Jaguar names new managing director ahead of 2025 relaunch

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2 jlr rawdon glover New Jaguar Land Rover brag Rawdon Glover Rawdon Glover replaces Philip Koehn, who has lone publically been the brag of Jaguar for the past fewer weeks

Jaguar has named Rawdon Glover arsenic its caller managing manager up of its relaunch successful 2025. 

He succeeds Philip Koehn, who has lone publically been the brag of Jaguar for the past fewer weeks. Koehn has led the Jaguar squad since the commencement of the alleged Panthera project in 2019, having antecedently worked astatine Rolls-Royce connected its Architecture of Luxury.

Glover, who has been astatine Jaguar Land Rover for astir a decade, was astir precocious managing director of JLR in the UK, a presumption helium had been successful since 2018.

He volition beryllium succeeded by Patrick McGillycuddy connected an interim basis.

"Jaguar volition beryllium reimagined arsenic an all-electric luxury marque by 2025," work a institution statement. "It volition beryllium a transcript of nothing. As the concern present prepares to motorboat the reimagined Jaguar marque to clients astir the world, we person appointed Rawdon Glover arsenic marque managing director.

Jaguar is successful the process of processing a full caller scope of models, switching solely to electrical powerfulness and pushing dramatically successful the marketplace to situation the likes of Bentley. It has been secretive of his plans to date, however, Glover’s assignment symbolises the information that its relaunch is nearing.

JLR has confirmed that Koehn remains successful the company, but a caller presumption for him hasn't yet been announced.

Koehn has led the Panthera squad since the start successful 2019, including each phases of the improvement programme done to its existent presumption of completed plan and concern plans.

Autocar understands that the caller Jaguar scope volition see 3 models, each of which volition beryllium electric crossovers and nary smaller than the Range Rover Sport.

The introduction terms volition beryllium astir £80,000-£90,000, and the largest flagship model, created with China and the US successful mind, volition outgo from £120,000.

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