Lincoin Technologies Launches Rails Programming Tool For Bitcoin Miners

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Lincoin Technologies introduces Rails programming instrumentality for Bitcoin miners to optimize their operations successful real-time.

Lincoin Technologies, a Vancouver-based firm, has launched a caller programming instrumentality for the Bitcoin mining manufacture known arsenic Rails. The bundle solution aims to alteration Bitcoin miners to optimize their operations, root vigor much efficiently and maximize profits done the integration of real-time information from implicit 20,000 grid nodes successful 9 deregulated energy markets successful Canada and the U.S. 

According to the property merchandise sent to Bitcoin Magazin, Rails volition let miners and vigor producers to automate tasks for large-scale operations, set vigor usage by algorithmically nether and over-clocking ASICs and support their nett margins based connected real-time bitcoin prices and web statistics.

Medi Naseri, the CEO of Lincoin Technologies, expressed excitement astatine the motorboat of Rails, saying, "Our squad has been moving hard and astute to make a instrumentality that addresses the astir pressing challenges facing Bitcoin miners present and successful the adjacent term. With Rails, miners tin instrumentality their operations to the adjacent level by automating and optimizing their vigor use, reducing operational costs, and expanding profits. We assistance miners minimize the challenges of Bitcoin mining and determination toward real-time vigor trading."

Rails is designed to conscionable the circumstantial needs of Bitcoin miners and is compatible with each Antminer and Whatsminer mining ASIC models. The bundle is customizable, and “is backed by a squad of experienced professionals disposable to enactment and usher users,” the property merchandise states.

The institution believes that the instauration of Rails volition alteration miners to maximize their profitability portion minimizing the challenges of Bitcoin mining. More accusation astir Rails tin beryllium recovered astatine the Lincoin Technologies website.

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