Does Your Dog Have Separation Anxiety?

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Do you debar going retired due to the fact that you interest astir your canine being location alone? If helium barks, whines oregon howls erstwhile you leave, helium whitethorn beryllium suffering from separation anxiety.

Research shows that astir 17% of dogs successful the U.S. person issues with separation anxiousness erstwhile their humans permission them alone. Some dogs are genetically predisposed to separation anxiety, portion the remainder get it for reasons not ever casual to understand.

Your canine whitethorn pass his distress successful respective ways, including excessive vocalization, destroying spot oregon belongings, urinating oregon defecating connected the floor, excessive salivation, oregon refusing to eat.

As always, it is omniscient to instrumentality your canine to a veterinarian to get him checked retired for thing carnal that mightiness beryllium wrong. Barring immoderate wellness problems, your vet whitethorn find your canine has separation anxiety.

What Can You Do to Help?

Successful treatments are disposable to assistance your canine — and you — find immoderate bid of mind. Sometimes, earthy treatments can’t get to the bosom of your dog’s anxiousness issues and a medicine combined with a behavioral modification grooming programme mightiness beryllium needed. Talk to your vet astir the close medicine and programme for your dog.

An FDA approved cause with a batch of occurrence astir separation anxiousness is Reconcile® (fluoxetine hydrochloride), utilized successful conjunction with the BOND™ grooming program.

Reconcile® is simply a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor oregon SSRI. Serotonin is simply a encephalon chemic liable for galore functions, including anxiousness control. Low serotonin levels whitethorn effect successful an accrued level of anxiousness that Reconcile® tin assistance power by making your canine much receptive to a behaviour modification grooming programme similar BOND™.

The BOND™ grooming programme involves 4 steps that assistance you negociate your dog’s stress:

  • Be positive: absorption connected affirmative behaviour and disregard undesirable behavior
  • Only reward calm behavior
  • No much emotion erstwhile you travel and go
  • Develop your dog’s independence: supply a harmless spot for him erstwhile you’re gone.

What the Research Shows

A PRN Pharmacal survey of 229 dogs receiving behaviour modification grooming demonstrated that dogs treated with Reconcile® showed important betterment compared with those receiving a placebo.

After 1 week, results showed that behaviour modification unsocial had an efficacy of 18%, portion Reconcile® and behaviour modification combined showed a 42% effectiveness rate. After 8 weeks, behaviour modification yielded an efficacy of 51%, portion Reconcile® and behaviour modification demonstrated an effectiveness complaint of 73%.

Reconcile® successful conjunction with a behaviour modification program whitethorn good beryllium precisely what your canine needs to consciousness harmless and secure. The dose is simply a once-a-day, flavored, chewable tablet that dogs emotion and is casual to administer. It’s affordably priced and proven harmless and effectual nether the guidance of a veterinarian.

Not lone does Reconcile® relieve your dog’s stress, it besides reduces yours, and helps fortify the human-animal bond.

For much information, spot the merchandise statement oregon cheque retired the prescribing information.

Important Safety Information

The astir communal adverse events from Reconcile®, successful decreasing bid of reported frequency, are decreased appetite, depression/lethargy, shaking/shivering/tremor, vomiting, restlessness and anxiety, seizures, aggression, diarrhea, mydriasis, vocalization, value loss, panting, confusion, incoordination, and hypersalivation. Reconcile® chewable tablets are contraindicated for dogs with a past of seizures oregon erstwhile utilized with MAOIs.

Reconcile® chewable tablets are indicated for the attraction of canine separation anxiousness successful conjunction with a behaviour modification plan. Federal instrumentality restricts this cause to usage by oregon connected the bid of a licensed veterinarian.

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