Zenvo Teases New Aurora Hybrid Hypercar With 6.0-Liter V12

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Zenvo is making a caller exemplary that it announced contiguous volition beryllium called the Aurora. Limited to conscionable 100 examples, the caller Zenvo hypercar volition beryllium offered successful 2 chiseled versions.

These volition see the Aurora Agil (Agile), which volition connection a track-focused experience, portion the Tur (Tour) exemplary volition beryllium a small much subdued, providing a much GT-like experience, with a constricted apical velocity of much than 248 mph (400 km/h).

Regardless of trim, the Aurora is based connected a modular c monocoque chassis, with c subframes. The car volition besides beryllium powered by an all-new 6.0-liter, twin-turbo V12 motor that is hooked up to a gearbox of Zenvo’s ain design, featuring an integrated hybrid drive. The automaker says that this bespoke V12 volition spearhead the drivetrain lineup for its aboriginal models for the adjacent 10 years.

“It is simply a singular grant to nonstop our increasing team, arsenic we undertake the astir breathtaking signifier successful the past of the company,” said Jens Svedrup, president of the Zenvo board. “This car has travel from the passionateness that runs heavy successful the Zenvo household and precise overmuch aligns with our ethos of ‘smiles per mile’. 2023 is going to beryllium a genuinely breathtaking year.”

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 Zenvo Teases New Aurora Hybrid Hypercar With 6.0-Liter V12 The Zenvo TSR-S

If the sanction Zenvo sounds lone mildly acquainted to you, the show of its astir caller hypercar, the TSR-S, mightiness jog your memory. Or, much specifically, seeing the car’s chaotic aero mightiness assistance you admit the marque due to the fact that the immense rear helping was attached to an actuator connected either broadside that gave it the beauteous unsocial quality to tilt from broadside to side.

Zenvo whitethorn beryllium up to its aged tricks again, as, connected the Aurora Agil, it says it volition instal an assertive aero bundle “designed for maximum capableness connected the racetrack.” Unfortunately, the teaser reveals nary much astir the design.

Ultimately, Zenvo says it volition absorption much connected giving drivers an engaging driving acquisition than connected header numbers. With a twin-turbo hybrid V12, though, those numbers whitethorn beryllium awesome anyway, and reports suggest that the car volition marque betwixt 1,500 and 1,800 hp (1,118-1,342 kW/1,521-1,825 PS).

We’ll find retired for definite successful August erstwhile the car makes its debut. Zenvo says that it is homologating the car for planetary markets and that much than 30 of the 100 cars are already reserved.

 Zenvo Teases New Aurora Hybrid Hypercar With 6.0-Liter V12 The Zenvo TSR-S
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