India’s New Hyundai Verna Is Not Your Typical Sedan

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Although we’ve already spotted its Korean counterpart, the 2024 Accent, undisguised connected nationalist roads, Hyundai has released caller teasers for the all-new Verna earlier its authoritative unveiling successful India connected March 21. The deliveries of the Verna volition commencement successful mid-April.

Two abbreviated videos shared to YouTube, arsenic good arsenic a bid of images published to Hyundai’s Indian website, preview the exterior and interior plan of the sedan. The beforehand extremity is peculiarly noteworthy acknowledgment to the full-width LED airy barroom and the headlights that are incorporated into the outer extremities of the ample grille, each of which marque it look similar a compressed mentation of the soon to beryllium revealed, 2024 Sonata.

We tin besides spot what the rear of the caller Verna volition look like. It comes implicit with an LED airy barroom arsenic good arsenic a brace of melodramatic taillights that springiness the sedan a precise bold and eye-catching look. It’s bound to crook heads connected the roads and the compartment comes loaded with features that are definite to delight customers.

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 India’s New Hyundai Verna Is Not Your Typical Sedan

Found successful the compartment of the caller Hyundai volition beryllium a brace of 10.25-inch displays utilized for the infotainment show and the integer instrumentality cluster. Much similar the Kia EV6, arsenic good arsenic a fistful of Hyundai Motor Group vehicles, the Verna volition person a dedicated show for the HVAC and infotainment systems that tin beryllium switched astatine the interaction of a button.

We besides cognize that the caller Hyundai Verna volition travel implicit with a cooled mitt box, heated seats, ventilated seats, and an 8-speaker audio strategy from Bose.

The South Korean car shaper is expected to connection 2 1.5-liter petrol engines for the caller car. Sitting astatine the basal of the scope volition beryllium a naturally-aspirated mill pumping retired 115 hp portion those seeking immoderate other grunt volition beryllium capable to opt for a 160 hp turbocharged variant of the aforesaid 1.5-liter. Both these engines volition beryllium offered arsenic modular with a six-speed manual but the naturally-aspirated 1 volition besides beryllium disposable with a CVT portion the 1.5-liter turbo tin beryllium optioned with a dual-clutch.

Pricing details person not yet been announced.

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