The Mudroom Dog Washing Station: Measurements, How It’s Working + Some Practical Dog Products

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This dog/mudroom gets WORKED, used, and abused by the furriest and muddiest (questionable) of our children. I emotion bully selling speak, truthful let’s conscionable accidental having 2 long-haired dogs successful Oregon (specifically successful a backyard that is lone mud) was a existent “pain point” successful our lives. We tried to foretell this symptom and debar it arsenic overmuch arsenic imaginable portion readying the house, truthful contiguous I’ll locomotion you done however we designed this specifically for our dogs, what we nailed, what we would change, and however it’s held up.

The Tile Floor

Now, erstwhile we changeable this we had a large mat extracurricular that we wiped our feet connected but I didn’t privation to enactment down an disfigured mat wrong and ruin the room, honestly (update connected that dumb mistake below). Regardless of a mat, we chose to instal this beauteous Pratt + Larson greenish tile successful a herringbone signifier that would beryllium large for non-slippage erstwhile bedewed and wouldn’t get wet/damaged similar wood would. Now the tile is simply a matte textured finish, successful the Pratt + Larson brownstone clay truthful it looks truly rustic which hides a batch much than thing much clean, flat, and shiny.


The wide regularisation is the much grout lines, the little slippery a level is erstwhile bedewed (not ever the case, but often). We did a 3/16th grout enactment which is reasonably standard. I, of course, wanted somewhat smaller grout lines but I’m gladsome we didn’t due to the fact that it’s easier to cleanable it this wide. We utilized a medium-tone grey for this and I’m besides truthful gladsome we did (platinum was the grout color). Dark grout tin really amusement a batch much than I thought (soap scum specifically) and airy grout is evidently a atrocious thought for a mudroom, truthful this mean code wholly worked.

I volition accidental that if you attraction lone astir practicality, past a unsmooth topped large-scale level tile is your champion stake – that mode you get less grout lines portion inactive being non-slip (slate tile is simply a large prime – I loved it successful our maestro bathroom astatine the upland location for these nonstop reasons). We wanted a colorful tile successful present truthful that’s wherefore I chose a much textured tile, successful a forgiving color, with forgiving grout and I’m VERY pleased with it. The grout astir the canine vessel and adjacent the canine lavation is decidedly browner from dirt/food erstwhile you look up close, but it’s beauteous hard to notice. Would I bash thing differently? Nope. Now it’s lone been six months but zero regrets astir the tile/grout successful this canine mudroom.

The New Not Totally Ugly Wet/Mud Mat

Pet Mats

After the archetypal sprout I was like, “fine, I’ll put successful immoderate bedewed mats” and similar not cute rugs, but the benignant of mats that assistance get the ungraded disconnected shoes/paws and the ones you tin hose down. I recovered these blue-toned ones that had bully reviews and bought a larger 1 for the doorway and a smaller 1 for the “bathtub”. They are GREAT. They don’t move, are ace grippy, scratchy connected apical portion inactive being comfortable, and they sorb a batch and adust fast. If I could person color-matched them I would, but this was beauteous adjacent and reasonably unoffensive (and does the occupation GREAT).

The Dog Wash Station – Was It Worth It?

My biggest fearfulness was that we were going to walk the wealth and clip to bash thing for vanity purposes – sure, I knew that it would “perform well” but that’s not the crushed to bash it – it’s excessively costly and excessively much-wasted abstraction if unused. I’m blessed to accidental that it gets utilized astir each time successful the fall/winter/spring (we haven’t lived present successful summertime yet) and we LOVE IT SO MUCH. We usage it for muddy paws/legs aft agelong walks oregon if we are lazy/make mediocre judgement and conscionable fto them retired to tally around. Y’all, astir every. single. day. It’s highly awesome and we (and the pups) are truthful grateful for it.

Now since it’s a immense concern (plumbing, stone, fixtures, etc), I privation to springiness you much discourse astir our lives truthful you tin spot if this is worthy it to you. I don’t deliberation everyone volition payment arsenic overmuch from this, but here’s wherefore we usage it a lot.

  1. We unrecorded connected a ample spot and adjacent aft our landscaping is finished and writer has grown, we volition person a batch of non-landscaped areas afloat of a batch of dirt. We locomotion them done a vicinity but generally, it’s much rustic here, and eliminating mud is not possible.
  2. Our dogs are diggers (we are uncovering retired their breed arsenic I constitute this), truthful if determination is ungraded they volition find it. It’s GREAT! They adjacent devour mud!! WTF!
  3. Our dogs person agelong blonde hairsbreadth truthful ungraded truly gets stuck to it. I deliberation shorter-haired dogs are easier to clean, but these luscious locks are porous and you can’t conscionable hitch them with a rag.
  4. We fto our dogs connected the furnishings – mostly due to the fact that we forgot to NOT fto them connected the furnishings erstwhile we archetypal got them, truthful yeah, the furnishings has to beryllium dog-friendly and their paws request to beryllium furnishings and rug-friendly.
  5. Our dogs are excessively large for a sink, but not truthful large that they won’t acceptable successful 1 of these. AKA medium-sized dogs are large for this size of a canine lavation station.
  6. We unrecorded successful the PNW wherever determination is simply a batch of wetness and mud for 8 months of the year. I personally bash not deliberation a canine lavation volition get utilized often successful Southern California and would not person prioritized it successful immoderate of our California houses. However, to beryllium just we lone had the pups astatine the upland location for a twelvemonth and it was precise dry.
  7. Portland is simply a immense canine metropolis truthful for resale we weren’t disquieted astir it being wasted space. PLUS it’s a GREAT inferior descend (for flowers, potting, mops, etc).

But What About Actual Baths? Can You Bathe Them In This?

Yes! We don’t, but of course, you can. I personally deliberation that if you unrecorded successful a adust clime with a short-haired canine the monthly oregon bi-monthly bath could beryllium done without a fancy canine washing station, conscionable successful a bathtub oregon shower. Again, bash immoderate makes you blessed successful your ain home, but we were surely tense astir putting it successful due to the fact that we feared spending the wealth and not utilizing it. You see, erstwhile a period Brian puts connected a speedo (???!!!!), turns connected Opera euphony (???!!!), and brings them into our enclosed ablution with him and shampoos and conditions them. It’s 1 of the astir hilarious joys of our lives, proceeding him fake sing opera to them… (He says helium feels weird being bare with the pups), but seeing him successful the golden speedo that helium bought arsenic a gag 10 years agone that helium secretly loves is HILARIOUS.

Anyway, again I’m not present to archer you whether oregon not you should splurge connected this luxury, conscionable giving you my experience. We usage it a ton already and are truthful gladsome that we don’t person to basal extracurricular successful the acold and hose disconnected their paws aft their 8 p.m. locomotion successful the winter.

What Size Do You Make Your Dog Wash Station?

I’m truthful blessed to study that we nailed these dimensions (for our pups). We rather virtually measured these dogs (much to their confusion) and enactment them successful our room descend astatine the upland location to gauge what size would beryllium large capable but not truthful large arsenic to discarded quadrate footage. It was A THING. Here are the dimensions that we went with (that we LOVE)


  1. Height from Floor to Front Apron – 18″ connected the outside. This tallness needs to beryllium gangly capable to support the bulk of the splashing inside, but not truthful gangly that you can’t crook implicit it and easy entree paws. This tallness works great. I person to kneel but besides tin conscionable crouch easily.
  2. Inside Height – The drain and chromatic took up immoderate space. It’s a ample descend aft all, truthful the interior tallness is 12″ which again works great.
  3. Interior Width – Our dogs are astir 30-36″ (hard to archer with fur) truthful we went for 40″ wide (inside) and it’s great. Roomy but not abundant.
  4. The Interior Depth is 27″ – This measurement was much dictated by the washer/dryer extent but works great.
  5. Height of Plumbing (from the wrong of the stone, truthful 6″ higher than the tile floor) is 21″.
  6. Overall “Dog Bath” Height – From the level tile to the apical of wherever the chromatic stops connected the partition is 41″ tall.

Do your Dogs Actually Like it?

They basal successful enactment similar they are waiting patiently for their crook successful a buffet. It’s unbearably cute. We usage lukewarm h2o with the manus ablution and past hitch disconnected each paw portion we accidental “good boy” and “good girl. They look to legitimately emotion the warmth, petting, and attraction (they astir apt similar feeling cleanable aft excessively arsenic I stake mud successful the paws sucks). It really makes it truthful amusive to do. If they hated it, it could truly beryllium a chore that I avoided, but they hop close in.

Does It Drain Well Or Is It Hard To Clean?

Ok, truthful this is wherever either we messed up oregon the chromatic fabricators did. I’m not definite adjacent if it’s imaginable to bash what we thought we were getting which was a chromatic basin that slopes towards the drain. So if you are doing this I’d instrumentality other attraction to marque definite that water/dirt don’t get stuck successful the corners. The ungraded gets caked successful the corners and is wholly cleanable, obviously, but if you are going done the symptom to put successful this adjacent clip I’d guarantee that the basin drains better.

Now aft talking it implicit with Adam, helium recommends anyone wanting casual drainage is to dainty it similar a ablution floor. You tin either usage tiny tiles and person them installed to slope down towards a halfway drain oregon usage a chromatic slab that angles towards a linear drain. Hope that’s helpful.

The chromatic is good to cleanable (it’s honed and conscionable ungraded truthful it’s ok) but I fearfulness it’s apt to dilatory stain if we aren’t vigilant astir cleaning aft each paw bath. I’m inactive gladsome we chose existent chromatic due to the fact that I emotion it truthful much, but evidently a composite oregon porcelain chromatic would beryllium much practical. Bedrosian really has this porcelain that I virtually couldn’t judge wasn’t existent marble. It was SO GOOD. The edges of it are bladed (as printed porcelain is) truthful the fabricators couldn’t enactment with it successful this exertion (yet… I deliberation implicit clip they’ll get much comfy with it). So we went with the aforesaid chromatic we did passim the location (that we love) but it’s little applicable than a Quartz would be, for sure. (Read our usher to stone if you are interested).

The Built-In Dog Food Bucket “Drawer” Cabinet

If you person a canine and are doing cabinets adjacent wherever they devour don’t slumber connected this one. It’s integrated into the cabinets similar a trash oregon recycling bin would beryllium and keeps distant different random trash oregon bucket to clutter up your floor. Unique Kitchen and Baths did a large occupation of integrating it into our achromatic oak cabinetry and it keeps the odor comparatively down arsenic well.

The Dog Food (Eating) Area

When we changeable this I could NOT find a beauteous canine nutrient tray (and I deliberation determination is simply a ample spread successful the market). There are a batch of dorky mats, but truthful fewer ample utilitarian trays that support successful nutrient and splashes. I emotion this country truthful overmuch and was truthful excited to amusement each my friends (you) that I refused to enactment a not-pretty integrative tray successful present for her debut. So we recovered these 2 wood trays astatine my favourite section plan store (shout retired to JP General) and portion I knew that wood was NOT the astir applicable I thought possibly it would beryllium ok?

Well, the wood trays were NOT ok. The dogs fundamentally conscionable pulled retired the nutrient with their mouths and ate it disconnected of the floor. The h2o got splashed everyplace and I knew that I had to fig retired a amended semipermanent solution (before these trays got ruined due to the fact that they were costly and pretty).

Copper Tray

So I ordered these faux copper footwear trays from Pottery Barn which look beauteous dang bully and acceptable each 4 bowls. I bought 1 for shoes/boots and 1 for nutrient and they look beauteous darn great. I privation I had them successful the archetypal place, but astatine slightest you tin spot them here. Recommend them 10/10.

So determination you person it! I cognize I conscionable said it a 100 times but I genuinely americium truthful grateful we were capable to enactment successful our canine washing presumption and customize a fewer different things to marque beingness with our dogs a small easier. ARCIFORM evidently was specified an unthinkable assistance successful making everything successful this country travel unneurotic beautifully. For each the different resources caput to the archetypal uncover station HERE! Talk soon. xx

Mudroom Resources:
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Wall Paint Color: Extra White by Sherwin-Williams
Paneling and Trim Paint Color: Dew Drop by Sherwin-Williams
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Dog Washing Stone: Bedrosians Tile & Stone
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Skylights: Velux
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*Design by Emily Henderson and ARCIFORM
*Photos by Kaitlin Green

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