Stealthy Hyundai Creta N Line Night Edition For Brazil Is The Coolest Yet

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Just implicit a twelvemonth ago, Hyundai launched a sporty N Line trim for the Creta successful Brazil and present the automaker is backmost with a dark-themed peculiar edition. The Hyundai Creta N Line Night Edition is constricted to 900 units exclusively for the Brazilian market, combining stealthy looks with generous instrumentality and the astir almighty disposable motor successful the SUV’s section lineup.

The Night Edition builds connected the sporty bodykit of the Hyundai Creta N Line which includes unsocial bumpers with a wider grille, bonnet scoop, and a diffuser. The quality present is that the chrome elements are gone, and everything is painted achromatic including the badges. The SUV besides gets a caller acceptable of achromatic 18-inch alloy wheels with N emblems connected the hubcaps. The aforesaid taxable is applied to the smoker headlight and taillight clusters, portion the lone shiny spot is the dual exhaust pipes.

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Moving inside, the item is the eight-speaker Bose premium dependable strategy which is exclusively disposable successful the Night Edition, and the numbered doorway sills from 001 to 900. The remainder is carried implicit from the regular N Line, including the achromatic upholstery with reddish stitching, the glossy achromatic accents, a steadfast dose of N emblems, the panoramic sunroof, etc. There is besides car aerial conditioning, a ventilated driver’s seat, six airbags, and the Hyundai SmartSense ADAS suite.

Under the bonnet lies the people aspirated 2.0 SmartStream flex-fuel motor producing 167 hp (124 kW / 169 PS) and 202 Nm (149 lb-ft) of torque erstwhile burning LPG, oregon 157 hp (117 kW / 159 PS) erstwhile burning regular petrol. Note that portion this powertrain was already disposable successful the Creta, the N Line lone came with the turbocharged 1.0-liter. Like successful the aforementioned unit, powerfulness is transmitted to the beforehand axle exclusively done a six-speed automatic gearbox.


As with different Hyundai models, the N Line badge is not constricted to aesthetics, arsenic the engineers person tweaked the suspension and steering setup, improving the driving dynamics of the SUV.

The peculiar variation is disposable to pre-order successful Brazil starting today. Pricing starts from R$181,490 ($34,448) which represents a premium of R$14,500 ($2,775) compared to the regular Creta N Line.

Note that the Brazilian-spec Hyundai Creta looks antithetic than the Indonesian-spec that appeared backmost successful 2021 with a Tucson-inspired face. Still, the market-specific Creta N Line successful the Night Edition spirit is astir apt the astir charismatic mentation of the SUV exemplary – astatine slightest successful our eyes.

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