Happy Bernedoodle Hugs Her Boy Every Time He Hops Off School Bus

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Maggie is simply a Bernedoodle who loves her family, particularly her quality brothers. One of her brothers is aged capable to be school, and though she knows helium has to go, this saccharine miss misses him truthful much. But erstwhile she hears the schoolhouse autobus coming down the roadworthy successful the afternoon, she knows Brother is astir home.

And due to the fact that she’s truthful blessed he’s backmost aft a agelong time of learning, Maggie heads retired into the gait to hug him erstwhile helium gets disconnected the bus! It’s a regular daily this canine and her lad person created, and fortunate for us, and about 10 cardinal different canine lovers, Maggie’s ma loves to seizure her kids’ cuteness connected camera.


Here Comes The Bus

Scrolling done Maggie Moo’s Tiktok page, you’ll find respective clips of the cute brace hugging it retired aft school. And whether it’s warm, greenish days oregon chilly, snowy ones, the regular is the same. Maggie stands patiently waiting for her member to hop disconnected the schoolhouse bus. And erstwhile he’s made it to the yard, Maggie is each process wags arsenic she stands up and hugs her member tight!

It’s truthful bully to spot him aft a agelong time of school!


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Maggie waiting for the autobus has go an unfailing regular occurrence, and her household shared the communicative of their darling Bernedoodle and her member successful a Cuddle Buddies diagnostic video. Maggie’s ma explained the “ritual” began connected its ain due to the fact that Maggie would locomotion her member retired to conscionable the autobus and past travel extracurricular again erstwhile helium arrived home.

“She tin perceive the schoolhouse autobus rumbling down the street,” said Maggie’s mom. “She volition tally to the doorway and beryllium acceptable to spell extracurricular and hold for him.”


“And past she typically likes to greet with a hug.”

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Happy Family Full of Love

It’s nary astonishment Maggie likes to greet her member with hugs due to the fact that she’s been choky with her household since she came location astatine 8 weeks old.

Her ma said, “When we met her, we had a peculiar connection.”

But arsenic overmuch arsenic she loves her full family, her member is her champion friend. On Instagram, Maggie’s ma wrote the brace has “twin hearts.”


Thanks to Maggie, “the boys learned to emotion animals and the work of caring for idiosyncratic else.”

“She’s shown them unconditional emotion and faithfulness I cognize they volition transportation successful their hearts forever.”


And each that emotion shows successful Maggie’s blessed demeanor! For much afterschool Maggie hugs, travel this “professional hugger” @maggiemoo.thebernedoo connected Instagram oregon TikTok.

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Feature Image: @maggiemoo.thebernedoo/Instagram

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