Lego 10317 Classic Defender 90 – 2,336 piece set in launching on April 4 to keep 42110 Defender company

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Lego volition beryllium launching a caller Land Rover acceptable connected April 4, 2023 based connected the Defender 90. It’s portion of the Lego Icons range, and volition dwell of 2,336 pieces.

We’ve already seen a Defender from Lego backmost successful 2020, but that was the Lego Technic 42110 based connected the latest mentation of the Defender. This Lego 10317 is based connected the classical Defender 90.

The Lego 10317 acceptable tin physique 2 antithetic versions of the classical Defender 90 – 1 that looks beauteous overmuch stock, and different much hardcore offroader mentation with a winch, a snorkel, and a extortion rack. Once built, the Classic Defender 90 exemplary volition person a functional steering and a moving suspension.

The Classic Defender 90 acceptable volition outgo US$239.99 according to Lego’s website, and VIP income volition commencement a fewer days earlier connected April 1, 2023.

We don’t spot immoderate signs of it being unfastened for preorder successful Malaysia yet, but if you privation to prime up the 42110 acceptable based connected the modern Defender, it’s been astir since 2020 truthful you tin bash that successful the meanwhile.

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