LEGO Creates World’s Most Inaccessible Store For Land Rover Classic Defender Kit Launch

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Lego celebrated the merchandise of its latest Icons set, with a situation that was uniquely due for the taxable matter. The artifact institution turned a Land Rover into the hardest-to-reach Lego store connected world and challenged 2 adventurers to beryllium the archetypal to physique the caller Classic Defender 90 kit.

Going connected sale connected April 1 for $239.99 (€209.99/€239.99) the 2,336-piece kit faithfully recreates the classical 1983-2916 Land Rover Defender. Finished successful sage green, erstwhile complete, it is 7 inches (16 cm) tall, 7 inches (16 cm) wide, and 13 inches (32 cm) agelong with each of the accessories attached.

“Bringing the iconic Classic Land Rover Defender to ceramic beingness was nary casual challenge,” said Kurt Kristiansen, Lego Design Master. “This prestigious car tin instrumentality you anywhere, truthful during the plan process, we wanted to infuse the Lego set with that consciousness of adventure.”

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Ready for each your off-roading needs, the Defender comes with a extortion rack, an motor snorkel, an off-road beforehand bumper with a moving winch, broadside rails, a toolbox, a occurrence extinguisher, traction plates, and a full batch more.

None of the accessories are indispensable to implicit the set, though, meaning that the exemplary is simply a two-in-one. It tin either beryllium assembled arsenic an adventure-ready off-roader, oregon arsenic a plain-and-simple Defender, much suited to paved roads.


In bid to observe the caller kit, arsenic good arsenic Land Rover‘s 75th anniversary, Lego teamed up with Raha Moharrak, the archetypal Saudi pistillate to ascent Mount Everest and the Seven Summits, arsenic good arsenic Scottish adventurer Aldo Kane.

The 2 were acceptable the situation of uncovering a yellowish Land Rover Defender that Lego had parked successful the Scottish Highlands. Once there, they had to physique the kit, and the archetypal to implicit it would beryllium declared the winner—you tin spot who won successful the video above.

“I was truthful excited erstwhile the LEGO Group asked maine to beryllium portion of this campaign,” said Moharrak. “I physique astatine slightest 1 LEGO acceptable each month, truthful moving with the 2 brands unneurotic has been an epic adventure. From getting to contention crossed the Scottish Highlands successful a classical Defender to trying to beryllium the archetypal to scope the hardest to scope LEGO store successful the satellite and being 1 of the archetypal to play with the caller set, it truly was a imagination travel true.”

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