20-Year Old Dodge Charger Street Racer Gets 30 Years For Fatal Crash

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Street racing is exciting, addictive, unarguably stupid, and selfish. When it goes earnestly incorrect it doesn’t conscionable permission a way of wrecked cars, but wrecked lives, too.

Now a 20-year-old antheral from Tulsa has plentifulness of clip to bespeak connected that: 30 years, to beryllium exact. That was the condemnation handed down to Dodge Charger operator Miguel Romero for causing the decease of an guiltless pistillate caught up successful a fatal thoroughfare contention successful October 2021.

Romero, who was conscionable 18 years aged astatine the clip of the accident, was racing different car astatine astir 2 A.M. erstwhile helium flew done a reddish airy and crashed into a Jeep Grand Cherokee driven by 28-year-old Audreaunna Williams. Williams and her rider were some ejected from the Jeep owed to the unit of the crash, which caused the Grand Cherokee to burst into flames, sidesplitting the operator and leaving her rider with superior injuries that required infirmary treatment.

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 20-Year Old Dodge Charger Street Racer Gets 30 Years For Fatal Crash Romero collided with a Jeep Grand Cherokee aft failing to halt astatine a reddish light

The Tulsa Police Department initially charged Romero with second-degree execution and DUI causing large bodily wounded but successful a proceedings this February helium was convicted of first-degree manslaughter alternatively than murder, portion besides being recovered blameworthy of the DUI charge.

No condemnation disposable to the justice could ever bring Williams backmost to her family, but helium surely didn’t sidestep an accidental to nonstop a connection to some Romero and anyone other who enjoys racing connected the street. He handed the Dodge operator 20 years successful situation for manslaughter and a further 10 for the DUI conviction, and those sentences volition tally consecutively, meaning Romero was sent down for 30 years.

By the clip helium gets out, he’ll beryllium middle-aged and cars mightiness good beryllium engineered with velocity limiters, GPS locators, and intoxicant detectors that could forestall this benignant of tragedy. Sadly for Williams and her family, it volition each get excessively late. We each bask driving accelerated cars connected the thoroughfare and having the state (within reason, and for present astatine least) to deploy that show however we want, but full-on racing connected nationalist roads is straight-up dumb.

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