MG 3 sticking around as rivals face the axe

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MG says it has nary plans to discontinue the MG 3, Australia’s 2nd cheapest car, adjacent arsenic rivals proceed to permission the conception and the marque increases prices.

There person been rumours floating astir the web of a caller mentation of the MG 3, but remainder assured, it’s not going anyplace anytime soon according to MG executives present successful Australia.

“We each cognize we’re surviving successful progressively hard times successful presumption of affordability, truthful from our position whilst I talked astir value, we’re not walking distant from worth and inactive request to usage products similar that to springiness radical the accidental to person a marque caller car with a seven-year warranty and plentifulness of features”, said MG’s selling boss, Rick Whaite.

There’s evidently a beardown request for the MG 3 and MG Motor Australia says its keen to proceed with the model, immoderate that mightiness look similar successful the future.

If you look astatine the absorption of MG successful EVs, you’d person to deliberation that if it was to proceed to beryllium offered, there’s a precocious likelihood it would impact electrification, either arsenic a hybrid oregon fully-electric vehicle.

A caller report suggested a successor with an disposable hybrid powertrain could debut successful 2024.

“Everything is nether information but we could fundamentally instrumentality different models from our genitor company, which could past instrumentality that (MG 3) nameplate”, according to an MG spokesperson speaking astatine Sydney’s Fully Charged location vigor and electrical conveyance show.

It’s unclear what merchandise it could get from different SAIC Motor brand. LDV/Maxus and Roewe don’t connection a car this size, though SAIC Motor does nutrient airy cars nether its Baojun associated task with General Motors.

It mightiness not person a existent ANCAP information standing but that hasn’t stopped the MG 3 from becoming the best-selling airy car successful Australia and by immoderate margin.

You tin thrust distant successful an MG 3 for arsenic small arsenic $19,490 for the MG 3 Core Auto, with the lone enactment being $500 for metallic paint. If you privation the works past the top-spec MG 3 Excite volition outgo you each of $20,990 drive-away.

Little wonderment the MG 3 presently holds an unassailable 45 per cent marketplace stock successful its conception year-to-date 2023 – three-times its closest rival, the Mazda 2. In February 2023 it sold 1622 of them to Mazda’s 504 of its Mazda 2, giving it a staggering 47.8 per cent marketplace share.

It has besides been helped by the dependable withdrawal of rivals since its 2016 instauration successful Australia.

Since then, the Ford Fiesta, Holden Barina, Honda City and Jazz, and Hyundai Accent person each been discontinued, arsenic person the smaller Holden Spark, Mitsubishi Mirage and Nissan Micra.

Most recently, Suzuki pulled the plug connected the Baleno successful Australia, portion Kia confirmed this year its existent procreation of Rio would beryllium its past connected the section market.

MG has accrued prices crossed the MG 3 scope by $500 for 2023, citing accrued accumulation and proviso concatenation costs.

Other MG models person seen terms increases of up to $4140, portion the institution has besides said its caller MG 4 won’t needfully go Australia’s cheapest electrical vehicle.

“Cheapest is not needfully our appetite, rather, it’s astir value. As MG has ever done, we volition bash our precise champion to marque definite it’s an incredibly compelling proposition to the market,” said Mr Whaite.

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