Autocar product test: What is the best tool bag?

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Autocar header Whether you're doing DIY oregon nonrecreational work, these are the champion instrumentality bags for your car

Tool bags are incredibly useful, whether you request abstraction for your exigency kit and a screwdriver oregon two, oregon if you regularly transportation a afloat line-up of tools.

A container is much malleable than a box, is easier to transportation and fill, and volition instrumentality little toll connected your footwear lining. For this merchandise test, we are looking astatine the champion instrumentality bags available, taking into relationship the price, physique quality, abstraction and practicality.

WINNER: Stanley Fatmax Hard Base Tool Bag 18’’

Price £24.99

Size 230mm x 457mm x 260mm

Buy from Screwfix

The 11 outer and 5 interior pockets of the Stanley Fatmax hard basal instrumentality container are precise useful. It’s a precise heavy-duty and well-made bag, constructed from 600-denier cloth reinforced with leather, truthful volition beryllium long-lasting. The rigid integrative waterproof basal offers sturdiness and protection, and it has pugnacious treble zips and an adjustable enarthrosis strap with padding. It’s a great-value instrumentality container that tin transportation up to 20kg. 

Autocar says 5 stars

RECOMMENDED: Silverline Tool Bag Hard Base Wide Mouth

Price £12.64

Size 200mm x ‎400mm x 300mm

Buy from Amazon

If you’re looking for a truly well-priced instrumentality container that’s practical, good made and sturdy, with tons of abstraction for tools, the Silverline instrumentality container is simply a large buy. It has 10 outer pockets, 8 interior pockets, a cardinal fob and an adjustable 1.2m enarthrosis strap to assistance transportation it astir portion full. This container does lone travel with 1 zip, but the loading model is wide for casual loading and unloading. The functional integrative basal keeps tools adust if the upwind isn’t great, and the remainder of the container is made from water-resistant nylon.

Autocar says 4.5 stars

Others to consider

Draper Tools Tool backpack

Price £34.74

Size 300mm x 170mm x 450mm

Buy from SJ Tools

This is the lone instrumentality backpack we tested. We truly liked that we could transportation a dense container and administer the value crossed our shoulders, without having to wounded our hands oregon transportation it connected 1 shoulder. It comes with reinforced padded straps and padded backmost panels too. It has a rigid base, truthful you tin inactive enactment it connected bedewed ground, and the full container is made from water-resistant polyester, truthful everything stays dry. There are 7 interior pockets, 2 broadside ones and 5 outer pockets, on with 4 loops for screwdrivers.

Autocar says 4.5 stars

VonHaus Rolling Tool Bag

Price £69.99

Size 280mm x 470mm x 425mm

Buy from VonHaus

The VonHaus rolling instrumentality container is the astir costly connected our list. But you bash get what you wage for. It looks good, is precocious quality, is robust and has plentifulness of retention pockets. It’s casual to determination astir with the telescopic handle, pugnacious integrative wheels (we would similar these to beryllium made of rubber) and 3 stopper legs. The immense interior abstraction has a wide aperture with tons of country for larger tools specified arsenic drills, positive it has six interior pockets and a ample papers section. On the outside, determination are 11 well-sized pockets, 1 of which is covered. It tin clasp up to 25kg. 

Autocar says 4 stars

DeWalt TSTAK Soft Storage Bag

Price £63.99

Size 250mm x 450mm x 300mm

Buy from Screwfix

The DeWalt TSTAK brushed retention instrumentality container is precise precocious quality, durable, sturdy and tin clasp an awesome 30kg. You bash wage for the quality, though: it’s 1 of the astir costly instrumentality bags we tested. Inside, determination are 12 pockets, and connected the outside two ample zip pockets (one astatine the front, 1 astatine the back). The pouch connected the beforehand of the container comprises a smaller zip pocket, 2 shallow pockets, positive 12 further pockets. The integrative basal volition support the contents from bedewed ground, and if you ain different TSTAK products, this container volition link to them for casual stacking.  

Autocar says 4 stars

AIRAJ 18-Inch Tool Bag

Price £33.99

Size 470mm x 270mm x 310mm

Buy from Amazon

The wide opening of the Airaj instrumentality container has 2 zips that tin beryllium locked. For easiness of carrying, the 2 handles slot together. It feels good made and is constructed from waterproof worldly with a heavy integrative base. There are 8 exterior pockets, 3 with a sealable flap connected to halt things falling out, though we would similar them to beryllium a spot deeper. Inside, determination are 8 much pockets, and the container comes with a tiny removable integrative tray. In presumption of price, it’s successful the mediate of the bags we tested. 

Autocar says 4 stars

Draper Tools Tote Tool Bag

Price £15.40

Size 305mm x 230mm x 420mm

Buy from Amazon

This instrumentality tote container is the lone unfastened 1 we tested. It’s robust and good built, arsenic good arsenic bully worth for money. It has a coagulated skeleton, but the full happening is wrapped successful heavy-duty fabric, which could deterioration implicit time. To transportation it around, there’s a brushed grip handle and an adjustable enarthrosis strap. It’s not the largest instrumentality container we tested, but it packs a batch into its compact size with 15 outer pockets, 1 with an elasticated strap for taller tools, 10 wrong pockets and 8 elasticated instrumentality holding loops. It did, however, autumn implicit a mates of times portion we were driving around.

Autocar says 3.5 stars

Amazon Basics Tool Bag - 30.5cm

Price £13.34

Size 310mm x 140mm x 200mm

Buy from Amazon

This Amazon Basics instrumentality container is disposable successful 2 sizes. We tested the smaller, 30.5cm bag. The worldly it’s made from is strong, and it has a utile two-zip fastening, though we did conflict to adjacent this erstwhile we’d loaded the container arsenic it became a small misshapen. It comes with six exterior instrumentality loops, 3 unfastened beforehand pockets, 3 backmost mesh pockets and 9 interior pockets. We didn’t emotion that the wrong pockets are made from the aforesaid lightweight nylon that lines the interior, which feels rather flimsy. 

Autocar says 3 stars

And the 2 to avoid...

Firedog rotation up instrumentality bag

Price £16.99

Size 457mm x 279mm x 25mm

Buy from Amazon

This small roll-up container is utile to support your smaller tools separated. If you request entree to them, you tin usage the convenient D buckle to bent the rotation implicit the backmost of a car seat. It has 5 zipped sections, truthful keeps things separate, but for larger tools oregon an exigency kit, you’ll conflict to acceptable it in. Made from canvas, it’s precise lightweight but does inactive consciousness rather robust and looks astute too.

Autocar says 2.5 stars

Silverline TB50 Canvas Tool Bag

Price £5.61

Size 460mm x 180mm x 130mm

Buy from Amazon

The cheapest instrumentality container connected our database is, unsurprisingly, the astir elemental too. Made from dense fabric canvas, with a nylon zip and webbing handles, it’s a utile size to support your tools together. However, it doesn’t person immoderate further pockets oregon retention areas, and doesn’t person a waterproof oregon rubber basal to support everything dry. If you’re readying to support it successful the footwear of your car, it volition beryllium good to support things comparatively organised, and is inexpensive to buy.

Autocar says 2.5 stars

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