Our first glimpse of Summer ’23: The Coastal Cowgirl

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Another day, different Tiktok trend, amirite? The Coastal Cowgirl aesthetic comes blistery of the property conscionable successful clip truly arsenic Spring is sweeping successful and Summer is connected our minds.

It’s similar if Clean Girl and Cottagecore had a babe connected a farm. It gives laid back, effortless, but besides chill without trying, you know?

@lexilunde And @paigelorenze is the bluish people 🎲 #coastalcowgirl #coastalcowboy #summer2023 #summer2023trends ♬ Texas Sun – Khruangbin & Leon Bridges

But listen, one truly emotion this one. In fact, the full squad is benignant of digging this vibe, our Creative Brand Director (and conscionable wide unthinkable human), Brittney, is the archetypal 1 who shared it and she whitethorn really beryllium the archetypal Coastal Cowgirl. From being the archetypal idiosyncratic to animate maine to get my cowboy boots, to her conscionable being the queen of a casual denim look.

So let’s get down to it, what makes a Coastal Cowgirl…. the cardinal elements:

  • Crisp whites and neutrals
  • Cowboy boots + hats (duh)
  • Subtle floral details (like a crochet moment, yes please!)
  • Denim, each the denim.
  • Nothing excessively choky fitting, deliberation airy + breezy


I deliberation the portion of the inclination that fascinates maine is that it plays connected a tightrope of plan balance. Go excessively acold into the effortless and neutrals and you could extremity up looking similar a murphy sack that fell disconnected the motortruck connected I-80.

I deliberation erstwhile (not if!) this becomes a mainstream style, I deliberation this delicate equilibrium volition beryllium what creates a obstruction to participation.

Fitted, but comfortable.

The jeans, look similar you could devour a hearty vessel of chilli (is that what cowboys eat?) and inactive person a small breathing room, and the shirts that person capable country for the upwind to play with but inactive are flattering.

Worn in, but not ragged.

Like the denim, the reclaimed wood, the brushed wrinkles successful the cowboy boots. It each feels precise intentional and successful a weird way, comforting? But ne'er soiled oregon scraggly.

Effortless, but not lazy.

I deliberation the look of the Cowgirl Aesthetic is similar a blonde miss determination retired connected the prairie, upwind successful her hair, jeans, linen apical with connection cowboy boots. It looks truthful breezy and effortless, but yet truthful cohesive.


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A station shared by c o a s t l c o w b a e (@coastlcowbae)

Detailed, but inactive subtle.

From a small crochet infinitesimal connected your apical to a frill connected your sleeve oregon a bold signifier connected your boots… There are small hints of item successful the oversea of whites, denim and lukewarm browns. The existent coastal cowgirls cognize however to brace details without the chaos… springiness each item it’s infinitesimal to shine.

Cowboy boots are the caller connection piece.

The halfway of the aesthetic unsurprisingly is the boots. But, this is wherever the details✨ travel in, I consciousness similar the cowboy footwear is the caller handbag. It’s a infinitesimal to amusement disconnected a small flair, it’s an accessory wherever you tin amusement the satellite a sensation of flavor. Spice it up if you will.

Like excuse maine Dolce Vita, okkk I spot you. Look however cute these ones are?

@madelinebajczyk Its giving coastal cowgirl 🤌🏼 connected my LTK!! RUN #coastalcowboy #coastalcowgirl #dolcevita #dolcevitashoes #dvpartner #dolcevitapartner #westernboots #coastalgranddaughter ♬ Her x Promiscuous – Hunny Bee 😈

But truly my favourite cowboy boots I deliberation I’ve seen to day (don’t archer 🤫), is the ones Cassey wore to South By Southwest this play successful Austin. I thought astir not mentioning them due to the fact that I dont adjacent deliberation Free People sells them anymore, but they deserved their infinitesimal successful the spotlight.

I mean… however cute! That’s what I’m talking astir it’s that small flair of item that conscionable makes the outfit perfect.

From Fashion to Home

While manner is decidedly the bosom of this trend, the aforesaid elements play into the location arsenic well. From breezy unfastened windows, to reclaimed wood furniture, brushed tones and crisp linen sheets.

@havenlystudio Welcome to my small harmless haven… #fyp #studio #apartmenttour #coastal #cowgirl #coastalcowgirl #thrifted ♬ Linger – The Cranberries

Is the Coastal Cowgirl aesthetic for everyone?

I’ll beryllium honest, erstwhile I was looking astatine the beauteous feeds of the girls posting astir it. I consciousness similar it does person a “look,” I could spot Coastal Cowgirl getting immoderate of the backlash that the Clean Girl aesthetic had with the blonde, skinny, gangly stereotype. I mean it’s hard for idiosyncratic similar maine to propulsion disconnected effortless baggy jeans erstwhile I person a 25″ inseam and a much curvy hep area.

But if the question is, tin anyone beryllium a Coastal Cowgirl?? The reply is: yes.

And possibly that’s the existent crushed I was truthful drawn to this trend. Sure, it’s a manner trend, but more… it’s similar a feeling of letting go, being a spot much carefree, letting your hairsbreadth down (but similar possibly half-down, and deterioration a cute straw cowboy hat). Where it differs from the Clean Girl is it allows you to get a small messier and much playful? It’s allowing america to halt and prime the non-metaphorical flowers connected the broadside of the road. It gives maine anticipation for a Summer ’23 that is much lighthearted, sunlit and situation I say.. joyful?

So spell on, person amusive with it… propulsion retired that aged denim, crochet apical and linen shirts that you’ve held onto for a decade. And plus, what amended excuse to bargain yourself immoderate cute cowboy boots?!

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