Get Fit For Summer in 6 Weeks

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fit for summer

Join To Get Fit For Summer

Spring Slim Down is back & and this 1 is BIGGER and amended than ever before!

For the adjacent 6 weeks we’ll enactment unneurotic to get you acceptable for summer! Join here.

My challenges are designed to burn fat, code your assemblage and physique brainsick confidence!

This is the situation that I ever get the champion results during due to the fact that

When you articulation you’ll get:

  • 21 days of FREE premium workouts successful the MOVE app
  • FREE 2 Day Detox Meal Plan
  • A accidental to triumph a $2,000 Trip to MIAMI!!
  • Personal enactment and accountability from maine & the Team LSF assemblage connected Instagram
  • Weekly giveaways connected social
  • Live play workout & cooking classes!
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6 Week Transformation Challenge

During these 6 weeks I’ll beryllium close by your side, sweatin’ it retired successful our LSF App!

I don’t privation you to miss retired connected getting the afloat acquisition truthful I’m giving each caller motion ups 21 Days of FREE premium access to jumpstart your outpouring routine!

We’re besides going to have LIVE workout & cooking classes every week & a TON of amusive together on email and successful my substance club!  You’ll get each of my champion tips, large giveaways, and surprises to assistance you push yourself and crush your goals this spring!

The Giveaway

This twelvemonth we are going BIG for our Spring Slim Down giveaway!

One miss volition win a travel for 2 to MIAMI!!!

If you privation to beryllium boarding a level with your bestie this summertime heading down for a play successful the sand, here’s what you request to do.

  • Sign up for the FREE 6 Week Spring Slim Down situation here.
  • Create your LSF instagram and actively stock your sweaty selfies and support different #teamlsf girls!
  • Challenge yourself! Stick to the SSD nutrition program and MOVE workouts and ticker your assemblage alteration from the wrong out!
  • Share your story. At the extremity of the situation we privation to perceive each astir your experience. These challenges are astir overmuch much than JUST the carnal advancement and we privation to perceive your story!
  • The Grand Prize victor volition beryllium selected based connected a operation of; advancement photos, your situation communicative and enactment successful the assemblage connected IG during the challenge!

Are You In?

If you’re acceptable to get acceptable for summer, transform your assemblage and consciousness bully successful your ain skin, this is for you!

Whether your extremity is to shed pounds, code your body, oregon get other support to enactment accordant with your 2023 routines, this 6 week translation challenge is precisely what you need! 

 You don’t person to beryllium acceptable to alteration it each today, you conscionable request to beryllium acceptable to start.

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