This F1 racing simulator is almost $200k

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Formula 1 fans tin present indulge successful a beauteous peculiar racing experience, arsenic satellite champions Red Bull Racing are producing limited-edition Red Bull RB18 amusement car simulators, but astatine an unthinkable outgo of $185,980.

The collaboration volition alteration enthusiasts to ain what volition apt go a peculiar portion of Formula 1 history, with the simulators boasting a striking livery and exceptional attraction to detail.

According to the Formula 1 website, the Red Bull RB18 amusement car simulators are equipped with the latest exertion to springiness users an authentic and immersive F1 driving experience. The simulators are built astir a genuine Red Bull Racing Formula 1 chassis and adorned with the team’s authoritative livery.

The assemblage of the RB18 amusement car simulator features a full-size F1 car with an nonstop replica of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez’s 2022 contention seats.

In summation to the sleek design, the simulators incorporated a state-of-the-art question system, which replicates the forces experienced by F1 drivers during real-world races. The hydraulic question level moves successful sync with the on-screen action, delivering a afloat immersive experience.

According to the F1 website, the bundle includes an OCUK Bespoke PC, AOC AGON AG493UC monitors and a “Z906 Ultimate THX Surround Sound” system.

The driving acquisition is further enhanced by the integration of steering wheels and pedal systems which reflector the existent components utilized successful Red Bull Racing cars. The simulators connection customisable settings, enabling users to set the level of realism and trouble to suit their preferences and skills.

A unsocial diagnostic of the Red Bull RB18 amusement car simulators is the incorporation of real-world F1 telemetry data, allowing users to comparison their show against existent drivers. This information provides an accidental for individuals to larn from the champion and amended their skills, making the simulators perfect for some casual enthusiasts and nonrecreational racers.

The constricted variation simulators are acceptable to spell connected merchantability via the authoritative Formula 1 memorabilia store adjacent month.

  • Dimensions: Length: 4.1m / Width: 1.4m / Height: 1.2m approx.
  • Approximately 160kgs (including hardware)
  • PC: OCUK Bespoke PC
  • Monitor: AOC AGON AG493UCX2
  • Speakers: Logitech Z623
  • Wheel Base: Simucube 2 Pro
  • Steering Wheel: Rexing Formula Wheel Mayaris
  • Pedals: Heusinkveld Ultimate+
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