Volkswagen goes 'boring' with ID 2all design – and it's a good thing

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Volkswagen ID 2all 2023 with Thomas Schaefer The ID 2all was unveiled by Volkswagen brag Thomas Schäfer astatine an lawsuit connected 15 March The caller conception car previews a sub-£22,000 electrical car that's owed to spell connected merchantability successful 2026

Can thing that’s harmless and boring besides beryllium radical?

You see, the caller Volkswagen ID 2all concept looks precisely similar you would expect a Volkswagen to look. Which, confusingly, is wholly unexpected.

In the electrical era, Volkswagen has often seemed similar it’s trying to flight its affluent heritage. It opted against utilizing classical exemplary names for its bespoke EVs, preferring the caller ID sub-brand, and it gave those models their ain distinct, EV-focused styling.

And they’ve been fine. They conscionable haven’t been very… Volkswagen. And erstwhile you’ve got a marque with specified a affluent practice of hugely popular, genre-defining cars, that’s a waste. What helps Volkswagen basal isolated from the galore caller rivals chasing its customers is that familiarity, that heritage, that genuine warmth galore consciousness for the brand.

So the ID 2all doesn’t look peculiarly revolutionary, oregon futuristic, oregon adjacent electric. It looks similar a Volkswagen. And for a long-time Polo oregon Golf driver who loves their car but is considering the power to an EV, that’s a precise bully thing.

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