Woman, life, freedom: Artists reflect on six months of protest in Iran

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A rallying outcry that started successful the streets of Teheran is present a slogan of pistillate solidarity that echoes astir the world. Six months aft the decease of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, we look astatine the protestation question that has mobilised hundreds of thousands of radical successful Iran and seen Iranian artists successful exile expressing their support. Writer Naïri Nahapétian tells america astir the spread betwixt the radical she meets successful Iran and their tendency for freedom, and those punishing the protesters. Artist Hura Mirshekari compares her accomplishment successful France to a bird, yet capable to fly; her unrecorded philharmonic and creator performances would beryllium amerciable successful her autochthonal Iran. Both women explicit their cautious optimism astir this pivotal moment, and look up to the alteration that they anticipation is present inevitable.
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