I Tried Glossier Deodorant for a Month. Will I Keep Using It?

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It was lone successful caller years that I made the modulation to aluminum-free deodorant. I’m not a idiosyncratic by immoderate means, but arsenic a quality writer I’ve work a just stock of articles astir however immoderate fashionable deodorants usage ingredients that person perchance been linked to crab and different superior illnesses.

That’s a scary thought, particularly arsenic idiosyncratic who not lone works retired alot (hello, sweat), but besides is mostly a sweaty person. And that’s erstwhile I decided to instrumentality matters into my ain hands. I’ve been utilizing Native and Tom’s earthy deodorants for the past year, but I came crossed Glossier’s caller deodorant on TikTok and well, I knew I had to effort it. 

I figured that if it’s thing similar the brand’s matte lipstick and jelly cleanser, past it’s astir apt large truthful I decided to springiness it a go.

glossier aluminum-free deodorant review

Image: Glossier

First, here’s an overview.

The vegan deodorant comes successful a refillable container, has a coconut lipid base, and is formulated with cardinal ingredients similar elderberry extract, magnesium hydroxide, and murphy starch. Additionally, it’s disposable successful 4 scents: Orange Blossom Neroli, Unscented, Glossier You, and Sandstone. 

What does it consciousness like?

Unlike immoderate different deodorants, this 1 isn’t gel oregon excessively cream-like. It’s what I would picture arsenic a blend betwixt food and moisturizer. It easy glides onto the tegument and astir instantly disappears — yes, it doesn’t permission that unwanted achromatic cast. My favourite part? It wasn’t sticky. The past happening I privation is to person my armpits consciousness sticky arsenic I’m lifting weights oregon doing thing really. 

What does it odor like?

The ‘unscented’ deodorant has nary fragrance whatsoever. As idiosyncratic who isn’t excessively keen connected scents, I was pleasantly amazed due to the fact that sometimes adjacent ‘unscented’ tin beryllium scented, but this rang existent successful this case.

As for ‘Glossier You,’ I could decidedly consciousness determination was a fragrance, however, it wasn’t highly pungent. I didn’t announcement it each clip I lifted my arms which was what I was disquieted astir successful the archetypal spot .

Does it work?

To springiness you the best, real-life Glossier deodorant review, I wore it portion I was extracurricular astatine Disney World and during my workouts. That truly enactment it to the test.

According to the directions, you’re expected to swipe 1 to 2 times nether each. As idiosyncratic with a ample armpit, I made 4 ellipse motions to marque definite I covered the full aboveground area. Additionally, I made definite my armpit wasn’t moist oregon damp anterior to exertion truthful the results could beryllium arsenic close arsenic possible.

After a afloat time retired successful the sun, my pits were amazingly not excessively smelly. There was a spot of B.O. starting to travel through, but I lone noticed it if I truly tried (i.e. stuck my chemoreceptor straight successful my armpit).

As for my workout, I couldn’t judge it.

Usually my armpits are not lone smelly and gross aft a workout, but highly bedewed and damp. However, this was not the lawsuit aft utilizing this deodorant. They were a spot moist, but considering I conscionable worked retired for an hr it was astir nothing.

As for reapplication, I applied the deodorant doubly passim the time erstwhile I was retired astatine Disney World conscionable for immoderate other coverage. Could I person gone without? Probably. Was I consenting to instrumentality that chance? Nope. Not if I was going to beryllium lasting successful choky spaces adjacent to strangers each day.

Not conscionable for pits

I’ll adjacent accidental arsenic idiosyncratic who deals with inner-thigh chafing, I usually enactment deodorant successful betwixt my thighs to forestall unwanted sweating and moisture. This was the cleanable deodorant for that due to the fact that it’s truthful creaseless and not-sticky. Unlike babe pulverization which tin get everywhere, this deodorant glides connected and creates a obstruction betwixt the tegument to forestall unwanted friction and chafing whether that’s during workout oregon retired and about.

It’s worthy noting that I’ve been utilizing aluminum-free deodorant for a portion truthful it’s harmless to accidental my assemblage is acclimated to it. However, if this is your archetypal go-around astatine utilizing aluminum-free deodorant, past the marque says you should springiness yourself 4 weeks for your assemblage to get utilized to it.

@glossier Introducing Glossier Deodorant, launching TOMORROW 1/17. Available successful Glossier You, Orange Blossom Neroli, *new* Sandstone, and Unscented. Aluminum free. Refillable, reusable, and recyclable! Check this abstraction for much details to travel #glossier #deodorant ♬ archetypal dependable – Glossier



My biggest “complaint” with the Glossier deodorant was the packaging. It took maine astir 30 minutes to popular disconnected the integrative apical erstwhile I opened it. I adjacent had to Google if different radical had a occupation due to the fact that it conscionable would not budge — I adjacent had different radical effort due to the fact that I conscionable was not getting it disconnected myself. Eventually I utilized capable unit wherever it popped off, but I was genuinely acrophobic I’d person to instrumentality it.

The reusable packaging is simply a victor successful my publication due to the fact that I’m each astir taking attraction of Mother Nature and if it means keeping the aforesaid vial that’s great. And it’s ace chic; it doesn’t look to beryllium made retired of inexpensive integrative similar immoderate different brands.


Compared to my existent Native deodorant which retails for $12.99, the Glossier deodorant costs $22. That’s astir a $10 quality for a merchandise that works likewise to the other. I’d accidental successful this lawsuit you’re paying for the sanction marque and packaging which are precocious extremity and quality, truthful you get what you wage for but you’ll wage a lot. 

glossier aluminum-free deodorant

Image: Glossier

Glossier deodorant review: Worth it?

If you’re looking to get into aluminum-free deodorants oregon effort a antithetic 1 from the existent marque you’re using, past Glossier’s is simply a large spot to start. From the scent options to the reusable packaging, it checks disconnected each of the boxes erstwhile it comes to uncovering a coagulated deodorant (at slightest for me.)

Although it is simply a spot pricey, I don’t deliberation it’s a atrocious thought to bargain yourself a conduit and spot however you similar it. I wouldn’t spell and acquisition each of the scents astatine erstwhile (some of them support selling retired anyways), but effort retired 1 oregon 2 to get a consciousness for it and past spell from there.

I’ve had the deodorant for implicit a period present and I haven’t utilized thing other to support my pits smelling bully and clean.


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