Tesla Shareholder Claims to Have a Load of New Info on the Cybertruck

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tesla shareholder claims to person  a load   of caller   info connected  the cybertruck

In lawsuit you were counting, the Tesla Cybertruck “debuted” much than 3 years ago, and determination hasn’t been a azygous 1 sold to immoderate of the thousands of deposit-paying preservation holders. Despite that, the automaker and its fans person continued to importune that it’s coming soon, and 1 fortunate shareholder claims to person insider knowledge of the accumulation mentation of the truck. 

Tesla shareholder Matthew Donegan-Ryan utilized his invitation to the automaker’s Investor’s Day to speech to institution executives astir the truck. None of his claims person been confirmed by Tesla, but its PR section doesn’t exist, truthful thing is being confirmed by Tesla. Even so, Donegan-Ryan said the Cybertruck has shrunk by astir 5 percent from the prototype, making it astir the aforesaid size arsenic the Ford F-150 Raptor.

He said the wide magnitude and width shrunk, but the furniture grew by astir six inches. Interestingly, helium felt the furniture would beryllium watertight with drain plugs, astatine slightest partially substantiating CEO Elon Musk’s claims that it could “briefly relation arsenic a boat.”

Donegan-Ryan said Tesla employees compared the truck’s cargo abstraction to a Ford F-150 Raptor, which is odd, considering that Ford makes an electrical motortruck that would beryllium a acold much earthy rival to the Cybertruck. The rear model rolls down, but determination is nary midgate, arsenic we’ve seen successful the Chevrolet Silverado EV and the Ram 1500 Revolution. 

Other “revelations” from his clip astatine the lawsuit see promises that the Cybertruck’s 18.5-inch show would beryllium the largest successful immoderate Tesla. Donegan-Ryan besides claimed that the motortruck would travel successful dual- and tri-motor configurations, with a show variant akin to the company’s different vehicles. 

[Image: Tesla]

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