Jaguar denies it has settled on plan to have fewer than 20 UK dealers

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jlr southbound  westbound  london Jaguar Land Rover plans to follow the bureau exemplary successful the UK by the extremity of 2024 But British marque admits power to merchantability lone EVs from 2025 volition effect successful important retail changes

Jaguar has denied reports that it has formalised plans to person conscionable 20 UK dealerships oregon less erstwhile it begins its reinvention arsenic an EV-only marque successful 2025, saying it has yet to determine connected its last retail structure.

Car Dealer reported past play that Jaguar volition axe much than 60 UK dealers implicit the adjacent 2 years arsenic it pivots to the bureau income model. It said the shaper told its UK retail partners of the cuts astatine a caller investor’s gathering and that lone 15 to 18 would remain.

Jaguar issued a connection successful effect denying that it had settled connected the last level of dealership practice it would have. But it didn't contradict that determination would beryllium cuts.

In effect to Autocar’s queries, it said: “Jaguar Land Rover is reimagining the aboriginal of modern luxury by plan done its iconic British brands. As portion of our Reimagine strategy, 1 of our cardinal objectives is to found caller benchmark standards successful lawsuit work for the luxury sector.

"We volition accommodate our lawsuit travel for our aboriginal clients, providing aggregate touchpoints, delivering starring luxury experiences and creating a customer-centric culture.

“Our nonsubjective is to physique a stronger and much sustainably profitable Jaguar and Land Rover web for the future. We are consulting with our retail partners connected however we execute this objective, but it is excessively aboriginal to disclose details owed to their commercialized nature.

“The archetypal of the new all-electric Jaguars volition beryllium revealed earlier the extremity of 2024 and volition beryllium with customers successful 2025. We volition archer you much astir Jaguar's aboriginal earlier the extremity of this year.”

JLR UK income manager Paddy McGillycuddy past period confirmed to Autocar Business that the shift to the bureau model and the House of Brands ethos would pb to “some consolidation” of the firm’s trader network.

The caller showroom plan volition person level abstraction divided betwixt Jaguar and the Land Rover sub-brands Defender, Discovery and Range Rover.

This is simply a determination distant from the Arch plan that JLR dealers had antecedently been encouraged to adopt, with reports suggesting the facilities had outgo upwards of £10 million each to develop.

The displacement to the bureau exemplary comes arsenic portion of Jaguar’s bold plans to go a highly profitable Bentley rival from 2025, nether erstwhile JLR CEO Thierry Bolloré’s Reimagine strategy

The relaunch volition bring a line-up of three all-new electrical SUVs, with a flagship exemplary tipped to beryllium priced from £120,000.

The caller line-up is planned to springiness Jaguar an yearly income measurement betwixt 50,000 and 60,000 – on a par with the Range Rover unsocial successful pre-pandemic 2019.

Interim JLR CEO Adrian Mardell confirmed successful January that the plans were connected schedule.

Transitioning to the bureau exemplary volition springiness JLR afloat power of pricing, likely limiting discounts successful a bid to boost profits arsenic the shortage of caller cars eases.

This is an progressively applicable situation for the firm, arsenic it has struggled to stay profitable amid said shortages, contempt the spike successful its mean merchantability worth that these brought.

In the past 3 months of 2022, the company’s archetypal profitable 4th since 2020, a absorption connected the high-margin Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Land Rover Defender had JLR’s average transaction worth transcend £70,000.

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