2GO Travel revitalizes interest for sea travel in the Philippines through young advocates

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2GO Travel revitalizes involvement for oversea question successful the Philippines done young advocates

2GO Invites budding contented creators to 2GOKada Creators Cruise

2GO Travel, an advocator for Philippines tourism via oversea travel, opens the accidental to spark the aforesaid passionateness and involvement successful a caller breed of creatives and contented creators. As the authorities ramps up initiatives to invigorate tourism and modernize question infrastructure, 2GO capitalizes connected the perfect clip to animate the younger procreation to acquisition the champion of the Philippines by sea.

2GOKada Creators Cruise 2GOKada Creators Cruise

In concern with the Department of Tourism, 2GO is preparing a thrilling sail-elebration acquisition this summertime for contented creators, dubbed the 2GOKada Creators Cruise.

The 2GOKada Creators Cruise volition beryllium the summer’s culminating enactment for implicit 100 contented creators–the 2GOKada community.  This first-of-its-kind, invitation-only festival astatine oversea volition person the 2GOKada question for escaped and get inspired by 3 days of workshops, masterclasses, and a performance onboard. All these portion experiencing stunning oversea views and onboard amenities specified arsenic hotel-like accommodations, sundeck, salon and spa, and a assortment of eating options connected MV 2GO Masagana, 1 of 2GO’s astir modern vessels.

2GOkada connected  Deck2GOkada connected Deck

“2GO is excited to invited the 2GOKada assemblage and springiness them a sensation of what keeps our passionateness for oversea question alive,” said Blessie Cruz, 2GO AVP for Marketing. “We cognize that arsenic young creatives, the 2GOKada assemblage are acceptable to observe caller ways of seeing the Philippines and are crippled for trying caller experiences. Through the 2GOKada Creators Cruise, we supply this accidental for these creators to diversify their content, to connection caller ideas, and to ignite their creativity.”

Sign-ups for the 2GOKada Creators Cruise are ongoing until May 1, 2023, through  https://bit.ly/2GOKada2023.

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2GO Travel revitalizes involvement for oversea question successful the Philippines done young advocates
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