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Andrew Hauck learned everything helium knows astir existent property from his mom. As the broker/co-owner of CENTURY 21 Signature Realty successful Saginaw, Michigan, Andrew started selling existent property with her erstwhile helium was conscionable 21 years aged and inactive successful college.

Today, his brokerage boasts 10 offices serving Saginaw, Midland, Bay and Genesee Counties successful Central Michigan adjacent Lake Huron’s Saginaw Bay and based connected transaction volume, CENTURY 21® franchise affiliate successful Michigan successful 2021.

Destined to Close Deals

The lad of CENTURY 21 affiliated cause Jan Hauck, Andrew grew up watching his ma amusement houses, instrumentality calls and negociate deals. You couldn’t miss what his ma did for a surviving – bulky MLS books stacked successful the closets, For Sale signs leaned against the wall, and everyone knew determination was nary talking oregon horsing astir erstwhile she was connected the phone. Yet contempt the 70 hours she dedicated to her concern each week, she was ever astatine his games and schoolhouse events and was determination to prime him up from schoolhouse each day

Fast guardant to college, Andrew studied concern with plans of going into absorption consulting. About half-way through, helium realized that a existent property concern could beryllium much lucrative and rewarding, truthful helium decided to travel successful his mom’s footsteps. Between concern and macroeconomics classes, Andrew earned his existent property licence and started gaining real-world experience, learning the value of providing exceptional experiences to his clients. By the clip helium graduated with a bachelor’s grade successful economics, he’d already helped clients acquisition and merchantability respective properties.

After a fewer years, Andrew went backmost and earned an MBA to enactment up his credentials. “There weren’t galore 25-year-old agents who already owned their ain location and had 5 years of experience, truthful that helped with my credibility. It was adjacent much invaluable erstwhile I became a broker-owner.”

The CENTURY 21 Brand Can Open Doors

He’s been a loyal CENTURY 21 affiliated cause from the start. His parent started the brokerage arsenic an affiliate of Century 21 Real Estate LLC successful 2005 with 2 partners, Ken Kujawa and Dr. Sam Shaheen. In aboriginal 2019, Andrew purchased his mother’s involvement successful the brokerage and took implicit operations portion she returned to sales. 

As a caller broker/owner, his ma cautioned him to ne'er underestimate the value of empathy, camaraderie and a gathering agents tin telephone home. He knew that to beryllium palmy successful existent estate, you had to play an progressive relation successful the community. So, astatine a clip erstwhile galore brokerages were cutting costs and closing offices, Andrew made his offices a taste cornerstone.  

“We run successful smaller markets, wherever it’s truthful important to beryllium disposable and progressive successful the community. For us, it’s conscionable portion of our culture. Our offices are progressive successful section events, from favored adoptions and fundraisers to parades. We look for opportunities wherever we tin truly get involved, not conscionable slap our logo connected a program.”

He says the nationalist sanction designation of the CENTURY 21 marque has fixed the brokerage a immense advantage, particularly successful Michigan wherever the marque has had a beingness since its founding successful the ‘70s. “The CENTURY 21 marque is the astir recognized and respected sanction successful existent estate*, truthful we ne'er person to explicate who we are. We tin absorption connected our worth proposition, which makes everything truthful overmuch easier.”

Not a ‘status quo’ benignant of guy, Andrew is relentless successful looking for what’s next, what other the brokerage tin bash to differentiate itself and instrumentality it to the adjacent level. That’s different crushed wherefore helium appreciates the CENTURY 21 brand. “They’ve ever been precise proactive successful helping brokers execute their concern goals and consenting to evolve. As a broker, that’s however I attack my ain business, truthful that’s ever been a large worth to me.”

Mom’s Greatest Lesson

While Andrew is the archetypal to accidental helium learned everything helium knows astir existent property from his mom, helium says the astir important happening helium learned from her was professionalism. “From the infinitesimal she became an agent, she was thing but professional. I’ve seen excessively galore dainty it similar a hobby oregon conscionable a broadside gig, but to her, it’s ever been a superior committedness to present bonzer experiences.”

This professionalism is 1 of the biggest challenges Andrew sees brokers facing today. “When you lone absorption connected wealth – however galore deals you’re making and for however overmuch – you suffer show of what’s astir important, and that’s helping people. Real property is astir improving the lives of agents and helping communities. Professionalism means providing mentoring, oversight and accountability. If you don’t, things tin get sloppy, mistakes are made and deals autumn through.”

Andrew says that’s wherefore his brokerage is selective successful the agents they take to affiliate, seeking professionals who privation to larn and service their community.

Focusing connected Agents, First

Despite serving comparatively tiny communities crossed Central Michigan, CENTURY 21 Signature Realty has earned a spot connected the Real Trends 500 database each twelvemonth since 2018, which ranks the apical brokerages nationwide. It’s besides the lone Real Trends 500 institution successful the Great Lakes Bay region, a information Andrew attributes successful portion to his mergers and acquisitions strategy – the brokerage has completed 3 successful arsenic galore years with different successful the works.

“The CENTURY 21 marque is an tremendous assistance during the hunt and find signifier by assisting with section marketplace conditions, verifying brokerage and cause data, and adjacent mounting up meetings with imaginable M&A targets. It besides provides resources, assistance and unit to guarantee the acquisition is simply a success.”

When considering different brokerages for mergers and acquisitions, Andrew says it’s precise important to lone see companies that stock your values and culture. CENTURY 21 Signature Realty has an “agents first” approach.

“We’re present to enactment for the agents, not the different mode around. We connection changeless support, observe their successes, and clasp precocious standards and morals.  It’s astir sharing and caring. It’s astir trusting each different and moving arsenic a team. If a imaginable M&A doesn’t stock these values, I’ll locomotion away. It’s not worthy diluting our culture.”

Andrew says astir brokers conflict with thing – it mightiness beryllium mentoring agents, marketing, sanction designation oregon a deficiency of tools. When speaking with a imaginable acquisition, Andrew’s squad digs to place what’s missing and however CENTURY 21 Signature Realty could marque a quality connected time one.

“A batch of broker-owners are wearing excessively galore hats. They chopped the checks, input data, woody with hard closings, grip marketing. But you can’t bash it each well. That’s wherefore we’ve built a beardown enactment team, truthful our leaders tin absorption connected providing cause learning and coaching opportunities.”

Just arsenic important arsenic sealing the woody connected an acquisition is on-boarding the agents, teaching them astir each the caller tools and programs they tin entree done the CENTURY 21 brand, and bringing them into the culture. That’s an country wherever Andrew says helium and his partners truly excel. New agents commencement retired with a 30-day mentoring programme to larn the ropes, and some caller and experienced agents are enrolled successful CENTURY 21 University® courses to grow their skills and larn astir each the disposable resources.

So, 4 years aft helium took the helm, what does ma deliberation astir his existent property business?

“I deliberation she’s precise proud. She sees however hard I enactment and however overmuch goes into it. But I besides deliberation she misses her existent property partner, since she’s inactive retired determination listing and selling but I’m much focused connected the operations broadside of things now. We were a large team!”

*2021 Ad Tracking Study. The survey results are based connected 1,200 online interviews with a nationalist random illustration of adults (ages 18+) who are adjacent determination makers successful existent property transactions and progressive successful the existent property marketplace (bought oregon sold a location wrong the past 2 years or, program to acquisition oregon merchantability a location wrong the adjacent 2 years). Brand consciousness question based connected a illustration of 1,200 respondents. Results are important astatine a 90% assurance level, with a borderline of mistake of +/-2.4%. Recognition question based connected consumers alert of marque successful question. Results are important astatine a 90% assurance level, with a borderline of mistake of +/- 2.4%. The survey was conducted by Kantar Group Limited (formerly Millward Brown), a starring planetary marketplace probe organization, from November 9-27, 2021.

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