Make a stacked paver pedestal for your garden

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March 04, 2023

Need an inexpensive yet eye-catching pedestal to amusement disconnected a instrumentality oregon elevate a portion of plot art? Get immoderate factual pavers successful 2 antithetic sizes, and stack them successful alternating layers to make a modern plinth.

I made this 1 utilizing 12-inch and 18-inch quadrate pavers. I’ve noticed lizards basking connected the sun-warmed pavers, partially sheltered by the overhangs. Lizard situation and a show space? Win-win! My metallic lizard has caller friends.

Before you stack your pavers, instrumentality the clip to marque a sturdy, level foundation. Excavate astir 8 inches, digging a spread a spot wider than your largest paver. Spread respective inches of paver basal oregon decomposed granite, and usage a tamper to battalion it into a solid, level base. Stack a mates of pavers and usage a level to cheque that there’s nary lean. If determination is, region the pavers and adhd much basal worldly and retamp it. Make definite it’s dormant level earlier stacking your pavers to the desired height.

Use factual adhesive connected each furniture for added stability, if desired. If you person young kids oregon grandkids who mightiness beryllium tempted to ascent it, support it debased and/or usage 1 size of paver for other stability.

I’ve seen variations of stacked-paver pedestals successful galore gardens implicit the years. Here’s 1 made of circular pavers successful the precocious Eleanor Pratt’s garden successful Austin. An nonfiction successful Midwest Living shows a saltation connected this plan utilizing 2 antithetic sizes of circular pavers. And determination I person a photograph of a spiral plinth made of stacked quadrate pavers, each 1 acceptable astatine a flimsy crook from the 1 below.

Bigger plinths tin beryllium made from stacked factual blocks with pavers connected top, similar this orchid show array successful Michael McDowell’s garden successful Plano.

Here’s different one, for displaying a enactment of sculpture, astatine the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center a fig of years ago.

The humble factual paver tin beryllium enactment to enactment for overmuch much than paths and patios. Get originative with them to execute immoderate elevation successful your plot and showcase a portion of art, a birdbath, oregon a planter.

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