Australia’s EV market by brand, region and buyer type

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The bulk of electrical vehicles sold successful Australia during 2022 came from China and were bought by backstage buyers, portion the ACT continues to outpace each different states and territories erstwhile it comes to EV uptake.

These are immoderate take-aways from a summary of Australia’s low-emissions marketplace issued by car marque highest body, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), utilizing its VFACTS income data.

These promised quarterly reports look to beryllium a riposte to the Electric Vehicle Council, which has made inroads arsenic the advocacy radical for EV take-up, and for spurring argumentation decisions.

Australians took transportation of 33,410 artillery electrical vehicles successful 2022, which was sixfold year-on-year (YoY) maturation connected insubstantial – offset by the information that Tesla lone started publishing section income figures past year, skewing the data.

That equates to marketplace stock of astir 3 per cent, with a maturation trajectory pointing to a overmuch higher fig successful 2023 – the EV stock sits northbound of 6 per cent to the extremity of February 2023.

Over the people of 2022 we saw the EV marketplace progressively favour crossover SUV assemblage styles implicit accepted rider cars, overmuch of which coincided with the motorboat of the long-awaited Tesla Model Y astir mid-year and the BYD Atto 3 a fewer months after.

“This is accordant with different markets crossed the world. The availability of artillery electrical models wrong the marketplace preferred airy commercialized and dense commercialized segments remains constricted and is apt to stay that mode passim the existent exemplary cycles,” the FCAI adds – though we’d adhd determination are a fig of electrical vans present oregon coming this year.

Crucially, the summary besides notes that EV take-up is inactive dominated by the backstage marketplace alternatively than fleets, intelligibly indicating that the government’s fringe-benefits taxation cuts for businesses buying battery-powered vehicles was a sensible determination to turn the parc.

EV income by purchaser benignant successful 2022

  • Private market: 24,534
  • Business fleets: 8125
  • Government fleets: 488
  • Rental fleets: 269

All told 80 astir per cent of EVs sold present successful 2022 were made successful China, which is simply a constituent of enactment for those who absorption connected geopolitics.

All Teslas sold present travel retired of Giga Shanghai, portion different top-sellers specified arsenic the BYD Atto 3, Polestar 2 and MG ZS EV are made determination arsenic well. China dominates the planetary EV chain, though Europe and the US are moving connected ways to alteration this done argumentation levers.

EV income by root state successful 2022

  1. China: 26,426
  2. Korea: 3555
  3. Germany: 2426
  4. England: 792
  5. Japan: 137

EV income by region

One of the much absorbing take-aways is the quality successful EV take-up crossed the states and territories, all of which connection immoderate signifier of subsidy oregon taxation relief for EV buyers.

The Northern Territory is an outlier successful the consciousness EVs are astir non-existent up there, whereas successful the ACT the marketplace stock of EVs was 8.0 per cent. The ACT authorities offers EV buyers stamp work waivers, escaped registration and zero-interest loans to thrust uptake.

EV income and stock by region

  • NSW: 10,798 EV sales, 3.2% EV marketplace share
  • Victoria: 9496 EV sales, 3.3% EV marketplace share
  • Queensland: 6696 EV sales, 2.8% EV marketplace share
  • WA: 3078 EV sales, 2.9% EV marketplace share
  • SA: 1426 EV sales, 2.1% EV marketplace share
  • ACT: 1300 EV sales, 8.0% EV marketplace share
  • Tasmania: 571 sales, 3.0% EV marketplace share
  • NT: 68 sales, 0.7% EV marketplace share

Top 10 EV brands successful 2022

  1. Tesla: 19,594
  2. Hyundai: 2432
  3. BYD: 2113
  4. Polestar: 1524
  5. Volvo: 1474
  6. BMW: 1293
  7. Mercedes-Benz: 1153
  8. MG: 1119
  9. Kia: 949
  10. Mini: 455

Top 10 EV models by income successful 2022

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