1,001-HP Lamborghini LB744 Revuelto PHEV Can Hit 62 MPH In 2.5 Seconds 

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We’ve seen the teasers, the tech breakdowns and the spy shots, and here, finally, is the afloat lowdown connected Lamborghini’s caller LB744 hybrid supercar, including its name. It’s called the Revuelto aft a Spanish warring bull, though it besides means “scrambled eggs” successful the aforesaid language, which is not mislaid connected Lamborghini arsenic it launches its archetypal ever afloat accumulation conveyance that mixes dual powerfulness sources.

As lone the sixth caller V12-powered Lamborghini sports car successful 60 years it would inactive beryllium a large woody if Lamborghini had done thing too drape a caller tegument implicit the 12-year-old Aventador. But the LB744 is truthful overmuch much than that. It introduces respective Lamborghini firsts and gives america an denotation of however Italy’s astir outrageous car institution is going to navigate the adjacent fewer years, some successful presumption of plan and engineering.

In lawsuit you’ve missed the earlier build-up stories the main happening you request to cognize is that Lamborghini’s top-tier supercar is inactive powered by a V12 engine. Better still, it remains a turbo-free portion to support the soundtrack and throttle effect arsenic axenic arsenic possible. The 6.5-liter L545 V12 is an improvement of the centrifugal fitted to the Aventador, but massaged to nutrient 814 hp (825 PS) and 535 lb-ft (725 Nm) of torque, making it Lamborghini’s astir almighty road-going 12-cylinder motor yet.

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For reference, the punchiest of the outgoing Aventadors, the LP780-4 Ultimae, lone made 769 hp (780 PS), truthful the Revuelto is already up earlier we’ve adjacent got to the hybrid system. That comprises of 3 electrical motors: 2 148 hp (150 PS) units successful the chemoreceptor driving the beforehand wheels and a 3rd electrical centrifugal of the aforesaid spec housed with the caller eight-speed dual-clutch transmission that helps thrust the rear wheels.

The V12 is lone hooked up to the rear axle truthful the beforehand motors springiness the Revuelto all-wheel drive, connection torque vectoring capabilities and marque the car a front-wheel thrust 178 hp (180 PS) EV successful municipality erstwhile the City mode is selected. All of which means the Revuelto is simply a acold much superior hybrid than the constricted variation Sian, whose usage of a supercapacitor for vigor retention was interesting, but which lone offered a feeble 34 hp (34 PS) powerfulness boost to its V12 via 1 centrifugal placed wrong the transmission and nary EV-only mode.

First Lamborghini With More Than 1,000 hp

Combine the petrol and electrical powerfulness stations unneurotic erstwhile the reddish mist descends and you’ve got a full of 1,001 hp (1,015 PS). Activate motorboat power and the Revuelto storms to 62 mph (98 kmh) successful 2.5 seconds, to 124 mph (200 kmh) successful little than 7 seconds and connected to a constricted apical velocity of 217 mph (350 kmh) compared with 2.8 seconds, 8.7 seconds and 221 mph (355 kmh) for the aged Ultimae. Those numbers enactment Lamborghini’s successful the aforesaid league arsenic its closest rival, the V8-powered 986 hp (1,000 PS) PHEV SF90 Stradale: 2.7 seconds, 6.7 seconds, 211 mph (340 kmh).


The 3.8 kWh artillery charges successful 30 minutes utilizing a 7 kW supply, oregon tin beryllium charged successful conscionable six minutes utilizing the V12 arsenic a generator. But the pack’s determination nether the transmission passageway has forced Lamborghini to marque its biggest layout displacement since the Miura gave mode to the Countach successful the aboriginal 1970s. Most senior-league mid-engined cars person their motor tucked up adjacent to the seats and the gearbox down that combined with a differential to thrust the rear wheels. But starting with the Countach each V12 Lambo supercar featured the reverse, a spot similar a Porsche 911’s drivetrain, but shunted forward. The transmission was housed nether the passageway and connected to the differential connected the different broadside of the V12 sandwich via a tiny propshaft.

This clip though, Lamborghini has adopted the much accustomed layout with the objection of the gearbox, which is turned done 90 degrees to support the powertrain compact. Ferrari employed a akin operation of longitudinal motor and transverse gearbox connected the 348 and F355, arsenic did Lamborghini connected the track-only Essenza SCV12. The F355, you mightiness remember, introduced the supercar satellite to the paddleshift transmission, a reasonably clunky single-clutch gearbox not a cardinal miles distant successful presumption of tech oregon consciousness from the 1 successful the Lamborghini Aventador. But astir a decennary aft the accomplishment of the Huracan introduced dual-clutch exertion to the Lamborghini lineup, the Revuelto besides gets smooth-shifting DCT, though the V12’s transmission is seemingly lighter and adjacent faster than the 1 fitted to its small brother.

More Carbon, More Attitude

The operation of V12 powerfulness and hybrid tech should springiness the Revuelto modern refinement and show without losing excessively overmuch of that classical Lamborghini V12 supercar character, and the company’s plan section appears to person have been channelling the aforesaid spirit. The ocular links to the Aventador are clear, and of people the scissor doors marque different appearance. But the Revuelto looks leaner and much diversion than the car it replaces, and the extended usage of Sant’Agata’s trademark Y-motif successful the DRLs, the broadside aerial intakes and the rear lights makes it adjacent much intelligibly identifiable arsenic a Lamborghini.

Could Lamborghini plan boss, Mitja Borkert, and his squad person gone wilder with the styling? Sure, and you mightiness deliberation they should person done. This isn’t a arguable oregon boundary-pushing plan similar the archetypal Countach was, though it’s acold much precocious with its utilized of c fibre present including the beforehand subframe arsenic good arsenic the rider cell. But it volition astir apt property gracefully and you can’t drawback an eyeful of the rear presumption with those lipid barrel-sized 345/30 ZR21 rear tires, the 2 hexagonal tailpipes acceptable to spit fumes successful your face, oregon the fully-exposed motor nestling successful the vale betwixt to the rear buttresses, and archer america it lacks presence.


Though it’s not wide from the supplied images, the Revuelto has a caller progressive rear helping whose presumption tin beryllium altered either manually oregon by the car depending connected which driving mode is selected, giving a prime of precocious downforce oregon debased resistance settings. Other aero tricks see a shaped underbody and assertive rear diffuser that lend to a 33 percent summation successful beforehand downforce and 74 percent betterment successful rear squish versus the Aventador Ultimae. Unfortunately, downforce isn’t the lone happening pushing the tires into the pavement. Lamborghini quotes a adust value of 3,907 lbs (1,772 kg) compared with 3,417 lbs (1,550 kg) for the Aventador Ultimae, and you tin astir apt adhd 5-10 percent to that for a curb weight. This happening is heavy.

Three Screens And 13 Driving Modes


If anything, the changes wrong are much extremist than those outside, the freestanding 12.3-inch integer instrumentality clump and 8.4-inch representation infotainment surface giving a vaguely McLaren look to the interior and removing astir each traces of genitor company, Audi. Lamborghini says those 2 screens, positive the 3rd 9.1-inch integer portion up of the rider are controlled by 1 encephalon that ensures they each look and run the aforesaid way. It’s adjacent imaginable to “swipe” accusation from the cardinal surface to either of the others.

The cogwheel selector with its u-shaped reverse lever and the somewhat chintzy flip-up screen for the starter fastener are acquainted from the Aventador, but the steering instrumentality and the 13 antithetic driving mode configurations it controls are caller for the Revuelto. Lambo claims the instrumentality is inspired by the yoke successful the company’s Squadra Corse contention cars, which seems a spot of a stretch. But the Revuelto’s does diagnostic 2 rotary controls fto you toggle betwixt Città (City), Strada, Sport and Corsa modes to tweak the V12 machine’s quality to suit the situation.

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Città priorities EV running, Strada keeps the V12 engaged, but the transmission and adaptive dampers stay comfort-biased, and much focused Sport offers 3 sub-modes (Recharge, Hybrid and Performance) and up to 895 hp (907 PS). Want the afloat four-figure horsepower experience? Of people you do, and for that you’ll request to prime Corsa and it bypass its Recharge mounting for the unambiguously-named Performance mode that unlocks the 1,001 hp peak.

All of those buttons and modes should assistance you get the astir our of a Revuelto connected your favourite rtarck oregon twisty road, but they’ll besides springiness owners plentifulness to fiddle with portion they’re cruising astatine a walking gait astir cities and can’t unleash much than a 4th of the powerfulness available. They’ll besides beryllium capable to bask Amazon Alexa, SiriusXM 360L outer vigor (in the U.S.), over-air updates, LED matrix headlights and a implicit information bundle for the archetypal clip connected a Lamborghini supercar that includes lane departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise power and rear cross-traffic alert. The days of sitting connected the doorway sill of your Countach to reverse it retired of a parking bay are agelong gone.

More Power, But A Bigger Price

 1,001-HP Lamborghini LB744 Revuelto PHEV Can Hit 62 MPH In 2.5 Seconds 

But the tone of that Countach lives on. And so, thankfully, does the thought of a Lamborghini with a naturally-aspirated V12. These days, Lamborghini’s flagship is nary longer the fastest oregon the craziest looking mid-engined car successful the game, its spot taken by $2.5 cardinal hypercars. But for astir a 4th of that terms (exact numbers TBC, but apt to beryllium astir $650k /£450k, making it 30 percent much costly than the Aventador Ultimae) the Revuelto astir apt has a bully niche carved out. The Ferrari SF90 Stradale is simply a large car, but let’s beryllium honest, wouldn’t you alternatively person a V12 and scissor doors?

And the LB744 is conscionable the start, of course. In the coming years it’ll spawn roadster and SV variants, but what bash you deliberation of the modular Revuelto? Should Lamborghini person been braver with the plan oregon is this conscionable astir your cleanable supercar? Drop your thoughts successful the comments conception below.

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