Porsche Cayenne EV confirmed, brand’s sales to be 80% electric by 2030

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Overnight astatine the company’s yearly property conference, Porsche said it expects 80 per cent of full income to beryllium afloat electrical by the extremity of the decade, with the automaker launching astatine slightest 4 caller EVs anterior to 2030.

In bid to marque its EV people a reality, the Zuffenhausen-based automaker confirmed the fourth-generation Cayenne volition beryllium a axenic electrical model.

The caller Cayenne EV volition beryllium based connected the all-electric Premium Platform Electric — present referred to arsenic the SSP Sport architecture — that’s being jointly developed by Porsche and Audi, and which volition besides service arsenic the ground of the upcoming Macan EV, Audi Q6 e-tron, and Audi A6 e-tron.

Porsche is expected to proceed selling the existing third-generation Cayenne alongside the caller exemplary for astatine slightest a fewer years.

A heavy updated mentation of the Cayenne is owed to spell connected merchantability globally this year, and according to the institution the facelifted exemplary volition diagnostic “three further-developed plug-in hybrids with greater ranges”.

The caller Cayenne EV is expected to debut successful 2026, and it volition beryllium the 3rd of 4 caller dedicated EV models from the brand, astir of which volition beryllium crossovers.

The archetypal caller EV is the second-generation Macan. Originally slated to spell connected merchantability this year, Porsche says improvement has present “reached the location straight” and the Macan EV “will beryllium disposable to customers successful 2024”.

Due to antithetic take-up rates for EVs crossed the world, arsenic good as, probably, a dilatory accumulation ramp up, the existent Macan volition beryllium sold alongside the Macan EV for a fig of years.

Coming successful the “middle of the decade” is the all-electric 718. Porsche says “in the mean word it volition lone beryllium disposable arsenic an all-electric model”, hinting astatine a imaginable aboriginal variant with the company’s signature boxer engine.

The 718 volition reportedly person its artillery battalion mounted vertically down the rider compartment successful bid to recreate the value equilibrium of a accepted mid-engine vehicle.

Although it wasn’t mentioned today, Porsche is besides known to beryllium moving connected a crossover that’s larger than the Cayenne. Codenamed J1, this three-row EV is expected to marque its planetary debut successful 2027.

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