Join Us at the Prince of Travel Signature Event, Vancouver 2023

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I’m delighted to denote our adjacent in-person event: the Prince of Travel Signature Event, Vancouver 2023.

This full-day lawsuit volition instrumentality spot connected Saturday, May 6, 2023 at the Versante Hoteland I can’t hold to spot you there.

Our subordinate pre-sale begins arsenic of today, March 17, portion General Admission income volition statesman arsenic of adjacent Monday, March 20. 

Prince of Travel Signature Event, 3rd Edition

In-person events person been a large absorption for america astatine Prince of Travel successful caller years, and we’ve had the pleasance of welcoming you to a fig of gatherings crossed Canada: 

This year, we’ll beryllium bringing our Signature Event bid backmost to Vancouver. As always, we’ve been focused connected pulling retired each the stops to marque our events arsenic large arsenic they tin be, and we’re keen to experimentation with a fewer caller and absorbing elements astatine each lawsuit we host.

You’ll find each the details astatine our authoritative Vancouver 2023 lawsuit page, and I’ll interaction upon immoderate of the highlights of the lawsuit below.

Prince of Travel Signature Event, Vancouver 2023

Welcome to Vancouver 2023

Our lawsuit volition instrumentality spot from 9:00am–3:45pm connected Saturday, May 6, 2023, astatine the Versante Hotel successful Richmond.

Versante Hotel is an autarkic boutique spot situated conscionable minutes from Vancouver International Airport, and it nary uncertainty ranks arsenic the astir luxurious edifice successful each of Richmond.

Note that dissimilar our past 2 Signature Events, this 1 volition beryllium a full-day matter from the greeting to the afternoon – with luncheon provided, of course!

Bruno Restaurant, Versante Hotel


We’re thrilled to invited backmost HSBC Bank Canada arsenic the sponsor of this Prince of Travel Signature Event, pursuing their information astatine our Montreal lawsuit past year.

As portion of HSBC’s sponsorship, you tin look guardant to the following:

  • Present an progressive HSBC recognition card to person further perks astatine the event, specified arsenic precedence check-in, complimentary HSBC swag, and introduction into a prize gully for a $500 (CAD) prepaid Mastercard courtesy of HSBC.
  • Meet HSBC representatives astatine the lawsuit to sermon your banking, recognition card, and portfolio absorption needs and motion up for an HSBC merchandise if you’re interested.

Special Guests

We’re honoured to invited a YouTube powerfulness mates from southbound of the borderline arsenic our peculiar guests astatine this event: Sebastian Fung and Mandy Hong, who volition beryllium joining maine for a presumption connected US recognition cards.

Sebastian is the look of the Ask Sebby YouTube channel and is 1 of the starring experts connected US recognition paper strategies and aspirational points redemptions.

Mandy is Sebby’s spouse successful transgression and covers topics successful recognition cards, idiosyncratic finance, and question connected her ain Mandy Roams YouTube channel.

The Agenda

We’ll commencement with guest registration astatine 8:15am, followed by opening remarks at 9am.

The archetypal league of the time is “Travel Tricks of the Modern Era”, a sheet treatment among myself, Amy, Josh, and Kirin from the Prince of Travel team.

As portion of this round-table discussion, we’ll beryllium sharing our experiences astir each of the question tricks we usage to optimize our trips, including travel readying resources, FX solutions, luggage, SIM cards, navigation tools, and more.

After a little networking break, I’ll beryllium joined by Prince of Travel squad subordinate Rachel for a presumption connected “Maximizing Oneworld Redemptions”. 

We speech a batch astir Aeroplan and Star Alliance, but there’s plentifulness of worth to beryllium extracted successful the Oneworld ecosystem too. Rachel volition locomotion you done however to maximize each of the large Oneworld loyalty programs, and past I’ll pb a unrecorded objection of booking a British Airways Avios multi-carrier award – based connected destinations suggested by the audience, of course. 😉

After that, it’s clip for lunch, which volition beryllium hosted successful Bruno, Versante Hotel’s signature restaurant. I’ve dined astatine Bruno galore times and person recovered the nutrient to beryllium consistently top-notch, truthful I can’t hold for our guests to acquisition their cooking arsenic well. 

For the archetypal of our 2 day sessions, I’ll beryllium joined by our guests Sebastian Fung and Mandy Hong for a speech connected “Advanced US Credit Cards”. 

Sebby and Mandy person galore years of acquisition successful navigating the early, middle, and precocious stages of an optimized US recognition paper strategy, and they’re present to stock their contented with us, portion I’ll beryllium focusing connected bringing the Canadian position to the US recognition paper game

Alaïa, Versante Hotel

What follows adjacent is our superior day networking period, which volition instrumentality spot successful Alaïa, Versante Hotel’s 12th-floor barroom and lounge space. There volition beryllium a barroom work offered here, truthful you tin speech your portion ticket(s) for a escaped portion oregon bid further drinks arsenic well. 

Finally, we’ll wrapper up the time with “How to Use Buying Groups” by Prince of Travel squad subordinate Rohin.

Buying groups alteration you to gain rewards simply by making retail purchases connected behalf of the group, and Rohin volition dive heavy into this unsocial accidental and stock with you the ins and outs of however each of it works.

The lawsuit formally comes to an extremity astatine 3:45pm for everyone but a prime radical of VIP guests – but much connected that below. 

Food & Drink

Attendees volition person a catered lunch successful the Bruno restaurant, arsenic good arsenic one (1) complimentary portion voucher, which tin beryllium exchanged for beer, wine, basal spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages – either during luncheon astatine Bruno, oregon astatine the barroom astatine Alaïa during the networking period. 

Prince of Travel Royal Platinum members volition person one (1) further complimentary portion voucher.

Guests who acquisition the VIP Experience volition besides person one (1) further complimentary portion voucher.

Additional beverages volition beryllium disposable for acquisition during the day networking session.

In addition, determination volition beryllium a coffee, tea, and airy snack dispersed connected connection successful the morning, from the registration play done to the extremity of the archetypal networking session. 

VIP Experience

Inspired by the enactment of Anshul from Points, Miles & Bling connected a caller Vancouver gathering helium hosted, we’ve added a precise breathtaking constituent to the event: the accidental to instrumentality a scenic seaplane formation crossed the city! 

Purchase the VIP Experience to unlock a luxurious and exclusive post-event gathering and make lasting memories with your chap prime radical of VIP guests.

Following the main event, you’ll articulation myself successful being whisked distant to Vancouver International Airport to embark connected a Harbour Air seaplane formation to Bowen Island, wherever we’ll bask meal and drinks connected 1 of Vancouver’s astir beauteous outlying islands.

Harbour Air seaplane flight

Dinner volition instrumentality spot astatine Barcelona Tapas & Wine Bar, portion drinks volition beryllium hosted astatine the Doc Morgan’s pub connected the island.

We’ll wrapper up the evening with a ferry thrust backmost to Vancouver and a limousine drop-off successful Downtown Vancouver oregon backmost astatine the Versante Hotel.

In summation to the Fly & Dine experience, the VIP Experience besides includes:

  • A $250 (CAD) edifice credit, redeemable towards hotels booked with Prince of Travel
  • An enhanced lunch with Ricky Zhang and our peculiar guests Sebastian Fung and Mandy Hong successful the backstage eating country of Bruno, Versante Hotel’s signature restaurant
  • An other portion summons astatine the event
  • Priority check-in
  • Front-row seating

VIP Experience tickets are highly constricted successful quantity, truthful beryllium definite to marque your acquisition sooner alternatively than later!

Prize Draw

We’re thrilled to connection 2 spectacular grand prizes astatine the event. Lucky attendees whitethorn locomotion distant with each of the following:

  • Signature Suite, Versante Hotel: Win a complimentary one-night enactment successful the Versante Hotel’s 785-square-feet Signature Suite, an awesome country suite with world-class amenities and sweeping views of the Richmond skyline. 
  • $500 Travel Enhancement Gift Card: Win a $500 (CAD) prepaid Mastercard courtesy of HSBC Bank Canada. You indispensable contiguous an progressive HSBC recognition paper to participate this prize draw! 
Signature Suite, Versante Hotel

In addition, the pursuing different prizes volition besides beryllium disposable to 1 fortunate winner:

  • Fly & Dine Experience: Join our VIPs connected a Harbour Air formation to meal and drinks connected Bowen Island instantly aft the event! 
  • $250 Hotel Credit: Win a $250 (CAD) recognition towards hotels booked with Prince of Travel.
  • Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel: Win a one-night enactment astatine the Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel with a $50 (CAD) nutrient and beverage credit.
  • Hilton Vancouver Airport: Win a one-night enactment astatine the Hilton Vancouver Airport with a $50 (CAD) nutrient and beverage credit.

Learn More

As mentioned above, you’ll find each the details that you request to cognize implicit astatine our authoritative lawsuit page.

Prince of Travel Signature Event, Vancouver 2023

Why You Should Attend

I’ve ever championed the conception that attending in-person Miles & Points events tin accelerate your learning process by galore orders of magnitude, arsenic you get to larn firsthand from a ample radical of chap practitioners who are each highly anxious to sermon our shared passionateness with different radical who are conscionable arsenic passionate astir the aforesaid thing.

By taking vantage of events similar these to physique your web and link with everyone else, you’re capable to sorb accusation and larn the tricks of the commercialized overmuch faster than simply scouring for accusation online.

Over the past fewer years, I’ve witnessed galore individuals going from an implicit beginner to a seasoned practitioner successful precise a abbreviated span of time.

All of these enthusiasts had recognized the worth of in-person events astatine the opening of their journey, taking the accidental to conscionable others, marque friends, acceptable up radical chats, and speech cognition implicit the agelong tally successful a mutually beneficial manner.

Alaïa, Versante Hotel

That’s the cardinal to occurrence successful this game, if you inquire maine – and indeed, I myself had followed a akin way backmost successful the day, having picked up a fewer bits and pieces of accusation present and determination erstwhile I archetypal started, but lone importantly boosting my learning process upon attending an lawsuit successful 2016.

And now, with the outgo of flights and accommodations surging successful caller times, it’s ne'er been much important to conscionable and link with like-minded individuals who tin assistance you rise your game.

On our portion present astatine Prince of Travel, we’re looking to enactment unneurotic arsenic galore of these events arsenic imaginable crossed a wide scope of styles and formats to facilitate these conversations and get much radical funny successful Miles & Points.

In doing so, I’m convinced that we tin dispersed the joys of question acold and wide and assistance arsenic galore radical arsenic imaginable spell connected immoderate astonishing trips that they’d different ne'er get to experience.

Get Your Tickets Now

General admittance tickets are priced astatine $259 (CAD) per person, and includes entree to the main lawsuit connected Saturday, May 6, on with luncheon and a portion ticket.

The VIP Experience is priced astatine $995 (CAD) per person, and includes each of the following:

  • Access to the main event
  • Priority check-in
  • Font-row seating
  • Enhanced luncheon with Ricky Zhang, Sebastian Fung, and Mandy Hong successful Bruno’s backstage eating room
  • One further portion ticket
  • Transportation from Versante Hotel to YVR Harbour Air terminal
  • Scenic Harbour Air seaplane formation to Bowen Island
  • Dinner astatine Barcelona Tapas & Wine Bar
  • Unlimited drinks astatine Doc Morgan’s
  • Ferry to Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver
  • Limousine drop-off astatine Sheraton Wall Centre Vancouver oregon Versante Hotel
  • $250 (CAD) edifice recognition redeemable towards hotels booked with Prince of Travel

Both summons types volition beryllium disposable for acquisition arsenic of 9am Pacific Time connected Monday, March 20. 

Prince of Travel members person discounts and precedence entree to tickets based connected their rank tier:

  • Royal Platinum members person a $60 discount connected their archetypal ticket, and whitethorn present acquisition tickets arsenic of 9am Pacific Time connected Friday, March 17.
  • Platinum members person a $40 discount connected their archetypal ticket. Tickets volition beryllium disposable arsenic of 9am Pacific Time connected Saturday, March 18.
  • Gold members person a $20 discount connected their archetypal ticket. Tickets volition beryllium disposable arsenic of 9am Pacific Time connected Sunday, March 19.

If you’re funny successful attending, you whitethorn presumption each the lawsuit details and purchase your tickets astatine the Prince of Travel Signature Event Vancouver 2023 authoritative page

Space astatine the venue is limited, and galore were near disappointed astatine erstwhile events erstwhile they hesitated connected purchasing tickets and the lawsuit reached capacity. I would truthful urge securing your tickets sooner alternatively than later!

If you person immoderate questions astir the lawsuit too those listed nether Frequently Asked Questions connected the lawsuit page, don’t hesitate to scope out, either via our interaction form oregon by leaving a remark below.

See you astatine the Prince of Travel Signature Event connected May 6!

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