The Best 3 Day London Itinerary for 2023!

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Firstly, if you lone person 3 days to walk successful London, past I americium sorry! I truly privation you had more, but I understand, which is wherefore I’ve written this 3-day London Itinerary to assistance you maximize your time.

London is 1 of the astir divers and experience-rich cities successful the world. I lived determination for 2 and fractional years and person visited arsenic a tourer aggregate times; and determination is inactive truthful overmuch I haven’t done.

A span  implicit    h2o  with a metropolis  successful  the backgroundThe Shard and River Thames

London is an casual metropolis to question to. Since determination are truthful galore escaped attractions and things to do, it makes for the perfect metropolis destination.

But if you’re abbreviated connected time, the champion mode to maximize your sojourn is by pursuing this London itinerary for 3 days, which has been designed to incorporated immoderate of London’s astir iconic attractions and champion experiences – with a small interaction of section flavors and neighborhoods.

This is akin to what we did connected our archetypal 3 days successful London connected our 10-day household travel past year.

Table Of Contents
  1. How to usage this 3 Day London Itinerary
  2. Is 3 Days successful London Enough?
  3. Day 1: Royalty, Politics & The West End
  4. Day 2: When Ancient and Modern London Meet
  5. Alternative Endings for Day 2 successful London
  6. Day 3: North London: Camden Town to Kings Cross
  7. Alternative Day for Harry Potter Fans
  8. 3 Day London Itinerary Map
  9. Where to enactment successful London
  10. Getting Around London
  11. Final Thoughts connected this London Itinerary for Three Days

Planning your travel to London last-minute?

Don’t hide to program up when visiting London! Here are immoderate of the apical tours, hotels, and utile items you whitethorn request earlier your trip!

Top Experiences and Tours successful London

  1. River Thames Cruise (a large mode to spot the metropolis skyline!)
  2. The Tower of London Entry Ticket w/ Crown Jewels Exhibit (an unmissable attraction successful London!)
  3. Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour (to support the kids happy!)
  4. London Eye Entry Ticket (to debar agelong queues)

Top Accommodation and Hotels successful London

  1. The Londoner Hotel (5* Hotel successful Westminster, Ideal Location adjacent Parliament)
  2. Radisson Blu Edwardian Vanderbilt Hotel (4* Hotel with Family Rooms successful Kensington)
  3. The Assembly Covent Garden (3* Hotel successful Leicester Square, 2 minutes to the metro and theatres)

How to usage this 3 Day London Itinerary

people sitting connected  a parkland  bench

London is simply a immense city, and since you lone person 3 days, I created this itinerary to trim the magnitude of clip getting around. Who wants to discarded clip connected nationalist transport?

Fortunately, determination is nary need, arsenic London is truthful casual to get around. Just walking from Point A to B is simply a invaluable representation making acquisition and is wherever you’ll link truthful overmuch to the London lifestyle.

But if you don’t program properly, you could beryllium spending acold excessively overmuch clip zig zagging crossed the metropolis erstwhile you don’t request to.

Each day’s activities volition beryllium focused connected one country of London, truthful you tin walk much clip exploring and little clip connected the Tube. 

Adapt this arsenic you spot fit, according to budget, interests, clip of arrival, and your edifice location.

I’ve enactment approximate timing based connected what we did – with immoderate adaptations for mistakes made. (We marque the mistakes truthful you tin debar them.)

Don't miss   food  & chips successful  a London PubDon’t miss food & chips successful a London Pub

I’ll besides urge places to eat, and java stops, and immoderate hidden gems. I recognize however idiosyncratic those choices tin beryllium truthful you whitethorn privation to substitute your ain in. 

Just marque definite you find thing adjacent to the attractions to trim your question time. Good news, successful London there’s a pub and a pastry store connected each corner.

We besides ate meal astatine our edifice each greeting arsenic it was provided with our room. Buffet English meal astatine your edifice volition beryllium mode amended than immoderate American 1 you’ve experienced. So, bask and capable up!

Only person 2 days successful London? Simply driblet disconnected Day 3. We’ve created it truthful the precise champion of London (from a tourer perspective) is connected Day 1 & 2.


To marque this London itinerary travel effortlessly, it’s important to book each your attraction tickets and tours successful advance. You volition get much done, if you publication for the times we suggest successful this outline.

Buy skip-the-line whenever you can. I cognize it’s an other expense, but you’ve travel each this way, you privation to spot and bash arsenic overmuch arsenic you can. This is particularly important if visiting successful highest season.

Is 3 Days successful London Enough?

The Millennium Bridge, London, EnglandWalking crossed the The Millennium Bridge towards St Paul’s Cathedral

If you are prepared to aftermath up aboriginal and enactment your champion walking shoes on, 3 days is capable to spot the highlights of London, but if you person got the clip to walk longer, we urge you walk astatine slightest 5 days successful London.

We’ll soon person a 5-day, 7-day and 10-day itinerary for those who tin enactment longer, oregon assistance you program your activities if you return!

We besides person other in-depth posts connected London and its experiences, which volition assistance you with further speechmaking and research.

You tin besides articulation our email community, wherever we stock much adjuvant question plans and inspirations. We’re doing a 4-week Europe summertime travel successful June 2023, truthful we volition beryllium sharing much contented for the UK and Europe successful our mailing list!

You’ll besides get entree to our escaped printable London Bucket List and this printable itinerary successful a one-page outline.

And if you truly loved it due to the fact that we saved you time, and perchance money, you tin bargain america a coffee!

Day 1: Royalty, Politics & The West End

On this time successful London, you’ll sojourn immoderate of its apical attractions successful the Westminster and St James’s area, learning astir the 2 forms of enactment successful Britain with the Royals successful Buckingham Palace and the Politicians astatine Big Ben and Parliament House.

You’ll beryllium taking successful the views of London astatine the astir fashionable attraction successful the metropolis past exploring the vibrant arts and taste West End.

9:30am Westminster Abbey Tour

people walking down   aisle successful  Westminster Abbey, London, England

Westminster Abbey is the Royal Church of England, and 1 of the apical attractions successful London. I enjoyed I enjoyed our self-guided audio circuit of Westminster Abbey much than I thought I would, arsenic did our kids.

We wanted to spot Westminster Abbey to spot wherever the King’s and Queens of England person their coronations. It was besides wherever members of the royal household get married, the past being Prince William and Kate Middleton.

As you locomotion done the pews, you tin instrumentality successful the beauteous Gothic architecture, portion your audio usher tells you much astir the artwork, architecture and notable monuments wrong the building.

You besides get told astir the Abbey’s agelong history, from arsenic acold backmost arsenic the coronation of William the Conqueror.

Be definite to cheque retired the extracurricular of the cathedral, too. I enjoyed seeing the position of the abbey from walking astir the cloisters and gardens.

  • Hours: 9.30am – 4.30pm Monday – Friday, 9.00am – 2.00pm Saturday, Sundays for services only.
  • Address: 20 Deans Yd, London SW1P 3PA

10:30 Walk done St James’s Park

people looking astatine  presumption    of pond successful   St James Park, LondonBeautiful St James Park

My favourite of each the parks successful London is the 58-acre St James’s Park. It’s location to the Mall and Horse Guards Parade and is connected the doorstep of Buckingham Palace.

It’s the smallest of the 8 Royal Parks and has a quiescent quality astir it with its manicured gardens, blooming flowers, ponds, ample birdlife, and meandering paths nether the shadiness of hundreds of trees.

Depending connected however overmuch clip you walk successful Westminster Abbey, you whitethorn person to skip done present to get to the Changing of the Guards astatine Buckingham Palace connected time. Don’t worry, you’ll locomotion backmost done it aft the palace.

10.45am Buckingham Palace and the Changing of the Guard.

exterior of Buckingham Palace, London

It wouldn’t beryllium a sojourn to London without peeping done the wrought robust obstruction of 1 of the astir celebrated palaces successful the world.

Buckingham Palace is the royal residence of the British Royal Family since 1837. Although the British royals take unrecorded elsewhere (Windsor Castle is wherever the Queen lived earlier she passed), the palace is inactive utilized for stately events and meetings.

Most tourists emotion to sojourn for the Changing of the Guards Ceremony, which takes spot regular astatine 10.45am.

This is erstwhile The Queen’s Guard manus implicit work for protecting Buckingham Palace and St. James’s Palace to the New Guard.

The Changing of the Guards does get crowded and marque instrumentality up a chunk of your time. For me, it’s not worthy it. I’d alternatively enactment that clip into other things to bash successful London.

You tin besides circuit the palace from July until October, connected Thursdays until Mondays.

Changing of the Guard times

  • June – July: Daily
  • August – May: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.
  • Starts astatine 10.45am and goes connected for astir 45 mins.

Address: London SW1A 1AA

Alternative: You whitethorn privation to research Kensington Palace and Gardens which is westbound of Buckingham Palace.

If you lone person 3 days, I’d skip it and instrumentality to this itinerary arsenic the remainder of this time is afloat of epic London experiences. You tin warrant Kensington is successful our travel up 5-day London itinerary!

12.00pm Big Ben and Parliament House

Great presumption    of the Houses of Parliament from our River CruiseGreat presumption of the Houses of Parliament from our River Cruise

If you did not get clip to get your photos present erstwhile you were astatine Westminster Abbey, present is the time, arsenic you’ll locomotion backmost done it to get to the London Eye.

The Houses of Parliament is wherever each the important concern successful moving the state happens. You tin circuit wrong during prime days and times. 

Big Ben is the 13.5 tonne iconic timepiece operation that astir visitors regard up astatine and tin beryllium seen from each implicit London.

Winston Churchill Statue overlooking Big BenWinston Churchill Statue overlooking Big Ben

Parliament Square is adjacent to the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. It has statues of well-known governmental leaders including Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, and Nelson Mandela.

You mightiness privation to halt for luncheon aft visiting the Houses of Parliament. There are galore large restaurants and cafes on the embankment, conscionable crossed Westminster Bridge connected the South Bank side. Just locomotion on Belvedere Road and spot what takes your fancy.

2.00pm Whitehall Gardens

pretty flowers successful  Whitehall gardens londonThe beauteous Whitehall Gardens

Around the country from Parliament House are the precise beauteous Whitehall Gardens. You whitethorn privation to locomotion halfway retired connected the Westminster Bridge archetypal for immoderate beauteous views of Big Ben and Parliament House

Apart from the prettiness of the Whitehall Gardens, the views from present of the Thames and the London Eye present are great. There’s not overmuch other to bash but bask the views arsenic you locomotion to your adjacent stop.

pub vessel  connected  stream  thames with london oculus  successful  the backgrounTattershall Pub London

Moored connected the Thames is the Tattershall Castle, a erstwhile rider ferry turned pub with views of the London Eye. This could beryllium a apical spot for your luncheon connected this time of your London itinerary. Otherwise, you whitethorn privation to find conscionable a drawback and spell luncheon arsenic the time is rather busy.

Walk crossed the pedestrian-only Golden Jubilee Bridge to the London Eye, enjoying the views arsenic you go.

Under this bridge, close extracurricular the Royal Festival Hall, is the colorful creator 10ft shipping container, which is the location of Beany Green, an Aussie Cafe concatenation successful London.

While sadly, I don’t deliberation their java is great, I emotion the vibe of this spot and their lamingtons are astonishing (and they person gluten escaped ones). So, if you request an day caffeine and dainty prime maine up, this is the spot.

3.00pm London Eye

London Eye implicit    the stream  thamesthe London Eye

The London Eye is the tallest reflection instrumentality successful Europe and a large mode to spot antithetic viewpoints of the celebrated buildings successful London, similar the Big Ben and Houses of Parliament. 

The London Eye is wholly worthy it. I deliberation conscionable similar you’d sojourn the Eiffel Tower successful Paris, oregon the Sydney Harbour Bridge successful Sydney, you’d sojourn the London Eye successful England’s capital.

While you publication a clip slot for the London Eye, you inactive person to enactment up. The lines determination beauteous quickly, but I person heard of agelong waits. To debar that, get the fast-track ticket. 

  • Hours: 11.00am – 6.00pm daily
  • Address: Riverside Building, County Hall, London SE1 7PB

Video: London Eye Experience

You tin spot much of the London Eye acquisition successful the video below, including a backstage pod!

4.00pm River Thames Cruise

people taking photos of operation    bridgeClose up views of Tower Bridge

If you would similar to bash a sunset cruise tomorrow, you whitethorn privation to skip this. (It could beryllium a bully resting activity.) 

Since these cruises depart astatine a circumstantial time, and the London Eye doesn’t, you whitethorn privation to bash the cruise first, past publication your London Eye for aft it.

The London Eye River cruise is simply a 40-minute circular circuit of the Thames connected a tiny open-top ferry with guided commentary. 

You’ll larn galore stories astir the iconic Landmarks you’ll walk similar Big Bend, London Bridge, HMS Belfast, The Shard, Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, and Tower Bridge, which you’ll get to sail nether earlier turning astir to cruise back.

You tin bargain a operation summons with the London Eye, which makes it easier to acceptable in.

6.00pm The West End

covent plot  london

Now you’re escaped to research the West End. If you are going to spell to the theater, you volition beryllium connected a clip limit. If not, research astatine your leisure.

It volition beryllium casual to instrumentality to Convent Garden connected time 3 of this 3-day London itinerary if you tally retired of clip today. It’s a large country to research truthful springiness yourself clip to wander. Returning is ever a large idea! I would instrumentality each play erstwhile I lived successful London.

It’s an casual locomotion backmost implicit the Golden Jubilee Bridge consecutive into Trafalgar Square.

Before a theatre visit, I urge a speedy look astir the pursuing districts…

Trafalgar Square

girl lasting  successful  beforehand   of a h2o  fountainTrafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square has ever been a spot for Londoners to gather, whether that is to bring successful the New Year together, oregon protest, rally, oregon march for important rights and causes.

The 52-m precocious statue of Lord Nelson dominates the quadrate and the National Gallery is the stunning gathering successful the background.

There’s not a batch to bash here, different than locomotion astir and instrumentality photos with the fountain and lions of courage. Take enactment of the LGBTQ pedestrian postulation lights arsenic you’re crossing the road. You tin what Trafalgar Square is similar implicit connected our reel.

Piccadilly Circus

people lasting  astir   Piccadilly Circus looking astatine  flashing lightsPiccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is similar a mini Times Square successful New York. Full of neon lights, monolithic flashing advertizing billboards, and radical getting selfies.

It’s overrated, but galore tourists emotion it truthful I’m adding it present for you. You’ll nary uncertainty travel crossed it arsenic you locomotion astir the West End.

From present you tin easy locomotion to Piccadilly, Leicester Square, Shaftesbury Avenue, the curving Regent Street, and Covent Garden.

Soho (The Best Area for Nightlife)

red exterior of House of MinaLima with model   displaysHouse of MinaLima store

Soho is the arrogant LGBTQ country of London. It has a amusive artsy vibe with a batch of cafes, stores, bars, and restaurants and theaters. It’s besides the champion spot successful London for nightlife and is filled with vibrant bars and nighttime clubs.

For families, you tin find a batch to spot and bash successful Soho too. The House of MinaLima successful SoHo is simply a indispensable sojourn for each Harry Potter fans. Look however chill MinaLima is successful this reel.

This assemblage and store showcase the graphic creation of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films, each of which was exclusively designed by Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima.

You tin work much astir it successful our teen’s usher to London.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden, LondonStreet amusement successful Covent Garden

One of the astir well-known places to sojourn successful London is Covent Garden. 

Wander the cobblestoned areas surrounding the cardinal marketplace, which had its beginnings arsenic a convent plot successful the 1500s. 

There are endless restaurants and bars and buying stores. Performers rotate each time agelong connected the thoroughfare conscionable beneath the balcony of the celebrated Punch and Judy pub (good luck trying to get connected it!).

Don’t hide to dispersed retired crossed the cardinal Covent Garden marketplace country to research the surrounding cobblestone streets and broadside alleys for different concealed gems!

We recovered Cecil’s Court and Goodwin Court some of which are said to person inspired Diagon Alley.

Places to Eat successful Convent Garden:

lamb and emblem  pub covent gardenThe Lamb and Flag – a London icon

I’m definite you’re acceptable to illness successful a edifice astatine this point.

Covent Garden and the West End is overbrimming with them, galore with outdoor seating. So, find 1 you similar and beryllium down… if determination is space. If you’re going to the theater, beryllium definite to clip it right.

Here are a fewer ideas.

  • Lamb & Flag is the oldest pub successful Covent Garden. (This was 1 of our favourite London pubs).
  • If you don’t person kids, you won’t privation to miss the stunning elephantine histrion successful the mediate of Waxy O’Conner’s Irish Pub connected the borderline of Soho and Leicester Square.
  • The Crown & Anchor has bully nutrient and a comfy lounge upstairs.
  • The Seven Dials Market has a divers offering of cuisines to suit immoderate tastebud.

7.00pm West End Theater

matilda cambridge theaterMatilda Cambridge Theater |Source Deposit Photos

There are implicit 40 theatre venues successful the West End performing a assortment of shows to implicit 14 cardinal visitors each year.

They person shows passim the day, but astir evening shows statesman astatine 7:30pm.

On our household abrogation to London, Kalyra, Savannah and I went to see Matilda successful the Cambridge Theater, portion Craig caught up with his aged North Sydney Bears teammates successful Chelsea.

I’m gladsome we added this to our London itinerary astatine the past infinitesimal arsenic our teen said it was 1 of her favorite London experiences.

Read much helpful tips connected readying a London travel including however to get cheap(er) West End theatre tickets.

Day 1 successful London Video Wrap

Click play to spot what Day 1 of this itinerary successful London looks like!

Day 2: When Ancient and Modern London Meet

On Day 2 of this London itinerary, you’re going to proceed learning much of Britain’s past (it’s acheronian kind) astatine the Tower of London, and the stunning St Paul’s Cathedral earlier crossing implicit the Tower Bridge into its much modern, creator vibe.

You’ll beryllium exploring bustling marketplace vibes, creation galleries, and stunning views!

9.00am Tower of London

full presumption    of the the operation    of london connected  the stream  thamesThe Tower of London

The UNESCO World Heritage, Tower of London is simply a castle comprising twenty-two towers but sitting successful the mediate is the archetypal White Tower built successful the 1070s by William the Conqueror.

Don’t miss the escaped Yeoman circuit with the red-coated Beefeater (Yeoman Warders) guides entertaining with gruesome stories of its macabre past from its erstwhile years (and I mean centuries) arsenic a Royal residence, armory, treasury, and zoo (thank goodness they stopped that!)

After your tour, locomotion astir the aged castle grounds to spot the situation towers, Crown Jewels, and galore different infamous sites. Head to the Crown Jewels first. While I recovered them overrated, others enactment up for 2 hours conscionable to spot them!

As 1 of the best things to bash successful London, The Tower of London is notorious for its agelong lines, which tin widen into hours, that’s wherefore we’ve scheduled it successful first. Tickets volition besides beryllium cheaper online.

  • Hours: General opening hours 9.00am – 5.30pm Monday – Friday, 10.00am – 5.30pm Saturday and Sunday
  • Address: London EC3N 4AB

12.00pm Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge implicit    the stream  thamesThe iconic Tower Bridge

Almost anyone coming to London is already acquainted with the elegant quality of its neo-Gothic turrets and bluish suspension cables.

Walk crossed the iconic Tower Bridge for escaped and get large views overlooking the Thames and backmost implicit the Tower of London.

Check for times erstwhile the Tower Bridge volition rise up its span arms truthful boats underneath tin walk by (usually doubly a day). Check opening times here.

If you travel our docket arsenic outlined successful this London itinerary, the champion views of the span (taking into relationship sun) volition beryllium connected the southbound broadside of the bridge. The northbound broadside was wholly washed out.

1.00pm Lunch astatine Borough Markets

hand holding cupful  of peach prosecco successful  beforehand   of colorful vigor   muralPeach Prosecco

Whether you’re bare for strawberries dipped successful chocolate, brushed section cheeses, bowls of Vietnamese pho, sausage rolls oregon a refreshingly saccharine peach Prosecco, you’ll find it astatine the Borough Markets connected the southbound broadside of the River Thames.

Popular London Borough Markets are a postulation of stalls and vendors selling caller produce. It’s a large penetration into section London life. 

On the periphery you’ll find pubs, cafes, restaurants, murals and a fewer Harry Potter filming locations, including the Leaky Cauldron Pub.

Note that weekdays volition beryllium overmuch quieter.

  • Hours: 10.00am – 5.00pm Monday – Friday, 8.00am – 5.00pm Saturday, 10.00am – 3.00pm Sunday
  • Address: Riverside Building, County Hall, London SE1 7PB

Don’t Miss: Coffee from Monmouth and a cupful of the saccharine peach prosecco. There are besides large murals astir present and the surrounding cobblestone streets pleasant to explore. 

2.00pm Walk on Southbank Promenade

man taking photograph  of stream  thames

This 2.5 miles / 4 km South Bank locomotion on the Thames goes from Westminster Bridge to Tower Bridge. There are stunning views each astir arsenic you walk galore apical attractions.

While you’re walking on the promenade, you tin halt disconnected astatine respective breathtaking attractions. Such as…

2.30pm Visit Tate Modern Art Gallery

chimney and warehouse gathering  of tate modern   londonThe Tate Modern (and Shard to the left)

Any creation person volition person the FREE Tate Modern Art assemblage and its implicit 78,000 works of creation connected display, connected their London bucket list.

Opened successful 2000 successful a dilapidated aged powerfulness station, it has wholly revitalized this Southbank area, making it wholly unrecognizable to my 22-year-old aforesaid surviving successful London successful 1997.

people looking astatine  presumption    of st paul and stream  thames from tate modern   barView from Tate Modern Bar

It’s not conscionable a spot to respect world-class art, but for its views of the Thames, Millennium Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral from the enclosed 6th level Kitchen and Bar successful the Natalie Bell Building.

3.30pm See the Shakespeare Globe

tudor benignant   exterior of shakespeare globe theatre successful  londonThe Shakespeare Globe Theatre

If you privation to person a unsocial acquisition and spot thing quintessentially English, you tin drawback a Shakespeare accumulation astatine The Globe Theatre on the banks of the River Thames.

Fair warning: this a standing theater so possibly deliberation astir that if there’s a accumulation of Hamlet oregon King Lear. Our friends said they booked privileged seats for the four-hour accumulation of King Lear. Not definite I could bash that lasting up. They besides offered a spot of screen successful lawsuit it rained, arsenic the Shakespeare Globe is however it was during Shakespeare’s Days!

If that each sounds similar your worst nightmare, conscionable bask the views from the outside.

4.00pm Afternoon Drink Stop

hand holding pimm's and lemonade with views of london successful  backgroundPimm’s with a View

In London, it’s communal to incorporated a portion halt during your day. English pub civilization is 1 of the delights of UK travel.

Founders Arms Pub has outdoor seating, spectacular River Thames Views, and vibrant London ambiance (especially erstwhile the prima is out.) I enjoyed a Pimm’s and Lemonade present (iconic English drink) (Outside the Tate Modern)

The Anchor is besides an aged London pub with outdoor seating connected the River Thames worthy of a portion break.

4.45pm Cross the Millennium Bridge – the Wobbly Bridge

unusual shaped Millennium Bridge, crossing the thames implicit    to st paul viewThe Wobbly Bridge

The Millennium Bridge is 1 of the coolest, much caller additions to London city. Opened successful 2000, it has a warped, futuristic look with magnificent views each around.

I loved the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral increasing successful beforehand of your eyes with each measurement arsenic you cross. And look down for views of Tate Modern, and to the close for Tower Bridge views, and views of beingness connected some banks of the river.

Harry Potter lovers volition privation to know, this was targeted by Death Eaters successful Harry and the Half-Blood Prince.

5.00pm St Paul’s Cathedral

people looking astatine  at the dome of St Paul's Cathedral, London, EnglandSt Paul’s Cathedral was spectacular.

You’re going to spot this architectural masterpiece from Sir Christopher Wren, built aft the Great Fire of London betwixt 1675 and 1710 from viewpoints each implicit London.

St Paul’s Cathedral is 1 of the astir celebrated cathedrals successful the satellite and 1 of London’s astir magnificent buildings.

It’s worthy a tour, and if the apical of the dome is unfastened (closed connected our visit) marque definite you spell up to look astatine the unthinkable views of London (I did this erstwhile I lived successful London)

Ask the attendants if they tin instrumentality you to the spiraling Harry Potter staircase. This staircase successful St Paul’s was utilized arsenic the “Divination Stairwell” located successful the North Tower of Hogwarts Castle for the Harry Potter films.

  • Hours: 8.30am – 4.30pm Monday and Tuesday, Thursday – Saturday. 10.00am – 4.30pm Wednesday, 8.30am – 6.00pm Sunday
  • Address: St. Paul’s Churchyard, London EC4M 8AD

7.00pm Enjoy Sunset Views from The Shard

the presumption    from the shard london

The Shard View is an costly happening to bash successful London, but the 244m precocious sweeping views from the 72nd level open-air level marque it worthwhile. It was my favourite London view, which you tin recognize since it’s the tallest gathering successful Western Europe.

Aim for astir an hr earlier sunset truthful you tin acquisition the dusk aureate airy views, sunset panoramic views, and nighttime views erstwhile those London lights sparkle.

You indispensable reserve your tickets successful advance, (plus it volition besides prevention you money).

  • Hours: 10.00am – 10.00pm Thursday – Saturday (access until 8:30pm). 10.00am – 7.00pm Sunday – Wednesday (access until 5:30pm)
  • Address: 32 London Bridge St, London SE1 9SG

Video: London Day 2 Wrap

Click play beneath to spot what this epic time successful London looks like!

Alternative Endings for Day 2 successful London

My prime would beryllium The View, but present are a mates much options for you.

Sky Garden Views and Dinner

Sky Garden solid  gathering  rising supra  london skyline with the Shard successful  the distanceSky Garden faces disconnected with the Shard

Back crossed the London Bridge (near the Shard) is the Sky Garden, different large viewpoint successful London. It is free, but they person constricted openings that indispensable beryllium booked successful advance. Some accidental the views are amended from here, but I’m not excessively definite astir that.

While it was closed (Monday) erstwhile we tried to visit, we had a akin presumption astatine The Garden 120 Fenchurch astir the corner, and portion it was fantastic, it inactive did not comparison to the Shard view! It is escaped however, which is precise attractive. 

There is simply a edifice astatine the Sky Garden, which whitethorn beryllium a mode to get up determination if the viewing level is booked. It indispensable besides beryllium booked successful advance, and I person heard large things astir it. We besides wanted to bash that but couldn’t marque it hap connected this trip.

Sunset River Cruise on the Thames

thames clipper vessel  going past   london skyline connected  the thames astatine  sunsetThe Shard River View

Alternatively, you could extremity the time with a sunset stream cruise on the Thames leaving from adjacent the Tower of London.

This Thames River cruise leaves arsenic the prima goes down and begins with a solid of sparkling vino and canapes arsenic you cruise and look astatine the lights of London spell by!

Day 3: North London: Camden Town to Kings Cross

camden fastener  marketsCAmden Lock markets

Welcome to 1 of my favourite days successful London. Camden Town was a regular outing for my friends and I. Twenty-five years later, I inactive bask visiting and I loved taking my daughters there.

We stayed present for the last fewer nights of our London travel and truly enjoyed it.

Camden municipality is London elective and alternative. Known to ever beryllium the location of punks, artists, and musicians, it’s besides a spot for large shopping, amusive pubs and cafes, and fantastic unrecorded music.

This time volition besides see the British Museum and a sojourn to Kings Cross Station. You whitethorn person to see this day’s itinerary cautiously to accommodate to your interests.

9:30am Coffee and Lamingtons from Beany Green

You request this for your canal trip. It’s astir the country from wherever you depart at Beany Green Little Venice. There is thing amended than a java and lamington arsenic you cruise Regents Canal. 

Right adjacent present is the Darcie & May Green (same owners), which is simply a edifice connected a vessel connected the canal. Brunch present is meant to beryllium awesome and it opens astatine 8am, truthful precise doable to commencement the time here. I had planned connected it but couldn’t marque it work!

10:15am Canal Cruise

A vessel  traveling on  a river

The relaxing and picturesque 40-minute canal ride volition instrumentality you on Regents Canal, done the 248m Maida Hill tunnel, and past the exclusive neighborhoods of Maida Vale and Primrose Hill, with homes of celebrities, and expansive and landscaped backmost gardens of expansive houses.

An alternate Idea would beryllium to locomotion betwixt Camden and Regents Park, to research 1 of London’s astir fashionable and expansive of the royal parks and gardens.

11.00am Explore Camden Town And Camden Market

people walking done  camden markets nether  colorful umbrellas

Your canal cruise volition present you consecutive to the bosom of Camden Markets, which is astir fashionable connected the weekends. Here you’ll find loads of stalls selling each kinds of wares including an abundance of nutrient stalls representing cuisines from astir the world.

There are endless choices for nutrient present with cuisines from astir the world. 

Don’t miss walking up and down the main streets of Camden Town and the broadside streets for fantastic thoroughfare art, shopping, and unthinkable radical watching. 

12.30pm Lunch Stop astatine Edinboro Castle Pub

Edinboro Castle, London, EnglandLunch astatine the Edinboro Castle Pub successful Camden

A fewer blocks distant from Camden Market is the Edinboro Castle Pub. We’d urge this alternatively of the Camden Markets, particularly connected a Sunday oregon sunny day, due to the fact that they person a fantastic outdoor brew plot and a delicious Sunday roast (and gluten-free beer).

A Sunday roast is simply a accepted English repast not to miss!

  • Hours: 12.00pm – 11.00pm Monday – Saturday, 12.00pm – 10.30pm Sunday
  • Address: 57 Mornington Terrace, London NW1 7RU

Read more: If you request much inspiration connected pubs successful London, cheque retired our implicit usher to16 pubs we loved successful London!

2.00pm Kings Cross Station and Platform 9 ¾

woman holding wand astatine  cart going into partition  astatine  Platform 9 3/4, Kings Cross Station, LondonPlatform 9 3/4 astatine Kings Cross Station successful London

If you’re a Harry Potter instrumentality you whitethorn privation to see this successful your London itinerary. Otherwise, I wouldn’t worry. Even if you are a fan, it whitethorn not beryllium worthy it if you’re abbreviated connected time.

You are conscionable walking up to the fake cart against the partition to instrumentality a picture, and typically lines are long. We were blessed with conscionable a 10-minute wait.

Kings Cross Station is simply a existent bid presumption and 1 of the busiest transport hubs successful London. If you privation to spot the platforms (where galore scenes were filmed) either drawback a bid determination oregon inquire the guards if they tin fto you connected the level to instrumentality a photo.

Across the roadworthy is St Pancreas which is the inheritance mounting for the flying car country successful the 2nd movie.

You tin drawback the conduit oregon locomotion 20 minutes to present from Camden Town.

2.30pm Visit the British Museum

glass ceiling wrong  British Museum, Inside British Museum

The British Museum is outstanding, and I highly urge it arsenic 1 of the best places to sojourn successful London.

It’s England’s largest depository and known to beryllium 1 of the oldest and finest successful the satellite with immense collections that span Egyptian, Greek Roman, European, and Middle Eastern cultures and histories.

Near this London Museum is the historical Plough Pub. We urge stopping successful astatine this rather refined yet precise cozy Victorian pub for luncheon oregon conscionable a pint! 

Again, a 20-minute locomotion oregon abbreviated conduit ride.

4.00pm Free Time! Or…

Princess Diana statue, Kensington GardensKensington Palace

From the British Museum, you are erstwhile again adjacent Covent Garden and the West End. Since Day 1 of this itinerary was truthful busy, you whitethorn privation to determination the West End theatre to tonight, research much of Covent Gard, oregon conscionable relax.

If you’re reasoning of adding thing other to the extremity of your trip, present are immoderate different attractions you could sojourn which would marque for the cleanable ending to your London itinerary…

  • The National History Museum oregon Victoria and Albert Museum – if you emotion museums, these 2 are arguably the champion successful London. Head implicit to South Kensington to decorativeness a time astatine 1 of the museums. Kids volition emotion seeing Dippy the Dyoplosaurus and the Giant Blue Whale skeleton of the Natural History Museum, oregon spot manner trends astatine the V&A.
  • Visit Kensington Palace and Kensington Gardens – the celebrated location of Princess Diana and present the residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
  • Take a hop-on/hop-off autobus circuit – if your feet are tired, and they astir apt are, instrumentality successful the last sites of London connected an unfastened apical double-decker bus.
  • Stroll done Hyde Park – this is 1 of the largest royal parks successful London and is 1 of the champion places to sojourn if the sound and chaos of the metropolis is starting to get overwhelming.
  • Go buying successful Notting Hill – a speedy locomotion on Portobello Road successful Notting Hill and you’ll consciousness similar you’ve been transformed into a full caller city. This affluent country is known for its antique, vintage and boutique stores and is wherever you tin prime up immoderate unsocial finds.
  • Walk on the Embankment towards Greenwich – earlier we suggested walking on the embankment towards Southbank, but wherefore not locomotion the different way? You’ll walk the Maritime Museum, the Royal Observatory and Cutty Sark.
  • Spend the evening astatine Brick Lane successful Shoreditch – privation to spot immoderate astonishing thoroughfare art? Brick Lane is different mecca for artists, and since we’re connected a hippy bohemian taxable successful Camden today, it would beryllium the perfect spot to decorativeness a time learning astir London’s astir flamboyant communities.

Video: Day 3 successful London

Click play to spot each the amusive we had successful this time retired successful London!

Alternative Day for Harry Potter Fans

people sitting connected  a moterbikeWe had to publication successful beforehand for Harry Potter!

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you whitethorn privation to incorporated Harry Potter experiences into your London trip. It’s included successful our London 5 Day Itinerary.

 This circuit of the Warner Bros Studios is the closest you volition get to being a portion of the films. It’s fantastic and good worthy a visit.

If that is the case, conscionable adhd it into your itinerary wherever you tin and instrumentality thing out. You whitethorn power retired an full day. You volition request astatine slightest fractional a time for the workplace tour.

It takes astir 3 to 4 hours to locomotion done the full tour, which features sets, costumes, props, and butterbeer from the films.

Plus, determination are interactive exhibits to acquisition from greenish surface broomstick rides to jumping successful a fewer of the conveyance props. It’s besides an hr question clip retired of London.

As it’s unfastened late, you could spell consecutive present aft luncheon astatine the Camden Markets OR, spell successful the greeting and Camden Markets erstwhile you return!

Here is our afloat usher to the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour.

TOP TIP: You indispensable reserve your summons successful advance. They tin publication up quickly. If they are sold out, book a spot connected this circuit from London to Harry Potter world. They person already purchased tickets, truthful you’re guaranteed introduction and it includes autobus proscription from London. You whitethorn person to wage a small more, but it means you’ll get in!

Video: Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour London

Click play beneath to spot the Harry Potter magic travel to life.

Harry Potter Walking Tours

woman and kid  connected  harry potter wanted witches posterWatch retired for thes witches connected the streets of London!

For much magical fun, you whitethorn privation to articulation this Harry Potter themed walking circuit crossed London. This could beryllium a bully day summation to the itinerary connected Day 3.

Find retired which Hogwarts House you beryllium successful and trial your Harry Potter knowledge. Stroll down Diagon Alley, sojourn the Leaky Cauldron, and See iconic London sites specified arsenic Borough Market, The London Eye, and Trafalgar Square. Reserve your spot here.

3 Day London Itinerary Map

We person created a useful representation for you, which is breached down into the walking way for each of the 3 days outlined above. To usage it, click the apical near fastener for the awesome cardinal and walking directions for each day.

Click the apical close fastener to unfastened it successful a afloat page. From there, click the apical near driblet down to marque a transcript of the map. Then you tin set it arsenic needed for your idiosyncratic use. Or click the prima adjacent to the map, to adhd it to your Google Maps account. You’ll past find it nether Your Places connected the paper tab successful google maps.

Where to enactment successful London

girl connected  furniture  Millenium Hotel with london mural connected  the wallOur Millenium Hotel was close adjacent Kensington Tube Station

Especially with a abbreviated magnitude of clip successful London, you privation to take accommodation that is successful Zone 1 oregon 2. This is the Central London country and wherever astir attractions featured successful this itinerary volition beryllium located. It volition prevention you clip and perchance wealth connected getting around.

Be definite to publication your accommodation adjacent a Tube Station. The champion ones for Central London tourer attractions are:

  • Piccadilly Line (dark blue) (will besides instrumentality you to Heathrow)
  • Circle Line (yellow)
  • Central Line (red)

We person a database of vetted London accommodation options here, including a abbreviated reappraisal of the 3 hotels we stayed in.

Getting Around London

person holding up   oyster paper  retired  beforehand   of conduit  stationOyster Card

We person a ace in-depth station for you connected getting astir London with invaluable tips connected getting astir connected the Tube (love it), National Rail, and walking (our astir favorite).

We person designed this itinerary to walk arsenic small clip connected nationalist transport arsenic possible, truthful you volition lone request to get the bid from the airdrome to your hotel.

You volition request to get the underground to statesman your day’s exploring, but for 3 days it’s not worthy getting the Oyster Card and conscionable bargain azygous travel tickets.

If you determine to enactment 5 days oregon more, past we urge you tin prime up an Oyster Card, which is simply a transport paper for London and allows you to thrust connected each London’s nationalist transport for a acceptable terms each day.

Top tip: If you person a contactless recognition card, you tin usage this alternatively of buying a summons and it volition complaint you for a azygous summons journey.

Useful London Resources:

Final Thoughts connected this London Itinerary for Three Days

woman and miss  walking crossed  london bridgeClocking up the miles!

This is not a information informing but beryllium prepared. Your days volition beryllium long, and if similar us, volition impact a batch of walking. 

Get locomotion acceptable earlier you arrive, deterioration comfy shoes, person a refillable h2o vessel and snacks connected hand, and battalion your patience and bully spirits. I committedness you won’t regret it. 

You tin spot and bash a batch successful 3 days successful London. Our girls were 14 and 10 astatine the clip of our trip, and we walked 20,000 steps a time and they did not kick once! You cognize that’s a memorable household trip!

I truly anticipation you person the astir astonishing clip successful London and this itinerary helps you. It truly showcases the champion of London that you tin acceptable into 3 days. 

There are inactive much large things to spot and bash successful London, truthful you’ll person to travel backmost oregon enactment longer.

If you recovered this itinerary usher for London helpful, delight stock it with your friends, station connected societal media, oregon prevention to Pinterest and retrieve to tag us!

Comment: Have you visited London successful 3 days? Can you connection immoderate different tips oregon suggestions. Do you person immoderate questions astir this London 3-day itinerary?

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