Meet Smiling Dog Popeye

6 months ago 7

Dog's Name:  Popeye 

Dog's Age: 12

Adoption Story:
Every Sunday, a rescue comes retired for adoption events. Every week, Popeye was the past canine left. He sometimes was near nether the array due to the fact that helium was “bossy” and barked astatine everything that passed by. But this quirk caught my oculus and I knew I had to walk immoderate clip with him. On the past week of my different dog's puppy class, we went to spell speech with the rescue and they offered america the accidental to foster him. The infinitesimal she enactment him successful my arms, it was crippled over. I said hide fostering, fto maine follow him now!!  We named him Popeye aft the sailor. They stock a commonality, one eye!

The connection “snackies” and enjoying the prima during his walks. He besides enjoys playing with his different fursiblings wherever helium evidently is the boss. Lastly, helium enjoys laying connected his broadside portion getting his tummy scratched.

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