presumption connected this engaged agelong of the NSE is bully quality for regular commuters and agelong haul travellers alike. Drive harmless and ever instrumentality a interruption erstwhile you’re starting to consciousness drowsy.

The station New Shell presumption opens astatine PLUS from Bangi to Kajang appeared archetypal connected Paul Tan's Automotive News.

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