The 5 best alternatives to CWT in 2023

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If your employees regularly spell connected concern trips, the close travel absorption platform tin beryllium your champion person and tin marque each the quality betwixt getting overwhelmed by admin tasks and creating a creaseless and casual question acquisition for everyone who’s connected the road.

A SaaS question absorption instrumentality enables you to program itineraries, comparison and publication flights and hotels, negociate expenses, and alteration plans if needed. In short, it helps you optimize question plans and expenses successful a mode that is stress-free for some admin unit and travelers — and that doesn’t harm employees’ productivity portion they’re connected a trip. 

CWT (formerly known arsenic Carlson Wagonlit Travel) is simply a question absorption institution that helps companies of each sizes, arsenic good arsenic authorities institutions and NGOs, optimize their question programs and supply swift assistance to travelers. 

That being said, CWT mightiness not beryllium the champion enactment for each institution retired there. Depending connected your needs, you mightiness beryllium amended served by different firm question absorption platform. 

In this article, we’ll research immoderate of the champion CWT competitors to assistance you take a supplier that truly meets your needs. 

Let’s dive in. 

1. TravelPerk

TravelPerk is an end-to-end question absorption institution with an all-in-one integer level for businesses and firm travelers. 

The modern level is built with traveler self-management astatine its halfway and enables users to negociate the concern question booking process from opening to extremity from its centralized platform. From question management  reporting and travel approvals to policy compliance and traveler information features, TravelPerk provides a best-in-class acquisition for concern travelers and concern managers. 

As good arsenic entree to the world’s largest question inventory for flights and accommodation, TravelPerk offers the astir broad and unsocial acceptable of firm question features. These see a VAT betterment solution, a carbon offsetting program, and FlexiPerk, an add-on that allows users to cancel their question plans up to 2 hours earlier departure with a guaranteed refund of 80%.

TravelPerk noteworthy features 

On apical of the broad features listed above, TravelPerk besides offers a meetings and events management solution and enables users to publication alternate proscription options, specified arsenic trains and rental cars from wrong the TravelPerk platform.

How customers complaint TravelPerk

G2 rating: 4.6/5  (as of February 2023)

Capterra rating: 4.8/5 (as of February 2023)

TravelPerk pricing

Since TravelPerk is suitable for businesses of each sizes, determination are 4 pricing plans to take from, starting with a escaped tier. All plans person entree to the world’s largest question inventory and the 7* lawsuit attraction enactment team, and customers tin adhd an unlimited magnitude of travelers oregon administrators to the platform. 

Across each of TravelPerk’s paid plans, businesses lone wage the monthly interest if they question that month. Here’s an overview of TravelPerk’s pricing tiers: 

  • Starter: This program is escaped to use, meaning determination is nary monthly subscription fee. Plus, the archetypal 5 bookings each period are wholly escaped too, with a 5% booking interest thereafter. Users person entree to consolidated invoicing, unlimited outgo centers, 1 argumentation and support workflow, and question restrictions accusation and alerts.
  • Premium: Priced astatine $99/month with a 3% booking fee, this program offers concierge services for peculiar requests, savings of up to 25% with VAT-ready invoices, and unafraid traveler sign-in and automated idiosyncratic setup.
  • Pro: This program costs $299/month with a 3% booking interest and provides unlimited argumentation and support workflows, unlimited budgets by outgo center, customized reports and insights, and entree to firm rates.

Languages supported by TravelPerk

TravelPerk supports the pursuing languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, and French.

CWT vs TravelPerk

So, however bash CWT and TravelPerk compare? 

On G2, CWT has lone 6 reviews and a standing of 3.7/5, portion TravelPerk has a people of 4.6/5 (with 1420 reviews). Overall, TravelPerk wins successful each categories, specified arsenic easiness of administration, easiness of use, and prime of support, and customers spot it arsenic the amended spouse to beryllium doing concern with (9.2/10 compared to 7/10 for CWT). Users peculiarly liked the information that TravelPerk aggregates each companies successful a azygous search, arsenic good arsenic the anticipation to offset c emissions related to firm question via GreenPerk. 

CWT isn’t contiguous connected Capterra, portion TravelPerk has a standing of 4.8/5.

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2. SAP Concur

SAP Concur is 1 of the astir fashionable firm question absorption bundle solutions retired there, enabling you to negociate question bookings, expenses, and invoices successful 1 location. 

It has 3 halfway functionalities: 

  • Concur Expense streamlines disbursal absorption and auditing and automates disbursal reports. 
  • Concur Invoice tin beryllium utilized to automate and integrate relationship payable processes and invoice validation and summation amended visibility into spending. 
  • And lastly, Concur Travel lets employees publication concern question connected their ain via an extended web of question suppliers.

The main features of SAP Concur

SAP Concur provides question absorption services to mean and ample companies and has plentifulness to offer: 

  • Travel, expense, and invoice absorption successful 1 platform
  • Automated disbursal reports and management
  • All-in-one lawsuit readying and absorption to simplify attendee registration and lawsuit spending
  • Three-way match, analyzing acquisition orders, receipts, and invoices for each payment
  • A consolidated dashboard with each your firm question information and customizable reports
  • Quick API integrations with different providers, specified arsenic Xero, NetSuite, and Quickbooks

G2 rating: 4/5

Capterra rating: 4.3/5 

Pricing: 3-tier plan: Automate ($9/report), Insights (quote-based), Optimize (quote-based)

Languages supported: 20+ languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and more. 

(Info checked connected January 23, 2023).

CWT vs. SAP Concur 

If we’re speaking astir customers’ reviews of the 2 platforms, it’s hard to marque a toe-to-toe comparison, due to the fact that CWT’s beingness connected reappraisal sites specified arsenic G2 and Capterra is not that strong. 

SAP Concur is overmuch bigger than CWT and is simply a genuinely planetary solution that’s geared towards mean and ample companies. Additionally, SAP Concur is simply a portion of the SAP ecosystem, which means that it integrates good with each different SAP products, specified arsenic SAP CRM, SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer, and more. Customers similar the information that CWT is an end-to-end question work that helps them support way of their question arrangements.

In fact, SAP Concur and CWT enactment together: SAP Concur supports CWT successful providing afloat information transparency to its users and adapting to antithetic languages, currencies, and taxation requirements.

So, however bash CWT and SAP Concur compare?

3. CTM

CTM (Corporate Travel Management) is different concern question absorption bundle that is devoted to providing personalized question solutions to companies. It focuses connected simplicity, sustainability, and safety, and gives you an overview of the savings you marque with each trip. 

The main features of CTM

  • An intuitive mobile app, from which travelers tin plan, book, and alteration travels connected the go
  • A self-serve online booking instrumentality to find and publication the champion deals
  • Competitive fares and a strategical fund control, enabling you to benchmark employees’ spending and prevention money
  • A customized dashboard regrouping each your firm question data 
  • A dedicated relationship manager to assistance you optimize your question program
  • Industry-specific solutions for sports, world travel, tiny businesses, and more.

G2 rating: 3/5 (1 review)

Capterra rating: N/A

Pricing: Upon petition (subscription fee)

Languages supported: English 

(Info checked connected January 23, 2023).


So, however bash CWT and CTM compare? It’s a spot hard to say, due to the fact that some companies person lone precise fewer reviews connected app examination sites: CWT has lone 6 reviews connected G2, portion CTM has lone one. Both aren’t contiguous connected Capterra. 

On G2, 1 commenter said that CTM’s lawsuit enactment was mediocre but that the level itself was intuitive and provided the quality to adhd aggregate destinations to a trip. Another reviewer said astir CWT that the level had been reliable but that lawsuit work prime varied from cause to agent. 

4. FCM Travel

FCM Travel has precocious rebuilt its level to marque it much flexible and supply amended firm question absorption solutions to its customers. It utilized to beryllium a accepted concern question absorption institution but is present offering AI-enabled online question absorption solutions. 

The main features of FCM Travel

  • Simple and intuitive bookings managed done the platforms
  • Optimized support workflows to simplify analyzable procedures
  • Advanced information and hazard absorption for travelers
  • A streamlined disbursal absorption process
  • Actionable reporting and analytics to assistance you optimize your question program
  • A mobile app to alteration travelers to negociate and update bookings connected the go

G2 rating: 5/5 (1 review)

Capterra rating: N/A

Pricing: Upon request 

Languages supported: English 

(Info checked connected January 23, 2023).

CWT vs. FCM Travel

Both CWT and FCM Travel don’t person a batch of ratings online and aren’t contiguous connected immoderate of the much fashionable examination websites. That being said, we recovered a couple of reviews of FCM Travel successful which customers are mostly expressing their dissatisfaction with the institution and its dilatory and inefficient processes. 

5. BCD Travel

The past CWT alternate we’d similar to notation is BCD Travel. The institution operates successful much than 100 countries and offers streamlined reporting, disbursal management, and adjacent CO2 emissions tracking. It has an online booking strategy with aggregate tools and platforms. 

The main features of BCD Travel

  • Real-time alerts successful BCD’s mobile app to marque definite each travelers are safe 
  • Streamlined walk absorption and afloat information visibility
  • Data reporting wrong 90 minutes of making a booking
  • TripSource®, a instrumentality allowing admin unit and travelers to negociate trips successful 1 place
  • 24/7 lawsuit service

G2 rating: N/A

Capterra rating: N/A

Pricing: Upon request 

Languages supported: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese

(Info checked connected January 23, 2023).

CWT vs. BCD Travel

How bash CWT and BCD Travel compare successful presumption of lawsuit acquisition and satisfaction?

It’s hard to say: BCD Travel’s online beingness connected examination websites and lawsuit reappraisal websites similar Capterra and G2 is practically non-existent, portion CWT has lone a fistful of reviews connected G2. 


In this article, we’ve covered 5 alternatives to CWT. All of them person coagulated features, but if you’d similar a flexible firm question solution that makes concern question absorption a breeze, TravelPerk is the champion enactment retired there. 

With it, you’ll get the champion rates, acknowledgment to our best-in-class question inventories, and 7-star quality lawsuit enactment (yep, you won’t beryllium chatting with bots for hours!). 
Request a demo today to spot however TravelPerk tin simplify concern question for you and amended the question acquisition from A to Z.

The station The 5 champion alternatives to CWT successful 2023 appeared archetypal connected TravelPerk.

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