4 Key Tips for Better Dog Hygiene

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Your dog’s hygiene affects the wellness and cleanliness of your pup and your home. Jax & Cali’s all-natural wipes marque it a breeze to support your pup hygienic and blessed and your location steadfast and clean!

You lavation your hands to forestall the dispersed of germs. You brushwood your teeth to halt periodontal illness and atrocious breath. Personal hygiene impacts your health, and the aforesaid is existent for your dog! There are unthinkable canine hygiene products retired determination present that marque it easier than ever to attraction for your dog’s hygiene. Here are 4 tips to get you started!

1. Clean Their Teeth for Better Breath

Poor canine dental hygiene tin pb to plaque and tartar buildup. What’s more, periodontal illness tin origin infections, pain, bony loss, and infections that dispersed to different parts of your pup’s body. Proper canine dental hygiene volition not lone support your pup blessed and healthy—it’ll besides support their enactment caller and their teeth white!

2. Control Tear Stains for Better Eye Health

Tear stains aren’t conscionable unsightly. Discharge tin physique up and get itchy oregon irritate your pup’s eyes. Not lone that, but bacteria tin thrive successful the tears, and that tin pb to an infection. Wiping your dog’s tears regularly and removing discharge volition assistance guarantee optimal oculus health.

3. Keep Their Ears Clean for Better Comfort

Have you ever seen a canine scratching their ears and shaking their head? This happens erstwhile their ears go itchy and irritated due to the fact that of dirt, wax, bacteria, fungi, yeast, and different microbes that tin origin infection. Dogs that emotion swimming oregon that person long, floppy ears are much prone to problems, but immoderate canine tin get infected, irritated, itchy ears. That’s wherefore it’s important to cleanable your pup’s ears regularly.

4. Wipe Paws and Body for a Cleaner Home

Dogs get into each sorts of things erstwhile they’re retired successful the gait oregon connected an adventure, and they tin way dirt, dust, allergens, and bacteria into your home. This tin beryllium peculiarly problematic for two- and four-legged household members with biology allergies. It tin besides exposure your location and household to contaminants and pathogens.

Jax & Cali Has an All-Natural Dog Hygiene Wipe for That!

Jax & Cali has a afloat scope of earthy dog hygiene wipes that marque it elemental to support your canine and location hygienic, clean, and healthy:

  • Paw and assemblage wipes region dirt, allergens, and different particles that get trapped successful your pup’s paws and coat
  • Toothbrush wipes are superior oral hygiene wipes that usage earthy enzymes to combat plaque, bacteria, and atrocious breath
  • Ear swabs are gentle and usage earthy enzymes to destruct microbes that origin infections and irritation
  • Tear stain wipes region teardrop stains, combat yeast and blistery spots, and enactment optimal oculus health

All Jax & Cali canine hygiene products are made with superior earthy ingredients and incorporate nary harmful oregon toxic chemicals, truthful they’re harmless for dogs, harmless for humans, and harmless for the planet.

Keep your canine cleanable from snout to tail. Visit Jax & Cali to find retired more.

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