West Virginia Police Ticket Over 120 Drivers For Speeding In One Day On 5-Mile Stretch

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Drivers successful the occidental portion of West Virginia, specifically Cabell county, mightiness bash good to wage other attraction portion utilizing the I-64. Police conscionable ticketed implicit 120 drivers during the archetypal time of a sting cognition determination to combat speeding successful a enactment zone. The five-mile agelong of roadworthy has been the taxable of immoderate 37 crashes since the commencement of 2023.

The West Virginia Department of Transportation, specifically the Division of Highways, collaborated with aggregate nationalist information officials arsenic good arsenic authorities and section instrumentality enforcement arsenic portion of the sting operation. The span of I-64 targeted starts astatine 29th Street and ends astatine the Huntington Mall exit. Initially, reports suggested that it would reason connected Friday.

Considering however lucrative ticketing 120 oregon much drivers successful a time could be, we wouldn’t beryllium amazed to spot it proceed into the play though. Reports accidental that astatine slightest 1 operator was cited for speeding astatine 81 mph (130 km/h) successful the 55 mph (88 km/h) enactment zone.

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The #WVDOT is cooperating with nationalist information officials and authorities and section instrumentality enforcement to ace down connected speeders successful Interstate 64 enactment zones. Learn more: https://t.co/3Q9g2PXNTo pic.twitter.com/lQyGRQJbVx

— WVDOT (@WVDOT) March 14, 2023

“Work portion information is astir keeping each worker, each driver, and each rider harmless successful each enactment zone,” said Randy Damron, Work Zone Safety spokesperson for WVDOT. “We each play a relation successful getting everyone location harmless astatine the extremity of the day. We’re going to instrumentality this conception astir the authorities astatine assorted enactment zones since we person truthful galore going on,” helium said to MetroNews.

The absorption online to the sting effort gathered, let’s conscionable say… salty replies. “How astir possibly the genius who decided to snarl up i-64 with operation during the time successful the mediate of the week propulsion his caput retired of somewhere,” said one. Another called retired the officers for their seemingly hypocritical deficiency of information PPE portion issuing tickets for driving unsafely. “Where’s determination [sic] hard hats and vest?” it said.

According to the Division of Highways, enactment zones were the tract of 800 accidents, 276 injuries, and six deaths successful 2022.

Law enforcement partners of the #WVDOH conducted the archetypal successful a bid of targeted enactment portion information enforcement efforts contiguous connected I-64 successful Barboursville. Drivers are reminded to dilatory down and debar distracted driving; wherever you spot orangish cones, you volition spot bluish lights. pic.twitter.com/VSLBwEoTtv

— WVDOT (@WVDOT) March 15, 2023

Image Credit: WVDOT

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