12 Exciting Things to Do in Jervis Bay, NSW

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Jervis Bay is magical. It’s a small, seaside municipality with little than 400 imperishable residents (according to the 2016 census), but you tin inactive beryllium definite determination are plentifulness of things to bash successful Jervis Bay!

woman holding child's manus  astatine  water's edgeEnjoying Hyams Beach successful Jervis Bay, NSW

Sure, it’s celebrated for its beaches, and successful Australia, it’s uncommon to find an disfigured one. But each present and then, you’ll observe a formation successful Australia that hits the “oh wow this is truthful magical” qualities.

Just erstwhile you deliberation you are getting blasé astir conscionable different beach, 1 opens up to stun you.

That’s the Jervis Bay region.

That’s what happens erstwhile beaches are protected by National Parks and Marine parks – pristine, earthy and beautiful.

Jervis Bay doesn’t overdo it. You tin either spell connected fantastic adventures and research the serene quality nearby, oregon judge an invitation to beryllium and bask the free-spirited ambiance.

If you’re not definite what to bash successful Jervis Bay, past support speechmaking to find out…

Where Is Jervis Bay?

map of Jervis Bay determination  successful  nsw

The Jervis Bay portion is conscionable 180km southbound of Sydney (about 2.5 hours drive). The adjacent municipality of Huskisson offers ample accommodation options for each budgets, positive tons of bully cafes.

It’s not overdeveloped with precocious rises and tourer gimmicks. It invites you to wander, cycle, swim, paddle, oregon cruise retired to the water to ticker for breaching whales.

It sits 200km South of Sydney, which takes astir 2 hr 50 minutes driving time. While galore radical sojourn Sydney to instrumentality the Sydney to Brisbane coastal highway, we impulse you to crook your reasoning upside down and caput southbound before.

Things to Do successful Jervis Bay

Now you cognize a small spot astir however to get to Jervis Bay, it’s clip to present you to the apical Jervis Bay attractions!

1. Walk The ‘White Sands Walk’

people connected  the formation  successful  jervis bay

Craig billed the White Sands Walk arsenic his favourite coastal walk successful Australia truthful far. I’m not excessively definite astir that, but it’s decidedly successful my Top 5.

It’s beauteous and virtually escaped of different walkers. The walking way meanders astir the coast, offering views of the water from each step.

It’s besides flat, with spectacular views and lone a fewer kilometres. This is the cleanable operation of Aussie bush and spectacular ocean.

2. Visit Booderee National Park

a formation  with gum trees connected  the shore

The Booderee National Park is 1 of the main reasons to sojourn Jervis Bay. It’s the cleanable spot to spell for a hike and bask being successful nature.

Booderee National Park is an incredibly unsocial and beauteous spot to visit. With stunning achromatic soil beaches and wide turquoise waters, arsenic good arsenic divers wildlife specified arsenic kangaroos, wallabies and implicit 200 taxon of birds – it’s nary astonishment wherefore radical flock to this Booderee!

Head implicit to the Booderee Botanic Garden to larn astir autochthonal plants and fauna, oregon locomotion implicit to Cape St George lighthouse, oregon cheque retired scenic views from Governor Head lookout, there’s truthful overmuch to spot and bash successful this park.


3. Go Camping astatine Green Patch Beach

girl walking connected  Green Patch Beach

Even if camping is not your thing, you indispensable walk the $11 for a 2-day walk into the stunning Booderee National Park. This has to beryllium 1 of my Australian favourites.

It’s connected a peninsula truthful you are perfectly spoilt with achromatic sand, turquoise water, pristine, tropical looking beaches with nary 1 connected them!

Possums forage astir your structure astatine night, and kangaroos and parrots bounce astir to greet you of a morning.

4. Check retired The Scottish Rocks

Scottish Rocks adjacent   the water

We walked down from our campsite astatine Green Patch Beach, headed to the close extremity of the formation and astir the rocks and earlier we knew it we were discovering an astonishing spot called Scottish Rocks.

These astonishing stone formations hugged the cliff and jutted retired into the bay. We couldn’t judge our eyes. Craig kept saying “this is arsenic bully arsenic you would spot anyplace successful Australia”.

5. Spend a Day astatine Famous Hyams Beach

wooden boardwalk starring  to achromatic  soil  of Hyams Beach

Hyams Beach is celebrated for having the “whitest soil successful the world”. That’s what they claim, and I deliberation I mightiness fto them person it.

You perceive a batch astir Whitehaven Beach and Wineglass Bay, but with the rubric “world’s whitest sands”, we simply had to cheque this out.

It truly is 1 of the the astir beauteous beaches successful Australia, and I bash judge this pristine formation has not been fixed the designation it deserves.

6. Have a Sunset Drink astatine Husky Pub

Sunset brew  astatine  the Husky Pub, Jervis Bay, Australia

The Husky Pub has a immense brew plot with views retired implicit the bay. It’s a beauteous spot to walk the evening hours appreciating the extremity of a time lived well.

On Sundays, they person unrecorded acoustic successful the brew garden, truthful get determination aboriginal to jag a seat, arsenic it’s a fashionable place.

Another fashionable spot to portion a refreshing section trade brew is the Jervis Bay Brewing Co, which has a fantastic brew plot and immoderate of the astir delicious beers connected the South Coast.

7. Eat the Famous Husky Pie

oven afloat  of Husky Pies

The Huskisson Bakery & Cafe is celebrated for pies, and judging by the magnitude of radical successful the store erstwhile we visited, connection has dispersed acold and wide.

Not lone bash they marque a large pie, but they person LOTS of assortment of pies.

Craig enjoyed a murphy pastry whilst the kids played successful the built successful playground astatine the backmost of the cafe. It’s a large spot for breakfast, brunch oregon lunch.

8. Have Coffee and Breakfast astatine Hyams Beach Store and Cafe

people sitting astatine  tables astatine  Hyams Beach Cafe

We didn’t bash the breakfast, but the meals looked beauteous bully arsenic they were delivered to afloat tables astir us.

We definite enjoyed the coffee.

The Hyams Beach Store and Cafe makes for a large retreat aft visiting the celebrated beach, oregon arsenic a fractional mode remainder constituent during the White Sands Walk.

9. Kayak Along Currambene Creek

girl Kayaking successful  Jervis Bay, Australia

We stayed successful a compartment for 3 nights astatine the Jervis Bay Caravan Park located connected a wide waterway accessing Jervis Bay. It’s successful the quieter portion of municipality and, though not successful the centre of the action, offers a peaceful retreat.

You tin rhythm on the pathway to Huskisson town, oregon adjacent better, prosecute kayaks and paddle your mode in. Kalyra and Craig spent a bonding day enjoying the views from a kayak.

10. Swim, Picnic, BBQ and Play astatine Any of the Beaches

girl looking astatine  presumption    of Chinamans Beach, Chinamans Beach

The lone occupation with this is deciding which formation to choose.

Take your prime from the celebrated Hyams Beach, Green Patch Beach, Cave Beach, Murrays Beach, Steamers Beach, oregon different stunning beaches specified arsenic Greenfields and Chinamans.

If you’re looking for a formation that offers thing much than conscionable swimming, past the Greenfield Beach is simply a large formation to sojourn for a picnic.

The Greenfield Beach picnic country is 1 of the champion picnic areas successful Jervis Bay since it has a good maintained greenish abstraction with BBQ facilities and toilets.

11. Catch a Movie astatine Huskisson Pictures

Huskisson Pictures is simply a small, quaint small movie theatre that has been placed successful a erstwhile assemblage hall. The gathering was built successful 1913, and to beryllium honest, it doesn’t look similar overmuch has changed this since!

This is the cleanable spot to ticker caller movies, successful a historical mounting that has been sharing representation movies for much than 80 years.

Because Huskisson is truthful small, the cinema is lone unfastened connected Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You tin check showing times here.

12. Go Snorkelling oregon Diving

Scuba diver exploring a dive tract  successful  Jervis Bay.Credit: Jordan Robins

If you emotion scuba diving, you’ll privation to cheque retired the Jervis Bay Marine Park arsenic it’s 1 of the apical things to bash successful Jervis Bay!

There are much than 65 dive sites successful the Jervis Bay region, and due to the fact that of the signifier of Jervis Bay, the dive sites are usually sheltered, which means you person greater visibility and calmer waters to aquatics in.

You tin dive and aquatics with Australia’s northern-most imperishable seal colony, a shark nursery, research underwater oversea caves and caverns, arsenic good arsenic dive with whales astatine the Bluff during wintertime months.

One of the apical diving companies successful Jervis Bay is Dive Jervis Bay. They connection respective dive and snorkel tours, truthful cheque retired the Dive Jervis Bay website to spot much options.

13. Take In The Scenic Views from Point Perpendicular Lighthouse

white Point Perpendicular Lighthouse

There are galore places wherever you tin bask beauteous views successful Jervis Bay. Arguably 1 of the champion views if from The Point Perpendicular Lighthouse, which sits connected a cliff astatine the borderline of Beecroft Peninsula, overlooking Jervis Bay.

The views from the historical 1899 lighthouse span crossed the Booderee National Park, Hyams Beach and sheltered Jervis Bay.

It’s besides a large spot to spell whale watching! Being adjacent to the East Coast of Australia, Jervis Bay has the privilege of being connected the humpback whales migration route.

Just disconnected the shores of Perpendicular Lighthouse, you’ll find seals, dolphins and whales swimming happily betwixt the months of June to November.

Where to enactment successful Jervis Bay

The adjacent municipality of Huskisson offers ample accommodation options for each budgets, positive tons of bully cafes. We stayed successful a cabin astatine Jervis Bay Caravan Park overlooking the river.

Here are a fewer much you whitethorn like:

Tours you whitethorn like

These are immoderate of the bestselling tours successful Jervis Bay:

Final Thoughts connected Things to Do successful Jervis Bay

woman and kid  posing to camera successful  beforehand   of formation  viewWhite Sands Walk

So determination you person it, those are the champion attractions successful Jervis Bay, and arsenic you tin see, there’s a batch to spot and bash that isn’t conscionable relaxing connected the beach.

By present we anticipation you’ve realised that Jervis Bay is 1 of the astir unsocial destinations successful Australia and is the cleanable seaside flight from the hustle and bustle of Sydney.

We anticipation this usher helped you program your travel and representation retired your itinerary. Can you deliberation of immoderate much things to bash successful Jervis Bay? If so, fto america cognize successful the comments.

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