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Mag preview This week successful Autocar magazine... Alfa Romeo's electrified future, BMW X7 M60i roadworthy tested and Ford Ranger Raptor vs. Jeep Wrangler

This week successful Autocar we uncover details of Alfa Romeo’s electric-only Giulia, get down the instrumentality of the facelifted BMW X7 and pit the Ford Ranger Raptor against the Jeep Wrangler. 


Alfa Romeo is preparing to go an electric-only marque with an electrical SUV to beryllium launched adjacent twelvemonth and the Giulia scope acceptable to get EV treatment, bringing a 986bhp Giulia Quadrifoglio edition. Meanwhile, the Skoda Superb volition get a 62-mile plug-in hybrid variation and we screen Kia’s daze uncover of the sharply-styled EV5 SUV. 


We get down the instrumentality of the facelifted Mercedes-Benz A-Class to find retired if the plush hatchback tin inactive clasp its ain against the UK’s best-sellers and SUVs. 

Also connected trial is the Bentley Continental GTC S, combining heavyweight luxury and V8 brawn successful a akin vein to the M60i variant of the BMW X7, which features arsenic roadworthy trial 5617.


The V6-propelled Ford Ranger Raptor sports 288bhp, motorsport-inspired dampers and a £58,900 asking price. Can it vie against the £62,280 Jeep Wrangler amid immoderate muddy-shire off-roading?

James Ruppert has been engaged compiling the cleanable utilized buys for each signifier successful your lifetime, from young and escaped to grandkids and dogs. Young oregon old, there’s a car for you. 

Meanwhile, John Evans meets adept detailer Gary Scott whose attraction to car cleaning has earned him a sizeable net fanbase - what are his secrets?


Matt Prior comments connected his deficiency of nostalgia for the soon-to-be-defunct Mini Clubman and takes a look astatine the Dodge Challenger Demon SRT 170 - successful different words, a car that tin bash 0-62mph successful 1.66sec.

Steve Cropley recounts his thrust of the Ineos Grenadier astatine Goodwood 75, is amazed by however overmuch of a quality a mates of inches marque successful a car’s agility and considers immoderate similarities betwixt the Lotus Emira and Alpine A110. 


Oliver Young takes a look astatine the Lexus ES arsenic your adjacent imaginable nearly-new bargain and wherefore it’s not simply a Toyota successful a fancy frock. 

Alex Trethewey explains wherefore emotion is each that’s needed to place the Volkswagen T2’s galore faults successful this week’s Cult Hero.

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