6 Dog-Friendly Things to Do in Austin for Transplants

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Austin, Texas is an eclectic metropolis with plentifulness to offer, and it’s nary astonishment that it’s a fashionable destination to determination to for canine owners. With its lukewarm climate, beauteous scenery, and dog-friendly culture, Austin is an perfect spot to research with your furry friend. From hiking trails and swimming holes to restaurants and breweries, determination are plentifulness of dog-friendly activities to bask successful Austin. Whether you and your pup are looking to rent an flat successful Austin oregon purchase a location successful the area, Austin has thing for everyone. Let’s research immoderate of the champion dog-friendly things to bash successful Austin truthful that you tin spell connected an escapade with your four-legged companion.

A pistillate   paddleboarding with a dog

1. Explore Lady Bird Lake

Not lone does Lady Bird Lake person stunning views of the metropolis skyline, but it’s besides a large spot to bring your canine for immoderate exercise. You tin instrumentality your canine for a brisk locomotion oregon leisurely stroll on the 10-mile hike and motorcycle way surrounding the lake. Additionally, you tin rent a stand-up paddleboard and research the water together. Lady Bird Lake is besides location to respective dog-friendly parks, including the Auditorium Shores Dog Park and the Mary Dawson Dog Park, wherever your pup tin run, play, and socialize with different dogs. 

2. Visit Zilker Park

Zilker Park is an fantabulous destination for canine owners successful Austin. With astir 350 acres of unfastened space, you and your furry person tin bask the trails that upwind done the greenery, swimming holes similar Barton Springs Pool, and designated off-leash areas wherever your canine tin run, play, and socialize with different dogs freely. Additionally, the parkland is simply a fashionable spot for picnics and outdoor gatherings, making it an perfect spot to bring your canine for a amusive time out. 

Zilker Park from above

3. Hang retired astatine a canine park 

Austin has respective fantastic off-leash canine parks that supply the accidental to conscionable different canine owners and marque caller friends portion spending prime clip with your pup. Some of the champion dog parks successful Austin see the Bull Creek District Park, which offers implicit 5 miles of hiking trails and a creek for dogs to play successful and the Zilker Park Off-Leash Area, a fenced-in abstraction with h2o fountains, benches, and trees.

4. Visit a pet-friendly brewery

Bringing your canine to a pet-friendly brewery is simply a unsocial mode to walk clip with your canine portion living successful Austin. Many of Austin’s breweries invited dogs connected their patios, allowing you to bask a acold brew and bully company. These breweries often supply h2o bowls and treats for dogs to marque them consciousness conscionable arsenic invited arsenic their quality companions. Some of the champion pet-friendly breweries successful Austin see the Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden, which offers implicit 100 beers connected pat and a spacious outdoor patio cleanable for dogs. The Hops and Grain Brewing, a dog-friendly brewery with a laid-back atmosphere, outdoor seating area, and delicious grain-based canine treats. And the Live Oak Brewing Company, which offers a shaded brew plot that is cleanable for enjoying a acold brew with your furry person by your side.

A canine  astatine  a brewery

5. Go connected a pet-friendly hike

Austin has respective beauteous hiking trails that let dogs connected a leash, providing the cleanable accidental for you and your pup to research the large outdoors together. Some of the champion pet-friendly hikes successful Austin see the Barton Creek Greenbelt, a beautiful, scenic way that features swimming holes, waterfalls, and scenic views. St. Edward’s Park, an 80-acre parkland with hiking trails and a creek for dogs to chill disconnected in. And the River Place Nature Trail, a mean hike that offers stunning views of the Texas Hill Country. 

6. Attend a dog-friendly event

Austin hosts respective dog-friendly events passim the twelvemonth arsenic well, ranging from favored expos to dog-friendly parties and festivals. These events connection a amusive acquisition for some you and your pup, providing the accidental to conscionable different canine owners, socialize, and research the metropolis together. Some of the champion pet-friendly events successful Austin see the Austin Pet Expo, a two-day lawsuit that features favored vendors, exhibits, and carnal rescue groups, and the Puppies and Popsicles event, which offers frozen treats for humans and dogs alike.

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