Liberty Walk Previews Wild Lamborghini Murcielago Kit

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Japanese tuner Liberty Walk is looking to springiness Lamborghini Murcielago owners the accidental to wholly overhaul their V12 supercar with a extremist widebody kit.

The Murcielago was produced from 2001 to 2010 and adjacent by today’s standards it inactive looks decently menacing connected the streets astir the world.

Liberty Walk wants to crook it into 1 superior head-turner with their GT EVO Limited Edition kit but it volition surely not beryllium everyone’s cupful of tea.

Up front, the Lambo gets GT1-style spotlights integrated into a overmuch wider beforehand fascia with an other splitter and immoderate caller canards. There is besides a caller dramatically styled hood which makes the headlights look a batch much angular.

At the back, you volition spot the widened arches connected to a monolithic rear helping but it doesn’t extremity determination arsenic they person besides fitted a wholly caller diffuser, 2 ample exhaust pipes and taillights that look conscionable similar thing from a late-model Countach.

Without wheels and aerial suspension, you are looking astatine $48,008 for the translation which excludes shipping, fitment and overgarment truthful expect a implicit bundle to beryllium a batch more.

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