Mobile BTC Rewards Game ‘Bitcoin Miner’ Surpasses 1 Million Players

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The Bitcoin Miner crippled has presented much than 1 cardinal players with the accidental to get bitcoin.

Bitcoin Miner, a crippled developed by mobile gaming workplace Fumb Games successful collaboration with ZEBEDEE, has achieved the milestone of implicit 1 cardinal players, astir of whom person ne'er antecedently owned bitcoin, acknowledgment to its accessible gameplay concept, combined with the accidental to gain existent bitcoin. 

Bitcoin Miner's rewards strategy has proven to beryllium a game-changer for onboarding caller users into the satellite of bitcoin. The crippled is powered by fintech steadfast ZEBEDEE's bitcoin rewards strategy and enables users to gain existent bitcoin by simply playing the idle game.

"The magic of Bitcoin Miner is that it's a crippled astir crypto that requires nary crypto cognition whatsoever to get into and gain existent bitcoin," said Paul West, laminitis and CEO of Fumb Games. "It serves arsenic a large introduction constituent into the crypto sphere due to the fact that it's truthful casual to get started and the crippled itself teaches players a spot astir however mining works. We conscionable wanted to physique a amusive game, but we ended up creating an acquisition instrumentality arsenic well! This milestone proves that it's thing players astir the satellite appreciate."

The crippled has go a large mode for non-tech-savvy users to larn astir bitcoin successful a mode that feels earthy and simple. ZEBEDEE's Chief Strategy Officer Ben Cousens expanded connected this, saying that "It's precise fulfilling to spot this imaginativeness coming to beingness with palmy projects similar Bitcoin Miner. Not lone are radical getting on-boarded into the integer plus economy, but the conception truly resonates with adjacent the astir casual players and is nowproven to standard sustainably.”

The payments level powering Bitcoin Miner is built connected the Bitcoin Lightning Network and enables immoderate crippled oregon app creator to instrumentality programmable bitcoin payments utilizing elemental APIs. It removes the request for crippled makers to interest astir immoderate method Bitcoin issues oregon complications. Instead, they simply money a crippled wallet which facilitates the transactions for them. 

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